Truth — The Counter to Tyranny and Enslavement

Truth — the Counter to Tyranny and Enslavement

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C, (c) June 13, 2022 All rights reserved

Stand, therefore, with truth like a belt around your waist, righteousness like armor on your chest, (Ephesians 6:14) 

I admit that until fairly recently, my view of our societal commitment to truth was unduly idealistic. At one time I believed we were engaged in a collective pursuit of truth, the sacred essential quest of a civilized society. I considered our shared commitment to truth a defining feature of Western culture and explanation in large measure for the vitality of our society and our lead in knowledge. I’ve had to revise my thinking. Aussie, journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, dispelled my illusions with her candid assessment on the subject. In an article entitled, “How to become a mentally sovereign human”, she presents a much less flattering picture of our propensity. 

“Most people are content to sit in various degrees of untruth, accepting unexamined assumptions as true because it is much easier and more comfortable than confronting reality on reality’s own terms. They’re happy to let the lies that have been put in their head by other people to rule their experience of this world.” 

My recent personal experience confirmed her analysis. Human resistance to hard facts and verifiable evidence was and remains on full display relative to the Co-vaxx campaign. My mission was sharing the results of my investigation into the matter (a massive fraud with injurious and deadly outcomes) with family members, friends and acquaintances. To my surprise .. shock really, a significant number of recipients chose to ignore the findings outlined in my heavily referenced draft paper. Some stated outright that they wouldn’t be reading it. The tendency of those in the medical profession to avert their eyes was the most troubling.  

Honest truth seekers don’t share the preference of the credulous, the cowardly and the complicit for lies and false consensus. Ole Damgaard is one of the former. He’s perhaps best known for uncovering how false flags are orchestrated and conducted by a team of more than 100 operatives and crisis actors. This dark force travels the world and stages terror attacks at strategic times and places in order to drive a political agenda. (An example of the latter would be government confiscation of US guns for example).

Damgaard’s researching and publicizing likely locations targeted for upcoming false flags in Europe has seemingly disrupted their scheduling and possibly saved many lives. I heard Damgaard interviewed several months ago and was struck by his explanation for his work. He unapologetically declares: “I am really in love with the truth.” He didn’t blandly say, “I think the truth is really important” or “some truth interests me.” His statement conveys a passionate wholesale commitment to truth-seeking and telling and implies a love for potential victims of state-approved terror.  

I can’t help but wonder, “What if?” What if more of us were moved by Damgaard’s love of truth and determination to understand developments on the world stage?” What if more of us refused to settle for the second hand truths, half truths and lies planted in our heads by those that wish to control us? And what if we valued truth like a rare precious metal and encouraged its life long pursuit?  Would people of Western nations be in their current state of captivity? 

We’re not just lazy and selective when it comes to searching out truth and testing for authenticity as Johnstone suggests. We’re complicit in our own deception at many levels. How often do we virtue-signal our open-mindedness by taking a live-and-let-live attitude toward the tricksters from the dark side? For how many decades have we proudly insisted that tolerance rank top in our hierarchy of liberal values? Does diversity and inclusiveness equally apply to liars and lies? In going along to get along, we’ve now fractured truth into pieces of his or her and my truth. How such narrow shards can be glued together to form the basis of shared understanding and shared action is a mystery to me.

It’s given the dark side the purchase it needed to argue that Satan is entitled to equal air time and even prime time access to impressionable young minds. But on what basis exactly, did we decide that tranny performances made a positive contribution to the lives of young children? (Florida said “no more” this month) In whose interest exactly is sexually grooming children? Why the hesitation in drawing the line? Have we no appetite for painful truths, ugly truths and disruptive truths? 

Future generations may marvel at how easily psychopathic Powers-that-be (PTB), wielding an inflatable fake pandemic boogey man, were able to take the world captive without firing a shot. They may be equally hard-pressed to understand how millions of well-educated people were persuaded to eagerly line up to get injected with a toxic experimental concoction, even as hundreds of thousands of others worldwide fell victim to its injurious effects. Sure, there was a devious master plan, research and practice exercises, big money pay-offs to buy compliance and brutally-coercive threats. But still, the widespread citizen/victim applause for the latest edition of the Emperor’s new clothes was eye-opening to say the least for those who observed from outside the matrix. 

The landscape of our larger reality, the circus in the Big Tent, resembles an Apocalyptic Netflix series. It’s a tribute to the success of a Dark Side Alchemy that turns lies into truth and fiction into reality. The 360 degree inversion is nearly complete. It’s left many disoriented and wondering about in a wasteland of ignorance and metaverse fantasy. The terrain has been stripped of moral and intellectual guideposts and reliable signage. A thick fog of propaganda clouds the surface, providing cover for terrorizing false flags and psy ops. And New World Order vultures circle menacingly overhead. An air drop of compasses clearly indicating True North is urgently needed.

In this surreality, insanity rules, debilitating delusions abound and controlling media narratives govern behaviour. Much of our spiritual and physical reality has been hastily painted over by leftist activists serving their Deep State masters. An entire strata of society, the  woke progressives, live in a land of make-believe, many of them proud graduates with degrees in intellectualized nonsense. The far left are incapable of defining what a woman is. Some Oregon School divisions are institutionalizing gender blurring by installing tampon dispensers in boys’ washrooms. The Times of London reports that “the main NHS web pages on ovarian, womb, and cervical cancers no longer refer to women on some of the main pages.” Pharmafia shills advocate injecting young children with an experimental, often-injurious serum in the name of protecting them from an illness not yet proven to exist. And two British mercenaries accused of crimes in the Donbass ponder their respective paths of ignorance and lies that led each to his death sentence. One confessed he was persuaded to join the cause by CNN, BBC and Fox propaganda, and the other only recently learned that some people really do want to be part of Russia. 

So, again, I wonder, “What if?” What if parents had nurtured an understanding of the sacred importance of defiant truth-seeking, hard evidence and real knowledge from infancy? What if truth were a focal point of formal education? What if we studiously cultivated moral discernment at every age? What if we taught everyone a set of intellectual survival skills that included how to discern between truth and lies and how to spot deceptions? What if we believed to our core that our grip on eternal truths was critical to sustaining our nation? What if we set our vanity aside and called out the daily assaults on truth, unleashing a holy and healthy intolerance for lies? What if more of us, like Damgaard, were moved by our love for one another to expose PTB-orchestrated evil? Life or death? A clear-eyed grip on reality or delusion? The truth could have made the critical difference. 

In short, an awakening to the vital importance of truth and its relationships to liberty is urgently needed across the West. Truth and tyranny have an inverse relationship; Loss of truth leads to growth of tyranny. Maajid Nawaz puts the figurative ball in the pocket by describing how power invades and colonizes a truth vacuum, thus setting the stage for captivity by Powers-That-Be. 

“When there’s no such thing as truth, you can’t define reality. And when you can’t define reality, the only thing that matters is power … because power gets to define reality. Power steps into that void when reason no longer exists.”  

 Political analyst, Paul Craig Roberts similarly underlines the vital link between free speech, debate, truth and liberty.

“A population that does not respect and defend free speech, debate, and truth will not long have the liberty that results from free speech, debate, and truth.” (He subsequently adds that nowhere is truth less respected less now than in his native U.S.) 

We have experienced the wholesale destruction of truth, the rise of global totalitarianism and the loss of freedom first hand. We’re now witnessing a Truther-Freedom Movement insurgency worldwide. Truth can be the difference-maker, an essential counter to the fakery, corruption and propaganda. It’s visibly making inroads with the help of citizen journalists, whistleblowers and ordinary people. Only massive inflows of truth can reverse the moral inversion and restore reason, sanity and hope. It’s no wonder the PTB work so hard to suppress and criminalize it (as the new “hate speech”). For many of us, however, it’s the cause that gets us out of bed in the morning. The truth can set us free.


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