The World Liars’ Association (WLA) Celebrates a Banner Year (Satirical fiction)

The World Liars Association (WLA) Celebrates a Banner Year (satirical fiction)

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C, (c) July 6,2022

Some people have visions and prophetic dreams. While I may not be one of them, I periodically unleash my imagination and it fabricates scenarios and stories — some of a satirical nature. This is one of these fictitious stories.” The premise is that I receive an unexpected invitation to the World Liars Association’s Annual Conference. This is consistent with the oft-referenced law of the universe requiring the dark side to reveal it’s plans to the world in some form or another. So I accepted the invitation as a form of “in-plain-sight” disclosure. My motive for attending was purely a matter of my commitment to learning and sharing the truth about our adversaries, their thinking and their plans. It was a research opportunity I couldn’t pass up. 

The annual conference, like many others I’ve attended over the years, was an extravaganza of workshops, seminars, and trade show offerings with the weekend concluding with an awards night banquet. It’s sponsors included the Who’s Who of the NWO Great Reset crowd. Platinum level contributors included the Gates Foundation, Oxford University Johns Hopkins University, The World Economic Forum, World Bank, NIH, WHO, CDC, the major international banks, The Bank of International Settlements, along with numerous other donors from the medical establishment and financial sector.    

Albert Bourla, The CEO of Pfizer kicked off the Conference with a Friday evening plenary address entitled:  “Covid-19: Problem-Reaction-Solution — the three step strategy that changed the world.” A wine and cheese mixer followed. Given my limited tolerance for dark side inversion, I limited my exposure to Saturday’s schedule of events. By the time I arrived at the Yale University Campus for the conference, the WLA board of directors had held it’s annual meeting and approved a resolution to change the organization’s name to the the World Association of Perception Management Professionals (WAPMP). The Board also approved adoption of a new slogan: “A better you, a better future and a better world through Reality Management.” (Skillful liars can make anything, no matter how dark, sound as beneficent as motherhood and apple pie.) 

Notes from my attendance at the fictitious WLA conference, July 1-3, 2022 

First impressions: 

My first impression upon arriving at the venue was that I was about to experience a darkly colourful fusion of Circus (midway- plus freak shows), Hollywood glitz and Hallowe’en Gothic. The patterns, colours, attendee attire and symbology left no doubt as to the freemason influence on the big show. The sheer size of the venue, the expected attendance and the lavish extremes prompted a silent, Wow, I guess there’s  no business like the deception business. And yet, I merely glimpsed the tip of a flourishing growth industry. A large banner arching the entrance welcomed attendees to the forum: Celebrating the Biggest and Best in Perception Management in 2021-22. 

The registration area was decorated with portraits of exalted members from the past. I recognized the portraits of Alister Crowley, Albert Pike and Aton Le Vey, former head of the Church of Satan. Upon registering, guests were encouraged to vote for their choice of a 2021-22 inductee to the Liars Hall of Fame. George Soros was the run away winner. The youth hosting the registration embodied the inversion, presenting as the opposite of their biological sex. A corps of unisex “ambassadors” answered guests’ questions and helped them navigate the venue. I detoured to take a look at the arena sized dining area set for the evening banquet and awards ceremony to follow. Hundreds of round tables were arched in a semi-circle facing a massive stage backed by three jumbo-trons projecting highlights from past awards nights. The table clusters were reserved for delegates and guests from a wide variety of professional categories with each identified by large serpentine banners hanging from the ceiling. 

Invitees, participants

“Professionals” involved in the deception business from every sector of society and beyond were invited. This included representation from: Pharma-Medical, Military/Security, Media/entertainment, Government, Public service, Public Relations/communication, Finance, Religious, Non Profit, Legal, Education, the Arts, Science and tech and International/Global commerce. The participation extended to delegates and guests from Secret Societies, and the transhumanist and transgender communities. Representatives identifying as cyborgs and human-animal chimeras were also expected. Apparently, the WLA is committed to the Woke Progressives’ notions of diversity and inclusivity. 


I attended four seminars of particular interest from a lengthy list of concurrent sessions on offer Saturday morning: 

Constructing a compelling false narrative: Moloch Roomwith Hill and Knowlton, International PR agency 

Notes:  Never underestimate the importance of snaring the emotions of your audience by integrating various good guy- bad guy subplots into your overall narrative. (That nugget dates back to their concocted story that elicited US citizen support for the first Iraq war.)

False flag fails and wins — a post mortem of three staged events, Baal Room with James Comey, former director FBI 

Notes: The presenter clearly knew that mass and alternative media-scrutinizing truther-analysts were blunting the impact of their false flag attacks by deconstructing them within as little as 48 hours. Credibility was declining. Expect bigger “shock and awe” attacks in the future and possibly a higher standard in terms of crisis actor performances.  

Sheeple Herding made easy: Leveraging fear, false narratives, and fatuitous data: Beelzebub Room with Neil Ferguson, Imperial College, UK

Notes: Nothing new from Ferguson — just some bragging about how a false appeal to “expert” authority can give instant credence to hyperbolic projections put forward by mathematical modellers regarding the impact of pandemics. Add the fear factor and you have a winning combination with the unguarded masses.

Crushing political dissent: How we took down the Canadian Trucker convoy: Lucifer Room with Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa and Acting Police Chief, Stephen Bell

Notes: Bell comes across in person as the same flexing “bully-in-a-uniform” as he does on TV. An audience member’s question was a good one. Specifically, “How do you know that the targeting and smearing of protest leaders like Tamara Lich by law enforcement isn’t elevating such individuals to martyr status?” Bullsh*t Bell had no answer. The other good question was directed to Watson. Do you have any concerns that the hyperbolic smearing of your political opponents will leave some mud on your image and the reputation of the City? Don’t you think many Canadian are aware that conflating peaceful citizen protest and military occupation is bogus? 

Winning the war with words: Subtle persuasion via neurolinguistic programming and cognitive inversion: Jezebel Room with Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC  

Notes: This workshop revealed the sophistication of the Deception Game. The average citizen has little idea how he/she is being moved and manipulated in the most subtle ways. The vax pitch “eligible” for example, really means you have the privilege of being injected with a toxic concoction, so don’t miss the opportunity. Strategically chosen words seduce the subconscious. This is a war of  words and a war fought with words.

Trade Show

I toured the trade show arena where hundreds of exhibitors pitched their wares to those doing business in the fields of truth suppression and deception. Their darker product offerings aside, it was in several respects the perfect parallel to our more secular version of a trade show. This version featured the latest in psy-ops, versus floor mops and the means of fracturing of the mind versus kitchen aids for slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables. The high level themes were: Perception management/mass mind control;covert surveillance; post-human enhancement (physical and psychological) and transformation; alternative realities and the metaverse; and deep fake tech. T

he more esoteric subject matter touched on soul-scalping, shape-shifting and clone management. An entire row of exhibitors offered their latest products and services to the bourgeoning transgender industry. Their offerings included transgender simulations — essentially “try it on for size” opposite sex experiences along with a professional debriefing at the conclusion of one’s trial run concerning the candidates readiness to take the leap. For those who already had undergone transition, pharma reps were offering subscriptions to a life time supply of hormones at fixed rates and a limited number of counselling sessions for those who had regrets and/or mental breakdowns. 

Exhibiter displays were loaded with motivational and instructional books, videos, training course materials, and promotional material for university degrees in the arts and sciences of deception. There were lessons in lying and master class level lectures for the novice to the veteran respectively. Offerings ranged from introductory courses in perception management and persuasion to the sophisticated use of weaponized PR, and training in the use of electronic and sonar means of mind manipulation. Yuval Noah Harari was hawking a course in transhumanist thought with a teaser weekend retreat at a Galilee, Israel health spa. Alternatively, you could sign up for real world and nether world tours and vacations featuring accommodations in exotic settings and locations like Dracula Castle in Transylvania, Romania. The romantically inclined registered their profiles on dating sites for the chance to meet others with a “perverse penchant for prevarication.” 

One could purchase professionally-designed disguise kits, fashion accessories, Diabolical Brand clothing and costumers, and a variety of games and toys. One could hire a consultant to assist him/her/other develop a fake persona and “disappear”. Guests could get a tattoo, a cap or a T shirt with captions like “Pinocchio for President” and “Fake it until you make it.” Decades ago, a cynical boss had declared, “If you can fake sincerity, you have it made.” That T shirt must have been out of stock. Farther down the row, I encountered stacks of Satanic bibles and books of spells at half price and innumerable kitschy novelties for the home and office. 

Perhaps the most popular of the books was one entitled: “The Greatest Deceptions of ALL Time: From the Eden to the Covid Epidemic, published by the WEF. Another popular title, “Ten Steps to Improved Lying in 72 hours” for $14.95 came with a promise of satisfaction guaranteed. A ghost written autobiography of Satan entitled, A Life of Deceit was about to be published with the possibility of a movie to follow. Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s honed in on the recently published, “Bliss: Living a Blue Pill Lifestyle”. And an annual subscription to “Learning to Lie Like the Masters” magazine sold at a conference price of $99.00. Each issue featured articles from high profile liars. The June issue featured “Learning to lie with a Goofy Ass Grin and a Lot of Hand Waving” by Bill Gates. The feature article in the July issue was entitled, “Bafflegab and Bullsh*t for Beginners: Learning to lie while sounding like a scientist” by Dr. Anthony Fauci.   

The CIA, FBI and MI6 co-sponsored a crisis actor recruitment centre. The hosts invited interested individuals to take a “suitability” test. The hosts explained that a shortage of crisis actors had resulted because of spiralling demand associated with the need to run near- simultaneous false flags in the US, Ukraine and other parts of Europe. I completed the on-line survey and learned that I lacked the suitable profile. Good news.

WLA entrepreneurs apparently saw the the kids market as a high growth category as a large number of exhibitors were targeting children and their parents. “The ABC’s of Lying for Kids” drew a lot of parents, as did “Pronouns for PreSchoolers” and “Gender Bending 101: A Parents’ Handbook”. Disney and Sesame Street products met with strong demand. There was a full line up transgender dolls with removable parts and LGBTQ++ characters from the past and present. I learned I was somewhat out of touch with trans zeitgeist. Apparently, Elmer Fudd had transitioned to Eleanor Dud and beloved Kermit the Frog had bravely endured bottom surgery leaving his vocal range a couple octaves higher, all of which was described in poignant detail for young readers, viewers and fans. 

Parents could register their kids for summer camps where they could learn introductory spells and black magic. And a specialist camp for candidate boy to girl transitioners would teach them how to compete to win in girls’ sports competitions. The younger ones could register for two months of weekly story hours with local trannies. This was offered absolutely free, courtesy of the Pharmaceutical industry awakened to the profit potential in developing customers-for life. This would starting with sale of puberty blockers and eventually graduate to supplying maintenance doses of hormones. There would be a related demand of course for tranquilizers to numb the psychological pain that could follow among transitioned adults with regrets. 


On Saturday evening following the banquet, the WLA honoured best performances in various aspects of subterfuge, propaganda and deception. Nominees from every sector of society competed in several categories building up to Liar of the Year honours. The award itself is a hollow, misshapen cast metal globe encircled (perhaps strangled) with dozens of writhing snakes affectionately known as “The Madoff”. The award’s name honours Bernie Madoff, the mastermind of the biggest fraud in US history. His con supposedly defrauded 37,000 people in 136 countries over four decades for $65 billion. Actor, Jim Carrey, and star of the movie, Liar handed out the metal. Some notable wins were: 

Best fact deflector checker: David Mikkelson the plagiarist and Snopes operative

Most misleading MSM news broadcaster: Again CNN takes the metal, Runner up Canada’s own CBC. 

Consistently misleading journalism: American journo, Nicolle Wallace, (known as the Typhoid Mary of Disinfo),

Criminal suppression of truth and journalism: Israel for attempting to dismiss the murder of Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh by an Israeli soldier as “an accident.” Taking out a journalist and seeking to cover it up earns candidate a double point score. 

Most incendiary lying from a government official:  Former Ukraine Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, Lyudmila Denisova for her lies about Russian soldiers committing mass rape in the Ukraine conflict.

Best weaponized PR sloganeering: Jointly awarded to Big Pharma for it’s “safe and effective” slogan and the WEF for it’s “You will own nothing and be happy.” 

Best fake science: University of Toronto’s fake epidemiologist, David Fisman for his paper purporting to show that the unvaccinated represented an infectious threat to those vaccinated for Covid. (University of Guelph professor Dr. Byram Bridle described it as “Fiction disguised as science to promote hatred.” )\

Fake medical journal: The New England Journal of Medicine for publishing a paper claiming “babies are at ‘high risk’ from Covid-19 to justify vaccinating pregnant women.”

Best medical obfuscation: The Pharma-Medical profession for its concocted Sudden Adult Death syndrome ruse to a cover for its deadly injection-linked biowarfare. 

Best staging of war crimes false flag: Illusions Unlimited, for its staging of fake Russian war crime murder scene, Mariupol, Ukraine.

There were other awards for advancements in the fields of perception management and artificial reality. The creative team that created the Joe Biden, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth constructs picked up awards in this category. 

Liar of the Year (drum roll): This was a close contest between the Joe Biden character/construct, (US), Justin Castro (Canada) Jucinda Ardern (New Zealand), Emmanuel Macron (France) and Scott Morrison (Australia). Castro walked away with the metal on the strength of his long-running fake Covid control measures and hyperbolic smear campaign and lies about the Canadian trucker convoy. 

The award ceremony ended with the awarding of certificates to the 2021-22 graduates of The WLA’s School of Young Liars instructed by Klaus Schwab. At that point, I realized that after 12 hours immersed in the WLA’s diabolical inversion, I had reached my limit. So I grabbed my notes and purchases and headed for the nearest exit. As I went out the door I could hear the band launching into its cover version of Jonny Lang’s “Lie to Me.”

Wrap up

I paused to regain my balance outside the exit in the parking lot. A few minutes of fresh air cleared my head as processed what I had just learned. It was obvious. Apart from the fact Canada has outdone itself, it was clear that our adversaries are 100% percent committed to their cause and deeply convinced of its rightness. The conference bore that out in dozens of ways. Why should those of us committed to restoring the truth and all the good that derives from it expect success with anything less? In a perverse way, the dedication of the dark side should stoke the fire in the soul of every freedom movement truther. 

I found a sign from an afternoon protest staged by a truther group lying face down on the parking lot pavement. I turned it over to read the message: There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come to light. – Luke 8:17. Before leaving, I planted the sign in a decorative landscape planter facing the WLA venue exit so that the message would confront guests as they exited the building. Perhaps it would remind some that their lies and deceits have a limited shelf life. Even now, they are coming undone.  

Calvin Mulligan @unicornivorous1

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