Young Child Saves Community from Mass Delusion (Allegory)

Young Child Saves Community from Mass Delusion

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C, © May 25, 2022 All rights reserved

I’m often unexpectedly overtaken by a wave of gratitude for my parents — the people they were and their innumerable “investments” in the development of their children. Among other things, Dad taught me to comfortably question conventional wisdom. And mom, like so many other mothers, “feathered” the family nest with warm, loving touches. One of those comforts in our childhood was our bedtime story ritual. And one of our more memorable stories was Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperors’s New Clothes.” I can’t recall exactly how it struck me at the time, but I can tell you I’ve drawn on its lessons to this day. In fact, their application to the Covid saga is remarkable.

It’s the tale of a vain Emperor whose preoccupation was publicly parading in the most expensive, fashionable attire. One day, some devious con artists posing as talented weavers rode into town on a wave of publicity regarding their luxurious and unique line of clothing. Their product supposedly was invisible to all but the incompetent and stupid. (Conversely, only competent, intelligent people could see it.) The emperor was intrigued. Perhaps he could use the garments to expose deficient performers in his administration. So despite the exorbitant price, he placed an order with the weavers who ordered the finest silks and best gold threads. When they arrived, the con artist-weavers seized the materials for their personal profit and pretended to be weaving their magnificent fabric on empty looms.  

A curious but cautious Emperor sent an old, honest minister to check on their progress. The minister faced a dilemma. Unable to reconcile the empty looms with his own need to be perceived as competent and intelligent, he decided to play along. Yes, it was beautiful material. He would be sure to share his delight with the Emperor. Later, the Emperor, accompanied by two trusted ministers, went to inspect his suit in the making. Like the first rather insecure minister, neither of these two nor the Emperor himself dared acknowledge the fact they saw nothing. All silently submitted to the trickery of the false premise and the fabric fakery. So the con artists were lauded for their outstanding work and seized the opportunity to demand an additional payment for their services. 

The swindlers made a show of hurrying to finish up the suit for the scheduled public promenade, assuring the naked Emperor how splendid he looked in his new attire. The townsfolk had heard of the unique properties of the Emperor’s new suit, and none of them it seemed, were prepared to risk being publicly exposed as incompetent or stupid. So as he walked down the street, the Emperor’s new attire was lauded with shouts of “magnificent”, “amazing” and “excellent.” This continued unabated until the procession passed in front of a young child (I call “Hans”), who protested aloud to his mother, “but he hasn’t got anything on.” His nervous father quickly dismissed the remark as childish patter, but it was too late. The comment echoed through the crowd as one onlooker told another “a kid says the Emperor is naked.” Soon the entire crowd was voicing the same conclusion. The Emperor sensed the crowd’s assessment and recoiled at the thought they were right. But as with all entertainers — the show must go on. So, he injected new pride and vigour into his step as he paraded down the street stark naked. 

The parallels between the Andersen story and our 21st century Covid saga are remarkable as both feature: 

  • Narcissistic self-interested leaders lacking a genuine interest in serving their citizenry;
  • Predatory and avaricious con artists intent on milking their host for all they can;
  • Collaborating, insecure government ministers prepared to sacrifice the truth in order to retain their jobs and status; 
  • Compliant, credulous (and thus easily herded) citizens;  
  • Subconscious hive mind adoption of a delusion as reality by the masses; and
  • A minority of truth tellers whose factual observations are discounted by nervous, entranced fellow citizens. 

I am also struck by the fact that the hook that anchored the entire scam was rooted in human psychology; specifically human insecurity. It’s the eternal need to meet the approval of authorities and align with the consensus view. The townsfolk in the Andersen fable needed to be perceived as competent and intelligent by their leader and neighbours. The populace captivated by the Covid delusion surrendered to their need to be seen as smart (“following the science”) and virtuous translated as community-minded, caring and concerned citizens.

I’ve wondered what might have happened had not Andersen’s “Hans” spoken out. What if he’d heeded the oft-repeated parental advice to be respectful of leaders and his elders when in public? My guess is that if he not disrupted the spell with his “rude” comment, the con artists presumably, wouldn’t have been imprisoned or driven from town. Emboldened by their success, their next con could have been a plan to construct a textile factory. Just imagine the market demand for such a remarkable and luxurious line of clothing! The Emperor and his ministers would no doubt have supported the project as good for the local economy and a needed source of job creation. And the fraudulent drain on public coffers would have increased. It’s the tyranny of corporatocracy at its finest. That’s certainly the outlook in our case. If the globalist elite behind the plandemic-vaxx fraud get away with this, even more oppressive medical fascism will follow in the form of the WEF’s Great Reset. 

But “Hans” has aired the truth, and now large numbers of townsfolk have awakened to the con. They are mocking their dictatorial and deluded Emperor with new, more biting memes each day. Their mockery and their outrage will only increase as their understanding of the scope of the crime grows. The headline of a recent article made me smile in that the “Hans” plain-speak was refreshing. It reads: “Biggest lie in world history: There never was a pandemic. The database is flawed. The Covid mandates including the vaccine are invalid”. Indeed! And the biggest lie in world history is being perpetrated by our shameless naked Emperor. Spread the word. 


The emperor’s new clothes:

Biggest lie in world history: The database is flawed. There never was a pandemic. The Covid mandates including the vaccines are invalid:

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