It’s for the Kids

It’s For the Kids 

Calvin Mulligan, (c) Futurescapes21C, June 22/22, All rights reserved

When my wife and I retired from our careers in Regina, Saskatchewan, we moved to Ottawa in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The draw was the opportunity to live near two of our three adult children and help out raising grandchildren. And for several months following our move, we did enjoy a conventional retirement rich in memory-making grand parenting experiences. That said however, even before my departure for Ottawa, I’d seen troubling, too-big-to-ignore-signs that our democracy and Western society in general were under assault.

In 2017, in response to the traitorous pressures from globalist Powers-that-Be, I began writing essays on the political ills of our time including the quashing of democratic freedoms like free speech and the right to dissent. At least, I reasoned, I can be a truthful witness to the West’s decline in real time. In December of that year, for the first time in my life, I took my activism beyond polite letter writing to politicians and attended my first protest rally on Parliament Hill. 

When I arrived on the Hill, I first noticed a horde of Antifa protestors chanting “Nazi Scum” were being held at bay at one end of the grounds by security police. The psychological projection was irritating for a fourth generation, patriotic Canadian, but it also crystallized my resolve. I’d thought it through well before ever leaving home. I was there for my kids and grandkids. Why shouldn’t they enjoy the same freedoms I once did as a citizen of a Canada I once knew? 

I quickly discovered that many other attendees were from my demographic and shared my motivation. One contrasted this struggle with earlier world wars saying that in that case, parents sent their youth to fight on behalf of the nation. This time around, things were reversed. It was awakened parents and grandparents taking up the struggle on behalf of generations too pre-occuppied or entranced to grasp the seriousness of what was transpiring. 

I suspect that it would be a rare (fully human) activist who never harbours a doubt about his/her commitment to the cause. “Are you certain this is a life priority?” “Is this the proverbial hill you are prepared to die on?For whom and why are you doing this? Paul Craig Roberts is a steadfast digital warrior who understands the tradeoffs involved in a commitment to the cause of liberty. In one of his annual fundraising blogs, he reminded subscribers that he could be doing other things, like spending time in the company of a female companion. At 83 years of age, he nonetheless continues his daily output, something attributable to his conviction that we’re engaged in a pivotal struggle with nothing less that the liberty of humanity at stake. And nowhere is the genocidal assault on humanity more evident than in the relentless attacks on our children’s minds, bodies and spirits. 

The first line of attack is the pre-emptive systemic killing of the pre-born via state-funded abortion and the predation continues relentlessly from there. A week ago, I read of the arrest of several members of a US child sex trafficking ring, something that would be considered just the tip of the iceberg. (See,“The Pediacracy exposed- Maskell” below). It only takes a little dot-connecting to see the outline of the wider war on children. These story headlines from this issue of the Flash Scan fill in some of the dots:

  • America is now the only country in the world that authorizes Covid shots for infants
  • FDA panel recommends Moderna two dose covid vaccine for kids ages 6-17 despite serious safety concerns
  • Who are the rich, white men institutionalizing transgender ideology? (There’s profits to be had in creating customers for life)
  • Covid lockdowns have caused a ‘global mental health crisis in children’ due to ‘deep impact of school closures’, WHO admits

And those who survive these assaults on minds and bodies will be served some Critical Race Theory by the state funded education system in order to ensure its graduates learn to loathe themselves. But rest assured, our Canadian government is always thinking of our youth and their future well-being. It’s recently taken steps to ensure that should these individuals ever experience a mental breakdown and sink into depression, Big Brother is positioned to provide them with assistance ending their lives (satire).

So what can wise, awake Boomers and Gen Xers do for Gen Y’s and Z’s? There’s some generalizations involved of course, but here are 10 contributions we/they might make on behalf of our successors:

1. preserve societal memory and ensure the transmission of legacy Western values and their applications to the next generation. This includes such traditional Western values as “family”, “liberty”,”justice”, “truth”, “beauty”, “free(er) speech”, “industry”, “bodily sovereignty”, “the right of individual choice”, “civil political discourse”, “responsible citizenship”, “representative democracy” and “Godly/righteous living”. 

2. (based on our knowledge and experience regarding the above), expose the systemic deceptions that hold millions captive within the matrix of vampire Powers-that-be and demand justice on behalf of humanity. 

3. provide guidance to those too young to realize that efforts at reforming the existing system will be largely wasted. Whether it’s politics, education, health care, science or finance, who is in a better position to caution, “Sorry, but we’ve been there, done that.” 

4. become founders and early investors in the alternative services and alternative communities encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and benefitting those seeking to live outside the stifling confines of the Great Reset matrix. 

5.  assist children and grandchildren (when they are ready) navigate the collapse of the existing order and support them as they grieve  the loss of their dreams of the future (associated with the current deteriorating system).

6. comfort and assist those grieving the loss of family, friends and neighbours to the Covaxx genocide.

7. assist those displaced in the economic collapse with the basics of life.

8. assist in recovering and applying practical household and “trade” skills required as our credit card society transforms into a “conserver” society in the wake of the financial collapse. These skills may range from growing a component of one’s food supply to auto repair and home building for example.

9. teach our successors to discern between light and dark, good and evil, truth and lies and model integrity in all realms of 3D reality. Paraphrasing a line from the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song, we can “Teach our children and grandchildren well.” 

10. model graceful detachment from the current slavish dependence upon material assets in anticipation of living on a higher spiritual  plane. 

The above can be considered a part of our collective generational mandate and contribution. Our individual roles will depend upon our personal sense of purpose and respective talents and abilities. All it all, it amounts to a pay-it-forward labour of love on behalf of our successors. As we have discovered, many of those we wish to help are somewhat impaired. The Blue Pill is a powerful tranquilizer. So they may not awaken to the larger historic shifts playing out and their implications. They may not “see” the devastating attacks on the foundations of Western civilization, the criminals in the political and corporate classes who betrayed them, or even the brutal assaults on their children. They are entranced. But for those with a sense of moral discernment and the eyes (and “minds”) to see and ears to hear, the reality of the clash and the collapse are undeniable. 

We can take heart in the fact that we are not alone as a number of the stories in this issue of the Flash Scan attest. Dr. Jordan Peterson calls out the transgender “butchers and liars.” RFK Jr. affirms his commitment to protect children. An excerpt from his June 8 issue of Children’s Health Defence reads: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is declaring war on our children, and it’s on each of us to be unrelenting as we defend the next generation from Big Pharma and its allies.

A Hollywood actor shares his approach to discerning what is suitable entertainment for his children.American innovator, Matthew Breaudeau describes his alternative model of education. And writer and political analyst, Henry Makow has been refuting the lies of feminism and exposing its miscreants for decades. Many, if not most of us can identify in spirit with Aussie ER Nurse, Mary Jane Stevens who comments on the reason for her activism:  “It’s the whole future of our kids and our grandkids that’s at stake. So it’s the whole of civilization really; it’s humanity.” (“Vaccine carnage in the ER: A nurse speaks out”)

Only God knows the possibilities within the souls of our kids and grandkids — those born and yet to come. And with him as my witness, this is one assignment that I couldn’t duck even if I wanted to. In reality, it’s a sacred privilege. Growing up in farming country, I find inspiration in the faith of the farmer who plants annually with no certainty as to the weather conditions the seed or the crop will encounter  from that moment forward. There’s inspiration in the sacrificial contribution of the aged tree planters cited in the Greek proverb: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” 

To my fellow truth and freedom seekers, I say: Let’s get on with planting those figurative trees for “the kids.” It’s the least we can do.  



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