On Lie Detection and Penetrating Official “No Go” Zones

On Lie Detection and Penetrating Official “No Go” Zones

Calvin Mulligan, Futuresccapes21C, April 30, 2022 All rights reserved

Unfortunately, while the need has never been greater, we will never have completely reliable, fail-proof lie detectors in this life. The need for heightened ability to discern between truth and lies and the ability to identify trustworthy sources of information is urgent. The Vaxxidemic, among other cabalistic programs, has made it clear, to the observant at least, that the ability to distinguish between the two can literally mean the difference between life and death. Put another way, lie detection capability is an essential life skill for those living in the post-truth era and governed, as we are, by a pathocracy.  

I recently learned that while a brother was awake to the Covid Scamdemic, he had absorbed the MSM Putin-Ukraine narrative completely. I talked him down from the “kill Putin” ledge and pondered how to better equip him to detect propaganda. My solution was to offer him a “tool kit” of potential indicators he could apply to all news stories he encountered. This was after encouraging him to shut off mainstream news sources. 

I jotted down a dozen or so tips and techniques for tackling the “truth or lies”? dilemma, some old and well-known, and some less common. The list includes:

– Follow the money”: Is someone likely on the take, an insider with a vested interest in selling a particular narrative? 

– Qui bono? (Who benefits) if the official storyline prevails? Often it’s Establishment interest keen to fend off challenges.

– Triangulate your sources where possible, doing your best to ensure the sources are independent of each other.

– Independent, citizen journalism versus corporate mainstream journalism: Who is putting more on the line or assuming greater risk in order to tell the story to the public? (I’ll take Canada’s Eva Bartlett over CBC any day of the week.)

– “Everyone knows”: The aim of propagandists is fostering herd consensus or a hive mind. When “everyone knows”, it’s time to question.

– “Star” treatment. Hollywood is propaganda central. Its actors and social media influencers are often paid shills. If it glitters, there’s a good chance it’s fake gold or disinformation. 

– Censorship and de-platforming of a source can be considered an indicator that the targeted info or individual is presenting inconvenient truths.

– Smears: Who is being smeared or ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist,” for example? Attempting to destroy the reputation of the source is standard practice for propagandists. As the saying goes, it you’re taking flak, it probably means you’re over the target. 

– Public relations paint: One of the “tells” false flag spotters look for is an attempt to rally the public around emotive slogans following false flag shootings for example. Remarkably it’s as if the PR agency had the slogan ready to launch immediately following the incident in order to shape public perception. See “Boston Strong”. Repeat performances by B grade crisis actors reciting predictable lines regarding “gun violence”, for example is another defining feature of many false flags in recent decades.

Books could be written on the many other indicators of falsity, however, I should have included another in the list for my brother. It’s the creation and preservation of what I call “no go” zones. It’s absurd on the face of it. Why would democratic societies welcome inquiry and rigorous debate on every subject under the sun from the existence of God to the nature of matter while declaring some “special” subjects out of bounds?

Unfettered inquiry and open debate are hallmarks of a healthy democratic society and were instrumental in the rise of the West. And yet, the West has, for decades, demarcated official no-go zones deflecting and dismissing would-be inquirers with a “nothing to see here” stance. Probing such subjects has been treated as criminal in some cases and a near-unforgivable violation of a religious taboo in others. There’s no better example of a sanctioned no-go zone than “the Holocaust.” Even as I type, I’m reminded the official holocaust is far from being the world’s most devastating event of its kind.

For decades, those who dared question the holocaust narrative were promptly demonized, brutally beaten with the “anti-semite” club, ostracized and pushed to the periphery of society to live out their lives among other lesser humans. Even today, those who critically examine holocaust claims risk destruction of their careers, reputations and relationships — even imprisonment. Things are changing however, as Khazarian history and Khazarian influence into the present become known and better understood.

Courageous truthers are stepping up daring to risk the “anti-semite” smear for criticizing Israel’s policies or conduct or for challenging its narratives. The truth-seeker might well ask, “So who or what is the reflex condemnation intended to protect?” “Who gets to declare such subjects ‘undiscussable’”? What secrets are so important that investigators must be deterred, figuratively assassinated or incarcerated?” And, “What is the cost to our society of protecting such no-go zones?” While these questions are never discussed publicly, we’re getting insights into the mindset of high level Deceivers from their Vaxxidemic campaign  

You could say it’s the way the global Powers-that-Be are wired. They are predisposed to lie; it’s integral to their mission and suggestive of their allegiance with the spiritual dark side. The vaxxidemic lies that assail us daily in the MSM are blatant and shameless. No lie is too big, and no amount of lying is too much. And, as always, the end justifies the means. So if achieving widespread vax uptake requires social media shills to convince the unwary that toxic injections are “safe and effective”, that’s just fine. The human health consequences are immaterial. Clearly, from our perspective, the truth deficit and the human empathy deficit presented here are equally massive.  

The rude ”move along, nothing to see here” rebuffs and militant enforcement of historic no-go zones by officialdom should set every truther’s spidey sense tingling. It’s a near certain indicator of guarded lies and institutionalized deception. It’s an on-going battle. Even as truth seekers breach the walls of propaganda and censorship guarding one deception, the concrete is being poured to protect another. That need not deter us however. We know that ultimately the Truth is the key to our freedom.

It seems clear that we’ve entered a period of disclosure when some of the world’s oldest and darkest lies will be exposed and its best kept secrets revealed. Truth is on the march and the gates of hell will not withstand its assault.

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