Elephant Blindness (EB), the Most Dangerous and Debilitating Malady of Our Time? (Satire)

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Elephant Blindness — the Most Dangerous and Debilitating Malady of Our Time? (satire)
Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C (c) July 27, 2022, rev. Jan 9, 2022

Do you have eyes, but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? (Mark 8:18)

What’s wrong with this picture?

It was probably late November to early December of 2020, and I was standing in one of those chilly waiting lines outside a local grocery store. The fellow who was voted in grade school most likely to become a real life hall monitor was controlling entry to the store in order to ensure the number of people inside remained within some magical ratio to floor space. After a couple minutes of something I considered suggestive of life in the former Soviet Union, I decided to invite some discussion in the line up: “Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture”?, I asked. Was anyone else thinking as I was that the two weeks to flatten the curve had long passed and this was really about something other than our health?

Apparently the tall well-dressed professional standing ahead of me in line (Mr. “X”), had a different perception of time. Intent on heading off an ugly insurrection perhaps, he quickly and confidently asserted that things were perfectly fine and the management of the pandemic was proceeding just as it should. Everyone else remained silent. The next in line shuffled forward into the store and I resigned myself to enduring the reign of madness until I could get my few grocery items and get home again. So much for my insurrection. Reflecting upon the encounter later, it occurred to me the well dressed defender of the Covid coup fit the stereotypical pharma rep profile to a “ T.” That said, he could also have been an MD or neither of the above. There was no way of knowing.

Mr “X” had a case of Elephant Blindness or “EB”

One thing was certain about Mr. “X”, and that was the fact he was suffering from a condition that I’ve dubbed “elephant blindness” (Elephanti caecitas in Latin). It derives from the concept of the figurative “elephant in the room”, a critter most folks encounter in organizational life. I’ve never looked into how the term was coined, but I imagine it went something like this. A group of junior managers were summoned to an unscheduled meeting by management, presumably to discuss some pressing issue facing their organization. When the meeting adjourned, they left the room in a state of disbelief. Contrary to their expectation that the meeting would focus on loss of customers to competition, plummeting sales, repeated production shortfalls, or something else equally pressing, the issue never made the agenda. In fact, it was as if management went out of its way to discuss everything but the gigantic elephant in the room. It was mind- boggling. Weren’t its massive size, the threat it posed to corporate operations, its drain on resources and its fatuous emissions clouding the air enough to make the elephant in the room worthy of attention?

My description of “Elephant Blindness” or “EB” is: “a debilitating infectious condition characterized by impaired vision and related cognitive functions that normally enables individuals and groups to confront pressing issues or crises. Individuals and groups infected with EB subconsciously resort to denial and retreat to psychologically safe turf in order to escape the apparent threat. This amounts to an escape from any responsibilities or unpleasant realities which may threaten the subject’s worldview or require changes in behaviour or lifestyle. Thus, affected individuals spontaneously go blind to the presence of “the elephant” and attempt to carry on under a pretence of normality. The invisible “elephant” which EB sufferers apparently cannot see is the monstrous lie of a raging viral pandemic requiring an injection.

There are historic precedents for EB and other forms of mass madness
EB may have an antecedent in the encounters British explorer, Captain James Cook had with native Hawaiians over the course of his three voyages between 1768 and 1779. It’s said that during his first two visits with Hawaiians, Cook and crew were welcomed as deities and treated accordingly. It’s suggested that their status as deities derived in part from the fact that the natives had never seen the kind of large masted ships Cook and crew arrived in. Perhaps they descended from the heavens. Their mortality was revealed to the natives however, according to one account, when one of Cook’s Crew members became sick and died. Another account suggests that their untouchable status as deities evaporated when an Hawaiian shaman, observing the waves lapping against the sides of Cook’s ships, concluded that Cook and crew were of this world. On this third encounter, Cook and crew were met with stones as they had lost their god-like status. Relationships deteriorated following a conflict that arose during the visit and Cook and several of this crew were killed in a spear attack. The native Hawaiians had overcome their variant of “elephant blindness” and presumably saw Cook as a human. (See also, A Brief History of Epic Mass Madness)

Others have likened the current mass psychosis to that which descended on communities that engaged in historic witch hunts.

The best allegorical parallel is the Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s a story of how cunning con artists convinced an emperor to purchase their expensive, imaginary, non-existent robes and show them off to his subjects in the public square. His hive-minded subjects oohed and awed about his finery until a young lad pointed out to his mother that the Emperor was naked.

Covid puts EB under the microscope

So again, while the such blindness isn’t unique to the current era, the Covid pandemic-vaxx campaign has magnified many aspects of EB shedding new light on both its causes and effects. A veritable pandemic of EB exploded worldwide in the spring of 2020 and continued its spread in 2021. It quickly infected every sector of our society including finance and banking, construction and trades, politics, education, communications and entertainment, the public service, policing, justice and science and technology.

It appears particularly prevalent within the health care sector where hundreds of thousands of professionals with Acute Onset EB. It’s rendered them incapable of recognizing the so-called Covid pandemic is a diabolical fabrication causing untold human and economic suffering and devastation. Thus they appear oblivious to the fact the Covid fabrication is potentially the biggest hoax, scam and crime in human history. Consequently these individuals go about their jobs insisting like Mr. X that nothing is wrong — its business as usual. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. And the figurative elephant, the Big Pandemic-Vaxx Lie, stands largely untouched apart from occasional beams of truth that penetrate the shadows in the room.

While many have by now recovered from the EB in 2022, (see Canadian Trucker Convoy), EB is endemic throughout the West. G7 countries were particularly hard hit. Now, while much of the rest of the world has confronted and contained the Big Lie, the citizens of G7 nations remain impaired and to some degree imprisoned by the Elephant. Public mask wearing, while not the norm is still upheld by some institutions and individuals, vaxx boosters recommended, and like Linus of the former newspaper comic Peanuts, many still cling mindlessly to their psychological safety blanket.

The fake Cov pandemic edition of EB is devastating

In general terms, EB is not a respecter of persons, income, education social status, race or lifestyle. That said, those committed to far left “woke” politics and highly educated professionals with a strong commitment to serving the technocracy appear particularly vulnerable to it debilitating effects and resistant to treatment. I’ve had personal encounters with many EB victims and attempted to treat them with mega doses of documented scientific counter evidence to no avail. My list includes family members, long time friends, a former pastor, a former boss, former colleagues, neighbours, a family doctor and a family dentist. Many continue to suffer from “Long EB” or mutated variants of EB. It’s a sobering testament to the illness’s debilitative effects and its resistance to hard truths — i.e. reality.

Outbreaks of Sudden Onset EB have had devastating effects on families and communities leaving broken marriages, family abuse, depression, suicide, social divisions, job losses, destroyed businesses and bankruptcies in their wake. At this point, no organization has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the worldwide EB pandemic. There is little doubt, however, that total economic losses resulting from the EB pandemic and associated control measures imposed by health authorities would put the costs in the hundreds of billions.


A superficial assessment suggests the most common symptom is impairment of vision. Affected individuals can’t see the elephant sitting squarely in front of them — The Big Pandemic-Vaxx Lie. Author, Robertson Davies points out an important and applicable biological reality noting: “The mind only sees what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” EB then, is an infection of the mind, impairing cognition. Some of the other most commonly observed symptoms are:

• On-going fear or anxiety (regarding, in this case, purported risks associated with exposure to the so-called pandemic)

• Loss of ability to reason or exercise logic (If the recovery rate is 99.97% for the majority of the population, why fret about something that appears to resemble the flu in severity? Why get boosters if the initial jab failed to live up to the marketing hype of “safe and effective”? Why lock down healthy members of the population? Why ignore natural immunity? Why suppress use of non-intrusive therapies known to bolster natural immunity? Answers to such basic questions elude EB sufferers.

• Inability to recognize evil and discern between malevolence and virtue (candidates for EB appears to live in a kind of sugar- coated Mary Poppins sureality where everyone is presumed to be acting in the best interests of humanity, including the serial felons in the Big Pharma fraternity and the compromised government corporatocracy)

• Excessive deference for authority — police, political
leaders, “health authorities” (EB victims tend toward “just tell us what to do”)

• A lack of default skepticism

• Extreme suggestibility — granting credence to the most dystopian of government directives disguised as public health measures

• Extremely pliable or compliant in response to
government sponsored forms of coercion. (If you want more freedom, you must comply (fill in the blank)

• Hostility toward those resistant to EB or failing to defer to the elephant (often dismissing resisters as “conspiracy theorists,” “antivaxxers,” or “anti-science” barbarians warranting discrimination, job termination or death as a natural consequence of their own stupidity for failure to obey the rules or submit to the vaxx. Similar hostility is directed at those who have suffered from vaxx injuries and seeking to share they cautionary tales with the public)

• Unwillingness to engage in respectful discussion or civil debate challenging the existence of the elephant to a point of almost treating the elephant as undiscussable (“I don’t want to discuss it.”)

• Dismissive of the many negative impacts of “the elephant” on people, families, communities and economies (minimizing the human health horrors and economic devastation as unfortunate but unavoidable collateral damage)

• Unaware or unable to recognize the many tactics and tools of deception being employed in order to persuade members of the public that the elephant is real and must be respected. (Such tactics range from outright lies to smearing dissenters, hygiene theatre, publication of fake statistics, claims to moral high ground and false claims of authority e.g. “fact checkers and experts say….”)

• Impervious to factual evidence presented in large or small quantities or the public statements and cautions offered by honest medical researchers and physicians (while paradoxically claiming to be “following “the science”)

• Blind to injustices enacted against EB resistant dissenters (discrimination, denial of services, public demonization and ridicule, job termination, incarceration, fines…)

• Predisposed to conflate politics and health care (often equating EB resistance with US MAGA politics or Trump)

• Appearing to regard vaxx compliance as virtuous often leading to public displays of medical virtue (“just vaxxed”) and exhibiting near-religious zeal in promoting Big Pharma’s vaxx campaign. This has led to many cases of vaxx martyrdom (death by vaxx injury).

• Given to militancy in demanding compliance with heath agency directives like mask wearing, social distancing, quarantining, travel restrictions, vaxx passes and other security state measures to the point of willingly acting as volunteer “police” on behalf of the state.

• Otherwise exhibiting denial regarding many features of their captive state under medical fascism and oblivious to what many resisters describe as a “medical fascism”, “war against humanity”, “biowarfare”, “depopulation” and “genocide.”

• Inability to end their intake of mainstream media and other daily sources of mainstream propaganda

Clear-thinking observers have likened the behaviour of those infected with EB to those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. EB patients like SS sufferers may identify with their captors and join in defense of their cause. Physician, Dr. Peter McCullough (Texas) describes the (EB) delusion as “entrancement.” Thus, he says that many of his compliant fellow physicians are “entranced.” Others liken the effect of the elephantine pandemic construct to a form of “black magic”. Dr. Mattias Desmit of Belgium has described EB-like symptomology as indicative of Mass Formation Psychosis. (more on this below)

Likely causes of EB

While EB cannot be traced to a single cause, from my perspective, a number of causative factors appear to play a role. It’s not unusual for two or more of the following factors to contribute to a diagnosis
of Sudden Onset EB.

Cash: Upton Sinclair says: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding.” Man or woman, this statement explains why a large swath of the technocracy, including those in the medical-pharma complex, have developed cases of Sudden Onset EB. In short, they are being paid in one form or another to close their eyes to the Big Pandemic Lie. Those payments may come in the form of bribes, salary bonuses, earnings on vaxx injections, payments for imposing lockdowns, payments for promoting the pandemic-vaxx narrative, appointments to boards and research grants. Tax-payer funded Covid payments to US hospitals for the treatment cycle of a patient from testing, diagnosis and hospitalization through treatment with Remdesivir and placement on a ventilator until death “due to Covid” totals about $100,000.

Complicity and conflicts of interest: Many of those at the higher tiers of the medical-pharma establishment are complicit in orchestrating the Big Pandemic Lie. Many of these players participated in the fall 2019 Covid pandemic simulation. It’s axiomatic that these leading actors — orchestrators of the grand illusion — aren’t going to call out their own elephant. He’s their baby. Rather, they are going to continue inflating it. A world wide map of the as yet submerged relationships among players in big pharma, the medical profession, affiliated research institutions and non-profits, health regulators and government departments is likely to reveal a massive “rat’s nest” of conflicts of interest.

Credulousness: A percentage of the population vulnerable to EB is that which by virtue of the individual’s attitudes or upbringing are naive or lack curiosity. They don’t cultivate the skills of skepticism. Rather than “question everything”, their guiding principle is “trust authority figures.” The tendency is accept that which is presented to as“ reality” without question. These habits makes these individuals “canon fodder” in the current information war being waged by the Powers that Be and their propagandists.

Consensus thinking, hive mindedness: Humans naturally gravitate toward the security of the herd. Those guided by herd instinct or the gravitational pull of the hive mind are acting in accordance with the old axiom “there’s safety in numbers.” In the case of the Covid-vaxx psy op, this will prove to be a false sense of security given that herd behaviour was manipulated by military grade propagandists.

Cowardice: Fear is the number one tool or weapon used by the propagandists seeking to control us. This is simply because it works. Frank Herbert calls fear the “mind killer.” And with the mind paralyzed humans, are prone to submit to baser emotions and behaviours including cowardice. Cowards are prepared to give the elephant all the space it wants. So, the elephant eats at their expense, consumes most of the oxygen in the room, obstructs and intimidates with every stomp of its foot and swing of trunk. Cowards hope that by laying low during the heat of the battle, they will survive and, at some future point, be able to join in the victory parade if braver souls win the day. They are aspiring parasitic free- riders.

Coercion: The Covid-19 Project has employed a carrot and stick method to manipulate our behaviour in accordance with a PTB agenda at multiple junctures in the propaganda campaign. The
big “carrot” from the outset has been an unfulfilled promise of a return to normalcy and the freedoms and pleasures of daily life. The elite PTB have also used a lot of sticks. There’s been punishing lockdowns, threats of public shaming and ridicule, steep fines, police intimidation, job loss and abuse at the hands of social media mobs. Add the denial of access to loved ones, medical care, public facilities, restaurants, gymnasiums, and transportation. In short, people have been told if they want to have a life they must defer to the Big (Fake) Pandemic Elephant. Giving in to coercion amounts to choosing comfort and convenience over pain and hardship. For some, it’s not necessarily a difficult choice. Embrace the elephant and continue to have a life.

Cognitive dissonance: Humans find comfort in the particular world each fashions and use it make sense of emerging developments. Alternatively, they tend to retreat subconsciously from anything likely to threaten their worldview. This is what makes the elephant so intimidating as it raises the frightening prospect of a shattered worldview thrusting its “owner” into a world of chaos, and in this case, darkness. Who wishes to believe their government is corrupt, that Big Pharma is intent on injuring or killing them and the mainstream media lies to them through its teeth daily? As one former US president put it, “The truth can set you free, but first it gives you a big headache. Those afflicted with EB are likely intent on avoiding the cognitive dissonance headache.

Cost: Anyone who calls out the elepantine Big Lie, can face heavy- duty repercussions. The repercussions can include loss of one’s job, income, career, family, friends, social status, reputation and the respect of colleagues. It can lead to bullying of your children or other family members, public ridicule and physical threats. The demonizing of dissenters and orchestrated hate-mongering is diabolical and
likely enough to convince many to go “elephant blind.” In short, not everyone is prepared to face the cost or pay the price associated with becoming an elephant hunter.

Cult-like control: Cults are fake religions conferring virtue upon those observing the tenets of the faith. The Covid cult assigns virtue points to those who zealously promote the cause of vaxx injection. Once injected, cult members may earn additional virtue points by publicly celebrating their decision (“Just vaxxed”). There is a kind of holy communion in joining with fellow members to wage war against the heresy of antivaxxism. Cult members are united in their stand against the unwashed hordes — heathen resisters and science deniers who fail to revere the cult’s saints and hight priests. Any who stray from Covid cult orthodoxy may draw the ire of its leaders and find themselves summarily handed over to a social media mob. Just ask world figure saking champion Jamie Sale, about the hostility directed at those who spot the elephant. Who dares risk such a fate?


I know of no accepted or reliable treatment for Elephant Blindness or EB. Some observers suggest that the best way to awaken its sufferers is with “questions, stories, and metaphors.” Numerous cases of spontaneous remission have also been reported, which may be instructive. Those who have worked with former religious cult members may find some success with de-programming methodologies. Still others, consistent with the idea that there’s a kind of black magic or entrancement at play, may be inclined toward the applications of spiritual countermeasures.


Given the infectiousness and devastating nature of EB, a case can be made for an urgent investigation of the disease. What preventative measures can be recommended at the individual, family, community and national levels? How is EB spread? What mitigative strategies may limit spread and duration? What forms of treatment look most promising? What insights can be gained from studies of those who resisted the infection (“resisters”) regarding prevention and treatment? How can those criminally manufacturing and spreading the worldwide contagion be stopped?

Those wishing to take a more serious look at what I have satirically dubbed “EB”, may be interested in the work of clinical psychologist, Dr. Mattias Desmet (Belgium). Dr. Desmet believes a convergence of societal forces is producing what he calls Mass Formation Psychosis. He further describes this condition as a dangerous collective type of hypnosis. (The Psychology of Totalitarianism, 2022). Whatever this debilitating hypnotic condition is, one thing is clear: Elephant Blindness is the real pandemic threatening the health and well-being of humanity.


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