Gatekeeping and Holding the Line

Gatekeeping and Holding the Line

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A quote within a quote that makes me think

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from writer and director Oliver Stone, who once said that ‘Hell is the impossibility of reason.’ In other words, if truth and logic are eradicated within a society then any hope for redemption or peace is lost. The world becomes a perpetual nightmare.”

Reflections on gatekeeping and holding the line

After reading Brandon Smith’s “A study of cultism reveals why gatekeeping against leftists is a good thing”, I uncomfortably realized that I no doubt failed at gatekeeping many times in the past. Smith examines how the social justice movement is illustrative of cultism. It made inroads by inverting meanings and disguising base motivations as higher values. Thus, elitism is disguised as “equality” and the spiritual void is “filled with narcissism.” I’ll add my observation that the SJW version of social justice is mob justice in search of a righteous cause. Ultimately, Smith suggests that giving cults a pass typically leads to dark and destructive outcomes. Thus, gatekeeping is essential. 

Why may I have failed at gatekeeping on occasion? I probably excused my passivity as being “respectful” of differences, deferring to seeming consensus, (when it was just shouting) or being accommodating. It may have been my insecurity — my need as a Christian to be seen as “loving” or “a nice guy.” In surrendering, whether out of insecurity or cowardice, I conceded ground to lies and darkness. And that in turn forms the substrate for the “Hell” dreaded by Oliver Stone where reason is outlawed. (The same Hell those captive to the Covid delusion are experiencing while telling themselves that they are “following the science.”) 

I suspect that many in the ranks of the freedom movement who are repulsed by what they have endured and rigorously resist more of the same, have yet to examine their performance as gatekeepers. How many times have they been seduced by the inner urge to seek peaceful co-existence with the same Evil that now enslaves humanity? Until we commit to the absolute importance of maintaining borders, lines and gates, we’re likely vulnerable to the pitch of the (LGBTQIA+) cultists and the fake virtue seekers. 

Evil is never satisfied with “peaceful coexistence” — only conquest. And conceding to its brash claims to the moral high ground is surrender. When our notion of a “democratic system” ”or “fairness” requires our granting equal time to the Satanic, we are enablers. Indulging the idea that trannies are entitled to groom children via library story hour in the name of teaching “tolerance” merely demonstrates how easily confused and conned we are by virtue-signalling fakes. 

Being reliable, truth-worthy and trustworthy gatekeepers requires the same kind of moral acuity and strength required to “hold the line” described in the Martin Geddes article at the end of this flash scan. (See: “Surviving Splitzkrieg.”) Geddes examines the many cases of division and separation that have arisen in his life involving friends and family in the Covid era. He says, “In each case I have had to “locate the line” before I could hold it — where “the line” is the geometry of the spiritual and social split.” 

Here’s where Smith, Geddes (and me) find common ground. Geddes continues, “It is a temptation to see everything as either an offer of love or a call for love, even terrible behaviour and to try to cross the divide and to heal the split. If we are not careful that can make us complicit: real evil has to be extinguished, not negotiated with (my italic). For all lesser splits we must act in love — a unifying force as it is the only possible antidote to “splitzkrieg.” Insisting on accountability for instance, may superficially appear harsh, but “tough love” is far more loving than floppy accommodation of sloth.” 

Note to self: Being a diligent gatekeeper and courageously holding the line is a sacred assignment central to our on-going struggle against Evil. It begins with locating the line and the gate posts. Beyond that, it’s a case of no negotiation and no surrender. 


A study of cultism shows us why gatekeeping against leftists is a good thing:

Surviving “Splitzkrieg”: How lovingly ‘holding the line’ keeps us sane during insane time:

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