Tumbling toward the abyss: An observer’s notes from July of 2015 on the precipitous decline of democracy

Tumbling toward the abyss: An observer’s notes from July of 2015 on the precipitous decline of democracy

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Over the course of my life, I developed a habit of periodically looking back at my earlier work as an analyst and futurist to see, for better or for worse, how accurate my “foresightings” were. Typically, the exercise produces a mix of emotions. It’s not unusual to be first encouraged by discovering a genuinely prescience observation, and then in rapid succession discouraged by the fact it failed to spark a meaningful response. “Really? We saw the signs back then…but didn’t take action?” On other occasions I’m empathetic given that while some developments were foreseeable, there was so much more that was obscured or we didn’t wish to see at the time. And that in turn left us vulnerable to ugly — potentially catastrophic — “surprises.”

You could say that futurists are in the business of “surprise reduction” or “surprise modulation.” During the last chapter of my formal career, I served as resident futurist in the strategic planning unit of a federal crown corporation. After eight and a half years with the corporation, I retired in March of 2015 and began updating our home — a prerequisite to putting it on the market. Between bathroom renovations and updating kitchen cabinets, I dug deeply into social, political and technological trends in particular that had begun to surface during my career. And as you will see, these trends weren’t exactly pretty. But I was retired now with no obligation to the corporate norm of limiting oneself to happy talk. So, if this wasn’t the time to look reality in the face, then when was that time?

My work habit was to periodically describe apparent trends in capsule form in a rough list and develop the list of trends until it comprised what could become the outline for a future paper or book. Then, in order to ensure the list wasn’t lost amid the crises du jour, I would send the compilation of themes to myself in an email under a working title for future reference. The hope was that I would be able to flesh out the content into an essay or a book once more pressing projects on my agenda were completed or in retirement.

Today, I’m revisiting, for its instructive value, the content of one of those summative emails that I sent to myself fresh into my retirement (dated: July 1, 2015).

Subject: “Book: Confronting Troubling New Tyrannies: Awakening to the harsh realities of the New World Order”

The preamble contained a call for “courageous forward-looking leadership” able to move beyond “false debates” and for continued vigilance and monitoring of developments in the US . The content that followed was variously described as “early analysis of lessons from America” and “losses to globalization” and the “so-called New World Order.”

The preamble also contained this ominous note:

“It seemed like the tyrannies of the past, the kind that we learned about in history class, were different. It seems from the perspective of the average citizen at least that they were directed at external forces — enemies outside the gate, the castle, or the country. The new tyrannies are led by our own governments and directed at us — the citizenry. And now we find ourselves seeking protection from those presumed to be charged with protecting us.”

Threats (to democracy)

1. Constant and unrelenting propagandization, misinformation and misdirection via mainstream media 

2. Loss of national sovereignty as national governments subordinate policy to the predatory profiteering of mega corporations.

3. Forced or covert application of technologies among the citizenry without prior knowledge or consent. (e.g. weather manipulation) Using the populace as guinea pigs.

4. Default commitments of Canadian military resources and personnel via NATO to an agenda of endless wars. 

5. Commitments to global agreements and directives (issued by international bodies) — decisions in which citizens have no voice or vote.

6. Loss of privacy and (protections for) personal information. 

7. Loss of human sovereignty because of thought control, and behaviour management and desire to hack the human mind.

8. Criminalization of dissent.

9. False flags carried out by governments (in order to justify new controls on the domestic population and foreign wars). 

10. Destruction of democratic processes (and abuse) at the hands of powerful lobbies (one could add “extremist activist groups”).

Two other ominous threats appeared at the bottom of the list which could have been incorporated into threat #3: Interestingly, these trends or threats were combined in the implementation of he diabolical Covid Vaxxademic operation five years later in 2020.

— Thought control and behaviour management.

— Technological fascism — vaccines

The email concluded with the caution: “Beware the campaigns of distraction.” 

Note: I continued to add to the list of forces bearing down on Western democracies in 2015 and 2016. A future article will deal with my attempt to bring the crisis to the attention of politicians and others.


To some of us at least, the proverbial writing on the wall concerning the future of Western democracy was apparent by 2015, and it was legible. In short, we were tumbling toward the abyss, blissfully unaware or in a state of denial. The attacks were coming from all angles. The most troubling aspect of the situation was that those charged with preserving and protecting this precious legacy we called “democracy”, as imperfect as it was, were complicit in its destruction. It was one thing of course to spot a burning crisis and its beneficiaries and quite another to find and mobilize compatriots to confront it.

On July 27, I shared the following rather depressing observation with my sister: “America as we’ve known it is dead, and sadly, the majority of Americans are unaware of it. …If for example, they understood that George and Jeb Bush’s grandfather, Prescott, helped finance the Nazi war machine, would they have Jeb Bush sitting at second position in the polls as a possible republican candidate“.

The situation was equally depressing in Canada. The formerly somewhat naive me had little idea how difficult it would be to find the “courageous, forward-looking” variety of leadership I was seeking. There didn’t appear to be any such leaders in sight. Nor did I have any idea how disheartening it would be to discover that those in official leadership roles were traitorous puppets reciting scripts prepared by their psychopathic overseers. I had no conception of the diabolical plan that the globalists were planning to unleash on the citizenry in 2020 (Let’s say that my conception of evil was rather under-developed in light of what was to come.) And sadly, I had no idea how many so-called “progressives” and neo-liberals harboured inner fascists with zero tolerance for non-compliers. It would be some time before my dark night of the soul passed and I began to encounter other patriotic, freedom-lovers pushing back against the globalist agenda.

It’s often said, that God doesn’t give us more than we can bear at a particular time. Would any of us been able to handle a preview of our entire lives when we were 25 years of age, let’s say? I’m guessing that most would be overwhelmed. So, I’m grateful that only some elements of the near future are visible to most of us. Ignorance may not be bliss, but mercifully it does protect us to some degree from being overwhelmed.

The eight years that have elapsed since my email-to-self have seen many of us become battle-hardened warriors in the on-going globalist war against humanity. Most of us in the freedom movement have shed our innocence and now grasp the fact that this is the struggle of the ages — the contest for all the marbles. We’ve stopped looking for the cavalry to ride to our rescue. (The military-security industrial complex has been instrumental in our captivity.) Many of us have come to believe this is the struggle we were born for. And we’ve come to terms with the fact there can be no surrender… no retreat given the implications of a loss to the Sabbtean totalitarians and all we hold precious and sacred.

At the same time, we accept that there is no going back to what once was. History is about to turn a page and begin a new chapter. And we’ve been given the opportunity to help write it. God willing, it will be a story of freedom regained. If so, I pray succeeding generations will be born with a sacred scar in their memory — a permanent reminder that the price of freedom really is eternal vigilance. We forgot that lesson once; we must never forget it again.

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