Could we see a righteous student rebellion against indoctrination by a captive public education system?

Could we see a righteous student rebellion against indoctrination by a captive public education system?

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It’s their future 

I’ve been an advocate for engaging our kids and youth in general in our historic struggle for freedom from global totalitarianism for some time now. That said, I suspect parents may be torn between wanting to preserve their children’s innocence on the one hand and wanting to arm their offspring with an understanding of today’s harsh realities on the other. It’s worth reminding ourselves that it’s their freedom and their future that we’re fighting for. And if fail to arm our successors with a realistic understanding of the predatory forces stalking humanity, they easily become prey. And yes of course, the introduction to the machinations of the PTB should be thoughtful, paced and age appropriate, not a emotive dump likely to overwhelm young minds. Some parents have mastered this. I recall asking a young man of about 35 years old I’ll call “Charlie” what it was that opened his eyes to the the evil plans of the PTB. I was expecting Charlie to link his epiphany to something recent like vaxxaeddon. His response surprised me: my mom was talking about this stuff when I was in my crib. Hats off to you, mom wherever you are. You conveyed the new facts of life to your offspring in a timely and meaningful way. And that may have spared him permanent injury or saved his life when he had to discern the truth amid the Covid Propagandemic

Is mass student rebellion on the horizon?

A new contingent of “Charlies” may be about to emerge. American futurist, Clif High recently reported that the forward-looking scans of his web bot suggested that the revolt against indoctrination via the public education system may be about to ignite in schools. He adds that his podcasts are attracting a growing youth audience. The implication here is that student rebellion against public school indoctrination and identity politics-driven may be moving beyond spot protests and become a full blown trend.High envisions a revolt of sufficient strength to rattle the public education system baffling and buffeting administrators and educators and leading to resignations. 

We’ve seen the local signs and some anecdotal evidence of course. Before the summer break, a friend told me of his encounter with a small group of junior high students cussing about something in animated terms as they exited the school and walked down the street. Curious,  as to what had aroused their outburst, my friend approached the group. Thinking they were about to receive a lecture regarding their generous use of “F” bombs, someone apologized for their language. No, my friend was just curious what had agitated them. It turns out it was the June LGBTQ++ indoctrination on steroids they were being force fed by their school. On September 15, “hundreds of students in the Perkiomen Valley School District north of Philadelphia staged a walkout in response to the school board allowing students who identify as transgender to use whichever bathroom they like.” The male student who organized the walk-out explained, “The girls were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.” 

Neither group of protesting students is alone. Grade 11 student Josh Alexander launched a protest against the pro-transgender bathroom policy of his high school, St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Renfrew, Ontario. Again his concerns for the safety and privacy of female students was a motivating factor behind Alexander’s protest. 

What if…? 

Let’s play a game of “What If? What if:

  • Clif High has actually detected signs of a genuine, about-to-emerge mass student rebellion in the US against public school indoctrination and social engineering?
  • a similar revolt also ignites among Canadian students in coming months? 

Some questions and a thought exercise

Given the current level of parent frustration with school boards in Canada, would the student and adult factions in revolt against public school indoctrination and perverse policies become one?

How widespread, enduring and impactful could mass student protest be? Could it for example translate into permanent withdrawal of large numbers of students from the public education system?

Could it lead to more disturbing revelations regarding infiltration of the public school system by cultural Marxist, pedo influencers and secret policies?  

What would be an appropriate response on the part of the existing parent- managed home schooling community?(purely observers, advocates, facilitators, a soft landing for those exiting, visionaries promoting a superior alternative?)

If the protest held, would the alternative parent-manged system be able to accommodate an influx of students exiting the public system? (Is the parent-managed system scalable? Is there the leadership within its ranks to guide its further growth and development? What new resources are needed?)

What is the freedom community’s message to conservative teachers and administrators who find themselves trapped within a public system increasingly hostile to their personal and professional values and principles? 

In summary… 

We’ve ventured into the realm of some known unknowns and unknown unknowns here, so there are a lot of questions that can’t be readily answered and issues easily anticipated. But, it’s not too early to ponder the above questions as a thought exercise or even a future planning exercise within the parent-managed education community. I suspect that when the public education edifice cracks and breaks into pieces, the naked emperor’s minions won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Will those of us supportive of parent-managed education rise to the challenge of providing a viable alternative?

End notes:

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Pennsylvania students protest pro-trans bathroom policy, S.A. McCarthy, The Daily Signal, September 20, 2023:

Canadian Catholic School student who was suspended for protesting transgender bathroom policy speaks out, Peter Pinedo, Catholic News Agency February 22, 2023.

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The anti-American sexual perverts who dominate the California state assembly make it impossible to be a parent in California:

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