Was an inflection point in the war just reached? (May 29, 2023)

Was an inflection point in the war just reached?  

It can be difficult in the fog of war to discern if there’s been a shift in the tide, because all wars are swirling tornadoes of deception. But, we’ve seen glimpses of sanity in the last two weeks prompting me to wonder if the wind has shifted against the global establishment 

I’m the last guy in the world to prematurely declare, “mission accomplished.” And I’m not going to suggest the war is over, or even that the end is in sight. There’s always the potential for diabolical twists. (Remember the Russian parable concerning the sparrow trapped inside the frozen cow paddy in winter who “escapes” into the waiting mouth of a coyote. No, not all those who seemingly come to rescue you are your friends.) 

Some surprising and encouraging signs nonetheless, are: 

  • RFK’s truthful framing of the US corporatocracy crisis;
  • CNN’s airing a truthful reference to the Durham report;
  • a headline from the typically war-mongering NY Times declaring: “The US should be a force for peace in the world”
  • more medical and media whistleblowers coming to the fore; 
  • Canadian parents pulling their kids out of public school rather than submit to “LGBT..QRST and sometimes Y” indoctrination; 
  • Dr. Jim Willie (in his financial “Golden Jackass” newsletter) says: “Take hope as victory is near. Numerous positive vectors are evident. Several stakes have been put in the heart of the globalist cabal”; 
  • Five Republican counties political parties in Florida passed resolutions declaring …all mRNA ‘vaccines’ “biological and technological weapons”;  
  • more institutions are rejecting transgender therapy and surgery for minors;
  • a report that Germany is turning against the EU’s Green New Deal; and 
  • the relentless French resistance to Macron’s rule, etc.

I’m not suggesting any of the above is a reason to relent or relax. I’m certainly not suggesting that you slow your preparation for the disruption and transition ahead. The struggle for truth, justice and liberty continues unabated, revitalized with a few fresh breaths of air. 

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