Breaking the Vaccine Industry Bubble

Breaking the vaccine industry bubble… 

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes April 14, 2023 (c)

The most intriguing interview I heard this week was one conducted with an awake MD (“Dr. X”) who went undercover and attended a vaccine industry conference recently held in Washington DC. His goal in attending was to chat with participants in order to gain some insight into what they were thinking. Since he was venturing into the reified environment where “vaccine hesitancy” was probably regarded as either a sign of diminished mental capacity or a sin, Doctor X framed his questions as one of “them”, a true believer. His observations were telling to say the least.  

One troubling observation is that when Doctor X engaged with some physicians, he discovered they weren’t aware of the Covid injection harms recently reported in scientific journals. (So some of those who presumably chided dissenters for not “following the science” are not following the science.) Such ignorance can only serve as a source of temporary bliss, however. Imagine the cognitive dissonance that will overtake these individuals when an Oregon doctor’s research on vaccine correlations with childhood diseases becomes known! 

When a forum discussion turned to the subject of overcoming resistance to the Covid injection, Doctor X offered what he thought was a common sense suggestion. Specifically, why don’t “we” invite some of those dissenting professionals to join us and share their concerns. While Dr. X detected some quiet support for the suggestion among those in the audience, the moderator, presumably in alignment with conference organizers was quick to dismiss the suggestion. 

By the end of the first day, Dr. X concluded that conference attendees were sincere in their belief that they were helping the world and their cause a righteous one. Seemingly, they simply didn’t know what they were doing. Wow!

Dr. X’s observations certainly explain some things, like why Canada’s own Dr. Makis is reporting dozens of sudden deaths among Canadian physicians. In short, they drank the Kool Aid. They were naive, trusting believers, infected with a pathogen ravaging the body and reputation of a decaying medical-pharma industry. It also explains why my interior designer told me in late 2020 (before the vaxx was available) that two MD friends had already recommended it to her. In retrospect, it’s always good to ask the question; “Based on what?” in response to such a facile recommendation. 

Dr X’s account also explains why the medical profession continues to act as if it inhabits an alternate universe regarding the devastation caused by the Covid injections. (Lessons in how to at best, ignore, or at worst contribute to an ongoing genocide.) In fact, much of the industry does inhabit an alternate reality. The conference participants who dismissed the idea of dialogue and debate with dissenting colleagues are intent on pulling up the drawbridge and reinforcing the walls of their mental fortress where confirmation bias and group think prevail. Does this also suggest vaccine industry professionals suffer from delusions of white coat grandeur? In any case, while dismissing competing views may be the way of the “Wokeys,” it’s the opposite of what defines genuine scholars and true professionals. The latter would instead be inviting the questions and relishing rigorous debate. 

Doctor X’s report regarding his venturing into the vaccine industry bubble/matrix is both sad and angering given the fact this criminal enterprise has destroyed millions of lives worldwide. I recall a phrase from an old Bruce Cockburn song, “If I had a rocket launcher….” My paraphrase of the line would read, “If I had a truth cannon, I’d bombard the vaccine industry matrix of lies until it collapsed in a heap of rubble.” Can we at least pop its protective bubble?

Destruction, in nature, frees up space and nutrients to support new growth. And in that regard, I’d like to hear more about what the Canadian Health Alliance describes as “a parallel, integrated healthcare system, grounded in sound ethics, informed consent and freedom of choice.” I’d like to believe that this capsule description contains the seeds of much-needed change. It’s clearly time to consider how we can grow an alternative health care system free of the toxic influence of the vaxx industry. 

— Calvin 

Canadian Health Care Alliance:

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