Propaganda — Ultimate weapon of mass destruction?

Propaganda — ultimate weapon of mass destruction?

Calvin Mulligan Feb 11, Feb 13 2023 rev, Feb 25-23; (c) All rights reserved 

My formal introduction to propaganda came in the form of some night school marketing and advertising courses I took in the early eighties. Then, over the course of my career, I served in a variety of employment settings and specialized roles in the agriculture industry, including Communication and Public Relations. It was those night school courses that began awakening me to the power of propaganda. I seem to recall hearing in one class that an average person living in a cosmopolitan centre was exposed to some 1,300 messages a day. It was both impressive and alarming.

What, in particular, is it that makes certain forms of communication propaganda? Essentially, it’s a matter of intent. If the intent of its authors and their campaign is to deceive, disorient, disguise, divide divert, disable or discredit, it can be considered propaganda. Propaganda is trickery. So, it clearly includes painting “lipstick” on the proverbial “pig” in order to convince unsuspecting audiences that diabolical personas and their claims or certain behaviours, like lining up for a potentially toxic injection, are virtuous. Thus, the “Plandemic” has been a master class in the deadly persuasive powers of propaganda. Without PR or propaganda, the satanic would, in a great many cases, be seen for what it is and rejected out of hand. Many of the PR pros that I’ve dealt with are either naive as to the nature of the tools they wield, or alternatively suffering from a form of delusions of grandeur convinced their alchemy can turn dark into light and bullshit into gold. The latter’s practice thrives in truth vacuums.

What’s unfolded over the decades is a kind of one-sided arms race. The the public has remained largely apathetic regarding the propaganda threat. But its proponents have pursued ever more sophisticated ways of deploying it against us. The result is a widening gap between the average persons’ understanding concerning their exposure to propaganda on the one hand, and the unrelenting use of military grade propaganda on the domestic population on the other. And this form of asymmetrical warfare has led to our current captive state. 

If we truly aspire to think freely and to exercise some control over our future, we must figure out how to bolster our defences against the debilitating attacks of the propagandists and their propaganda. It is, in the truest sense of the term, a weapon of mass destruction. The axiom of my grandparent’s generation was: forewarned is forearmed. It may be late in the struggle, but consider yourself warned.

1. Propaganda is ubiquitous 

Today, citizens are inundated with propaganda from birth until death. It’s impossible to avoid ingesting it daily in large quantities. Propaganda has infected almost everything — all forms of communication media, entertainment and program content, every public policy discussion, every sector of society, every government program (including education and health care,) every corporation’s communication and every institution from your local  church to your favourite professional sports league. The official bullshit is so thick, it’s like smog blanketing Beijing on a bad day. It’s inescapable and so dense one finds themselves craving a daily detox. 

2. Propaganda is disorienting — potentially reality-inverting

Mainstream society tends to vastly underestimate the sheer power of propaganda. It’s commonly said in the world of PR that perception is reality. If so, the capability of professional propagandists, masters in perception management, is such that they have inverted our reality. You could say that family and friends who are devout Covidians inhabit a different perceptual reality. In a way, they are like a captive Truman in the 1998 movie, The Truman Show, before the man awakened to his situation. Just last week, a colleague succinctly summed it up. “Everything is upside down. Good is bad is good, bad is good…” He’s right. The awakened see the evil of a soulless Big Pharma industry maiming and killing, while Covidian friends see beneficence in the face of a dangerous pandemic. It’s a version of “Strangers in the night” worthy of a Neflix sci-fi movie.

3. Propaganda is costly in both human and economic terms

It’s almost impossible to overstate the damage caused to entire societies by the innumerable propaganda campaigns they they have been subjected to over the centuries. You could count up the numbers of wars and their dead and injured, and it would be a start. You could add the loss of private and public infrastructure and resources and the calculation would still fall short. Suffice to say wars are typically ignited using deception and fuelled by deceptions packaged as propaganda. The last five years are a case study. When the truth is revealed about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, millions of people fed a daily diet of Western war propaganda will be shocked by the darkness of the cause (and the war crimes) they blindly supported.

The Covid-Vaxx campaign is a different kind of war, but one nonetheless driven by propaganda. The number of deaths and injuries that have resulted because  unsuspecting citizens bought into the much-repeated “safe and effective” vaxx lie grows by the day. The toll has reached the millions now with some observers expecting total deaths long term to exceed a billion. It’s hard to imagine how so many vaxxed people could collapse in TV studios and in sports forums in front of unseeing public eyes. The proverbial elephant “in the room” is massive and stinks to the heavens yet the mesmerized cannot see or smell it. So the toll will continue to mount as long as the denial persists. 

The related mental health crisis and the suicides attributable to oppressive lockdowns and unrelenting propaganda is also part of the cost calculation as is the destruction of small businesses. And there also more subtle effects to consider, like the toxic “divide and conquer” division of societies, communities and families, and the daily dysfunction arising from propaganda-muddled minds.

4. Propaganda is the preferred management tool of the PTB and their minions

 It’s long been understood that the masses can be easily managed with propaganda. Edward Bernays, widely regarded as the father of Public Relations (formerly known as Propaganda), was rather matter-of-fact about this. 

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important elements in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ,,,We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

Bernays wrote these words in 1928, and mainstream society hasn’t yet fully grasped what this master propagandist told the world and taken appropriate counter measures.  

5. Propaganda is manufactured in the biggest quantities by the Deep State, inclusive of the military security complex, Big Tech and the entertainment-media complex

There are literal armies of trained people manufacturing propaganda. The state of Israel and the intelligence community at large has assigned thousands of its military personnel to wage information warfare on any who they deems to be hostile to their narratives. Many former Mossad officers reportedly work behind the scenes for Google, Facebook and other Big Tech corporations censoring and shaping the official narrative of the day. 

As far back as the seventies, the US Church Committee revealed the fact that the CIA had installed its agents in pretty much all the major news agencies. The thing that has changed since then is that consolidation in corporate media has reduced the key players down to about six major news corporations, so the message control is simple and even tighter. And the last time I heard, the CIA had its fingers on more than 600 Hollywood movies. 

In true Orwellian style, we the people are alleged to be the threat because of our propensity for “misinformation” and “disinformation”. That assertion in itself is BS propaganda. The self-appointed guardians of the establishment matrix are engaged in psychological projection of course. They are the pathological liars. The strategies presented to panelists participating in the Covid Pandemic Event 201 in order to counter “disinformation” (public dissent) are telling.  

The strategies presented by panelists to combat “disinformation” included: having a “centralized” international response to the communications efforts, flooding social media platforms with the regime’s narrative, partnering with Big Tech companies on censoring and deamplifying “disinformation,”advancing technology for algorithms to censor information, planting “the right representatives” on traditional media platforms to “portray our side of the story,” as well as using trusted faith-based or community-based organizations to disseminate the regime narrative.

 An army of volunteers and paid social media influencers were recruited to convince unsuspecting citizens that a dangerous pandemic was raging and the only appropriate response was getting vaxxed with an ineffective experimental concoction described by many as a bioweapon. The shocking extent to which Big Tech including Twitter weighted the scale in favour of the Covid-vaxx agenda is still sinking in to the public conscious.  

6. Propaganda is subsidized, supported and sustained by its victims (the citizenry, including truth-seekers)

It would be one thing if the propagandists paid for their massive distortion machine and its operation with their own money. Consistent with their predatory nature, however, they prefer to use our tax dollars to support their campaigns wherever possible.  Ordinary citizens, often unwittingly, lend support to the spread of propaganda in multiple ways. It’s our tax revenues military intelligence agencies tap for salaries and campaigns (carried out in the name of “national security”). 

Remember that “loosewolves” propaganda exercise brought to the people of Nova Scotia, reportedly by “incompetents” in the Dumbsh*ts Unit (I mean “propaganda unit”) of the Canadian forces? When did the citizens of Nova Scotia invite the military to mess with their minds? Why does the military tend to view ordinary citizens as lab rats designated for their experiments? Yes, “military intelligence” is an oxymoron. 

With the CBC, it’s doubt hit. Taxpayers fund the manufacture of its daily deluge of propaganda. Beyond that, Trudeau announced a donation of $595 million to the media sector in 2018, purportedly to “protect the vital role that independent news media play in our democracy and in our communities”. Apparently blind to the irony, the gesture thus destroyed any remaining semblance of media independence.(Propagandists have a remarkable n affinity for Doublespeak).

Equally troubling is the volunteer support that citizens give to the spread of propaganda. Every time we repeat mainstream narratives or support their advertising sponsors, we contribute to our own propagandization. Anyone telling you that “I heard it on the news”or “I saw it on TV” is in most cases, signalling their complicity in propagating state propaganda, including war propaganda on a regular basis.

If you doubt the readiness of ordinary citizens to play this role, just consider how many yellow and blue flag wavers bought into Western propaganda regarding what was reported as Putin’s “unprovoked” war in Ukraine.

There is an exit from this loop of insanity and the matrix. You access the offramp when you decide to unplug mainstream news sources and seek out independent journalism.

7. Propaganda’s proponents seek ever more effective means of manipulating our minds

It’s painful to consider the billions of dollars being poured into research by Silicon Valley, Big Info Tech, DARPA, Intelligence agencies governments and the advertising and PR industries to find new ways to hack minds, shape human perception, neutralize critical thinking, and influence human behaviour. Their efforts are aided by a network of universities and foundations contracted to conduct research in these areas on behalf of their sponsors. Perhaps it wasn’t so alarming when such research was supporting fourth or fifth generation warfare against designated foreign “enemies.” Now that consumers and ordinary citizens are clearly often the target, we’re feeling the heat and seeing the harms.

Before my retirement, in 2015, I encountered research by a global US bank on the subject of sentiment analysis. The goal was to develop an A.I. software system that could analyze the mood of customers as they entered the bank, allowing staff to tailor their sales approach to the mood of the customer in near-real time. This sounds almost innocent in terms of AI applications when one considers the invasiveness being pursued by transhumanists today.

“Deep fakes” technology is just one more addition to the tech arsenal of propagandists and perception management extremists today. IT programming specialist, Martin Geddes, may have identified one of the latest methods for manufacturing what he calls (false) consensus via ChatGPT. Geddes says:

Actually, it does have biases, and those are coded in by its creators who are knowingly generating artificial certainty: it is a charming automated psychopath that analyses text for structure and meaning (but not evil intent) and repeats back a (perceived and possibly false) consensus as being a singular reality.

Those who have investigated the Covid-vaxx narrative in any depth are well aware that a large number of professionals in the fields of behaviour management, psychology, PR and strategic communication were employed to drive the “safe and effective-get vaxxed-or-else” message. It’s a case of weaponizing science to secure our compliance

8. Propaganda, in its many forms and applications, is defeating democracy and destroying Western civilization 

Not everyone is prepared to concede the point, but the citizens of the West are captive citizens of compromised governments and their globalist overlords. We didn’t get “here” by accident. It’s the outcome of gradual infiltration and endless propagandizing over decades —  a slow motion coup. But we’ve experienced countless attacks over time — the orchestrated school shootings, the public school gender indoctrination, the false flag “terrorist” attacks, the manufactured middle eastern wars, the mass migration, the Covid-vaxx psy op, and the gas lighting. And the accompanying lyrics in the wake of the attacks was the same, well-worn propaganda memes: “gun violence,” “white racism”, “Russia,” “Russia,” “Russia” — now about to become “China”, “China”, China.” It the goal was to keep the masses  misinformed, off-balance, scared, and angry with the wrong enemies, the propagandistic Cabal has done a first rate job. That said, many observers remind us of the fate of those who shout, “Wolf!” too often.

For the moment, however, as long the citizenry remains largely uninformed regarding the ways and means of propagandists and the nature of propaganda, they will remain the captives of a fabricated reality and its diabolical architects. 

 9. Propaganda largely goes unchecked because of human vanity  

It’s hard to admit, but unfortunately our vulnerability to propaganda and the enslavement that it fosters is largely a function of human pride. We are, in effect, our own captors. Mark Twain said that it’s easier to fool someone than convince him or her that they have been fooled. Every one of us who has been snubbed by family and friends for rejecting the vaxx narrative and tried to save them from it has can confirm the difficulty of trying to convince others that they have been fooled. Human pride is blinding …and stupefying.

I think back to past conversations with friends who were thoroughly convinced that advertising has no effect on them (“water off a duck’s back”). They would similarly contend that they would recognize propaganda if they saw it and would remain unaffected.

Our friends delude themselves. The widespread, enthusiastic embrace of the RussiaGate hoax, the Ukraine conflict and the Covid-vaxx narrative by billions world-wide confirms their delusion. The number of people still wearing face masks to safeguard against an imaginary pandemic is surreal. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes redux. They might just as well be wearing signs that read: “I am living proof that propaganda works.”

The sooner we become literate regarding its prevalence and potency, the sooner we can learn to defend ourselves against the harms of PR, the practice and product formerly known as Propaganda.

10. Propaganda, with some diligence, can be parsed and defused

The good news is that we need not be passive victims of the destructive propaganda campaigns of the day. We need not become canon fodder in 21st Century information wars. Again, the first step is accepting the fact that propaganda is pervasive, we are vulnerable to its weaponized psychology and unrecognized, it constitutes a major threat to individuals and entire societies.

 Awareness is critical. Caitlin Johnstone asserts: It’s important to be aware of how advanced Western Propaganda has become because propaganda only works if you’re not aware it’s happening.” 

Based on that premise, we can begin to hone our propaganda detection skills (“BS Detector”) and bring the sunlight of truth to bear. That may be a stumbling point in itself. Johnstone has pointed out that humans don’t love the truth as much as we assume. We got to the current state of captivity in part because we developed an unbalanced liking for certain kinds of truth. We especially like the flavours of “convenient truth,” “pleasant truth”, and “popular truth” which gives our hive-inclined minds a rush.

But our liking for “uncomfortable truth” and “hard truth” is quite another matter. And it’s in this darker realm where our adversaries eluded us. I’m talking here about the kind of truths that keep us honest as individuals and also exposes the magicians and their deceptions. You see, once we learn the magicians’ tricks, the spell of their propaganda is broken. We can’t unsee the deceptions. It reminds me of the often-cited biblical axiom, the truth can set us free. May it be so in our time!     


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