Breaking the Grip of Mass Formation Psychosis and Defeating Technocratic Totalitarianism: A look at the “how” and a quick assessment

Breaking the grip of Mass Formation Psychosis and Defeating Technocratic Totalitarianism: A look at the “how” and a quick assessment

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C (c) Aug 29, 2022 

I’ve made the case in a tongue-in-satirical-cheek fashion that the most debilitating human malady on the planet at the moment is elephant blindness or EB This is the inability to recognize and confront massive issues impairing daily organizational operations and/or threatening one’s well-being. The Covid Plandemic-Vaxx scam has revealed the widespread and debilitating nature of Elephant Blindness. Millions of afflicted individuals suddenly became blind to the blatant political manipulation behind the Plandemic and the health threat posed by the toxic vaxx. This condition has been more formally described by professionals in the field of psychology as Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP), mass psychosis, and mass hypnosis with some references to similarities with Stockholm Syndrome. (In the case of the latter, victims identify with the their captors and their cause.) 

It’s not sufficient to describe and diagnose the problem. If it is as infectious, widespread and debilitating as it appears to be, finding preventative treatments and therapies is an urgent priority. This commentary, building on a presentation from the Academy of Ideas, will be far from the last word on the subject. It will, however, nudge the discussion in the direction of responses and remedies. Specifically it addresses how we might break the grip of this particular variant of mass hypnosis and thus accelerate the collapse of the technological totalitarianism that holds us captive.Here are five approaches.

1. Model an organized mind and life: Carl Jong says we must learn to live in such a way that we provide an inspiration for others to follow. It makes sense that in order to attract others to the cause of truth and freedom, we must present an attractive alternative to the lies and enslavement promulgated by the dark side. This begins with the man and woman in the mirror. It’s more than a matter of “order.” It extends to the organizations we create and how both our leaders and the rank and file members present their cause is a variety of settings. Are we authentic and trustworthy? How deep are our commitments to truth and freedom to and each other? Are we happy? Do we bring people together in service to a higher cause? 

2. Counter the propaganda by spreading truth as far and wide as possible. Truth is more powerful than fiction. Many are familiar with the saying that the truth will set us free. The prerequisite is that we must be prepared to face it now matter how unpleasant or unpopular. The current regime is doing it’s best to devalue, censor and banish it, because truth illuminates the darkness of their agenda. It’s not surprising so many feel disoriented. Our moral universe has been inverted. How we spread truth is an open question and our methods must clearly adapt to the political realities of our times. The work-arounds we develop and forms of samizdat we adopt to cicumvent censorship will vary with the circumstances. (Samizdat: see “Definitions, Sources” below).

Professor Mattias Desmet, the Belgian psychologist who popularized the term, Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP), describes the human, social and political prerequisites that gave rise to the mass hypnosis. The underlying problem is the infection of our society with technocratic transhumanism. Desmet is clear regarding the importance of “speaking out”. But we must overcome our fixation on rational understanding and reliance on reason. It doesn’t compute with the entranced. Three good reasons for speaking out are:

1. It’s our ethical duty; we must disturb “the voice” (official narrative) and create dissonance. This counters the grip of MFP and prevents it from advancing to the extreme where the masses may conclude dissidents are inhumane and must be destroyed. The subtext is avoid wasting precious energy on the hypnotized. 

2. We speak out in order to strengthen our character and capacity. Each time we do, we become stronger. 

3. We speak out for the sake of others, including both fellow freedom movement members and the “unconverted” who may one day seek out the freedoms and future we preserve. Note; The Resistance has a vital role alerting its members and the awakening public to the next head fake, psy op, false flag or trojan horse devised by the globalist PTB to ensnare them. Eg. Digital ID banking. (See mark your calendar above). This may be another:

3. Use humour and ridicule to delegitimize the elite. (Dr. Joost Meerloo). The question is which of the voices battling for the hearts and minds of citizens have greater credibility. By using humour including political satire, we can expose the criminality, the policy contradictions, the incoherence and often the incompetence of the Powers That Be. Exposing the foibles of the naked emperors and buffoons that purport to govern is a way of stripping them of their false authority and influence. Members of the public who once feared them now begin to laugh at them. It’s remarkable that so many of our naked emperors have not yet resigned in shame and embarrassment by now (a sign they have no shame?). UK author, Martin Geddes has explained in some detail how memes can be the equivalent of bullets and missiles in the context of information warfare. “Covid-1984” is a good example of a powerful meme. For a good satirical one-liner, it’s hard to beat: “Ask your doctor if a drug with 32 pages of side effects is right for you.”  You’ve seen this week’s LOL nomination for best musical satire: Wish we all could leave California.

4. Form parallel structures as a basis for future parallel societies (Vaclav Havel). Resisters are increasingly aware of the industries, institutions and public services failing before our eyes under the weight of their own deceits and corruption. (Policy incoherence, anyone?) Health care, public education and the airline industry immediately come to mind. Can we help dismantle them? The other side  of our mission is creating parallel structures, services and value chains. Ours will be based on human-centric vision and business models and a commitment to ensure technology serves rather than subordinates humanity (Fostering innovations in terms of alternative business models is worthy of serious discussion by itself.)

A good example of this was the formation of Freedom Travel Alliance, a company committed to creating (health) mandate-free travel opportunities for members of the freedom community. The company refers to “building a new ecosystem”. This is the stage the freedom movement has entered. Our members are in the process of developing new business and services — ultimately metaphoric ecosystems which will serve parallel freedom communities. American economist, Brandon Smith describe the emergence of a decentralized economy. 

“If a corrupt system does not or will not provide what the public needs or wants, then the public should provide those necessities for themselves. If they are successful then the system has two choices — it can fade away quietly as the decentralized economy takes over, or, it can try and STOP the public from building their own production using force. If the system uses force, then it exposes its true nature as authoritarian and it encourages rebellion.”  

Smith’s encouraging conclusion is that, “One way or another, the corrupt system will be eliminated.” 

On the subject of parallel structures and services, Smith contends that in order to take back our culture we need to build our own decentralized media army from the ground up. It’s not clear how we get there, but the goal is the development of a decentralized media ecosystem serving the freedom-minded. Smith is prepared to put his money where his mouth is and says he will soon be releasing his own comic book campaign. His logic is noteworthy and supported by historic examples where oppressed peoples sought out entertaining escapes from the political dreariness of their lives. 

“I want to continue with my with my economic and political analysis, but I also think it’s important to provide people with mental relief and a short escape from some of the harsher realities of our times.” 

5. Mobilize as many as possible in the drive to restore freedom and sanity

The question of how we recruit more people to the cause of freedom and sanity remains front and centre. We have witnessed a period of massive protests in the streets of major cities around the world. The inspiring impact of Canada’s January-February 2022 truckers convoy continues to reverberate around the world. The focus of the city street protests has shifted from truckers to farmers in Europe speaking out in defence of their futures and that of the agrifood system. While they appear to have significant public support, that may erode as energy and food costs spiral upward. 

 A key question may be where the brunt of public anger is directed as the wealth of the middle class drains and the banking-financial system seizes up. Perhaps the controlling machination of the PTB will accelerate our recruitment of new members into the Resistance movement more effectively than anything we might do or say. That said, presenting a people-centric alternative to the tyranny, chaos and division will be paramount. 

Destroying Mass Formation Psychosis 

What’s the life expectancy of Mass Formation Psychosis? It depends. Desmet notes that mass formation psychosis cannot be sustained for a long time unless reinforced by mass media. Thus, the more we can do to accelerate the bankruptcies and loss of funding for corporate media (the main cog in the propaganda machine), the shorter the life of the MFP and our captivity. We’ll know when our mission is complete. According to Desmet, it’s when the mass formation destroys itself until it becomes the monster that eats its own

In parallel with that, any signs of self-cannibalism on the part of the medical-pharma complex are welcome. The fact that Moderna has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for patent infringement may fall into this category. 

Sum up, assessment 

I’ve outlined and augmented five approaches advanced by the Academy of Ideas regarding how to address what I call Elephant Blindness and the pros call Mass Formation Psychosis or mass hypnosis. While they don’t constitute a strategic plan, the five approaches do provide a basis for strategy development and periodic assessment of our strengths, weaknesses, wins and future prospects. Here’s my quick sketch assessment supplemented with that of futurist-linguist Clif High.

  • We get tired and tend to forget that this is the struggle for all the marbles. It’s “them or us” as Clif High puts it.
  • We tend to underestimate the capacity for evil, the persistence of the PTB and their minions and the potency of of their weaponry.
  • There’s lots of room for the Resistance to grow and develop its networks and their impact. That’s room for addition of new members and room for improved communications, strategic thinking, planning and shared action. The potential synergies that could be unleashed in pursuit of shared goals might surprise us. It’s time for the entrepreneurial and investor class to get engaged in the birthing of parallel structures and services and ultimately the growth of decentralized economies.  
  • There are signs we’ve made gains regarding some of the five approaches. The sophistication of patriot meming and satire is impressive. The decline in support for mass media also bodes well for us given it’s the main cog in the propaganda machine sustaining mass psychosis. The report from the Canadian Health Alliance that mainstream media outlets have been giving positive publicity to Resistance-sponsored candle light memorials in BC is also a good sign.
  • Corrupt and conflict-of-interest-riddled public services, and institutions are failing before our eyes. We can facilitate their collapse by exposing their deteriorated ethical footings and rotting facades. 
  • The continuing integration of cultural Marxist ideology into the policies and operation of every sector of public service and the corporate world implies continued erosion of services, standards, organizational performance and the economy (the partial societal collapse is well underway). 

Clif High’s observations:

  • The fact that the Resistance occupies the moral high ground is a big factor in our favour. 
  • Our adversaries, despite being highly trained in the art and sciences of manipulation, lack creativity and are “not that bright”, something High attributes to PTB/Cabal in-breeding.
  • The devastation caused by the PTB is increasingly visible to members of public and contributing to their red pilling.
  • The supply of money used to advance the Covid-vaxx agenda earlier is declining. That means it will be harder to maintain control  over complicit governments, politicians, senior technocrats and other “bought” players.
  • The awakening of “Normies” continues bringing new activists wanting to tell their story to the public to our side. 
  • While the struggle will continue for some time, “We’re winning.”

I leave it to you to consider how realistic this assessment is. Leverage it as a basis for strategy discussions as you see fit. In the meantime, continued preparation for what High calls a partial societal collapse is the order of day. It’s unfolding as I type, making it a good time to recall the military axiom to the effect that those who sweat during peace tend to bleed less during war. 

— Calvin (Peaceful Warrior)

Definitions, Sources: Samizdat: referred to a system in the former USSR and Eastern Europe by which books and magazines forbidden by the state were illegal printed b groups who opposed the state.

PTB: Powers-That-Be, Cabal, Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia, Deep State, Global Elite

Some Sources:

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To take back our culture we need to build our own media army:

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