You’re Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

You’re Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C ©

May 16, 2022 All rights reserved

“Let each of us make a choice: Whether consciously, to remain a servant of falsehood … or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect …” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 

Individuals and societies with a chronic imbalance between their inventive and technological capabilities on the one hand and moral development on the other have a serious problem. The imbalance is unhealthy at best and devastating… perhaps terminal at worst. A predictable result is the leveraging of human ingenuity for evil purposes, including humanity’s enslavement. Weaponizing human talent and technologies is a big business whether its participants admit it or not. You may recall the story of an entrepreneur who received some publicity in 2020 for his work on a wearable alarm system that would sound an alert if another worker breached his safe distance (Covid) bubble. I recall lamenting ah yes, just what the world needs — a  tech application based on fake science and the lie of a viral pandemic. Did it not occur to the entrepreneur that he may be inventing another link in the chain of human enslavement? Livestock are accorded a comparable level of dignity.  

A recruitment video distributed by the marketing department of the US army’s psychological warfare division raises similar questions about the character and aspirations of applicants and the ethics of the employer. The US army is recruiting new talent, presumably for specialist roles in designing and conducting psychological operations — even as the Great Pandemic psy op grinds on. What’s wrong with this picture? The devastating impacts of the pandemic psyop have yet to be assessed, millions have yet to be freed from its spell, and no one has yet accepted responsibility for its harms. And some appear to be planning for more of the same. 

I understand there are righteous uses of strategic deception in the defence of individuals and nations. But does anyone in the current tension-filled social-political context, really believe that a larger workforce is needed to fill roles as Deep State magicians and mass mind manipulators? One could hardly construe the staging of fake war crimes and attributing them to Russia as God’s work given the effects will be prolonging the conflict and adding to the brutality and overall death toll? Does helping security agencies stage false flag attacks like those recently featured in the US contribute to improved societal coherence and the mental health of the public or their fragmentation? Is expanding the talent pool of Deep State crisis actors value-adding in the bigger scheme of things?

Your personal beliefs and values as a job seeker, matter. Do you believe it’s acceptable to covertly manipulate the emotions, thoughts and behaviour of others in accordance with the agenda of a powerful elite? Is it appropriate to treat other human beings as unwitting research subjects, guineau pigs and pawns to be moved on a social-political chess board as directed? One could argue that the day you sign on for such work you have already succumbed to the distorting influence of the “end-justifies-the-means” thinking. An anonymous biochemist whistleblower tells of being directed by his employer one day to formulate a chemical concoction for aerial dispersal that would have the  effect of mellowing the mood of the population below. As the Bob Dylan lyric says, “You’re gonna have to serve somebody…”Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” I assume that it was clear to the anonymous whistleblower at that point which one of the two he was serving. 

The Covid Deception demonstrated that the Powers-The-Be are using weapons of mass mind control on domestic populations. Ordinary citizens are the target. You, me, mothers, fathers, spouses, sisters and brothers, nieces, nephews and friends and neighbours were/are subjected to the kind of bombardment by propaganda once reserved for foreign enemies. Even the young are not exempt. In the UK, BBC ads featuring a Santa supposedly infected with Covid were shamelessly used to ensnare the emotions of children. It’s hard to imagine what satisfaction there is in knowing one’s craft crushes spirits, shatters minds, destroys lives and divides families and communities. Such is the nature of Satan’s work. Shadows and darkness must be manufactured continuously in order to provide necessary cover for his treachery. 

I’d encourage every young professional with shiny new degrees seeking work to take a principled pass on working for the “deception industry.” I’d encourage instead that her or she seek more meaningful, spiritually-uplifting work. Search out employers with a higher view of humanity and the best use of employee talents and training. Consider only those respectful of personal sovereignty and individual choice. Avoid those incentivizing cult-like followership and group think decision-making. Learn to read between the lines of pretty vision statements and discern the employer’s underlying beliefs regarding the ideal human-machine relationship. Does the employer believe we’re obliged as good technocrats to submit and serve the A.I. god, or alternatively that AI/tech advances must be tamed and harnessed in service to humanity? Who and what great cause are you going to serve?  

You’re gonna have to serve somebody: (Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming):

All the world’s a psy op:

Calvin Mulligan 


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