The “Why” and “How” of Engaging Our Children and Youth in the Current Struggle

The Why and How of engaging our children and youth in the current struggle

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One of the many advantages that I enjoyed growing up on a family farm was the experience of working side by side with my parents — my dad in particular. Granted, it was often in an apprenticing role or as lead “gopher” (“go-fer a …”) and there were times when the work seemed endless. But on other occasions, like when we were building corals, repairing fences, or hauling livestock, the father-son conversations were often engaging and in some cases, life-changing. In many respects, these conversations laid the foundation for my standing skepticism regarding the motives of the establishment. And they also shaped the lens through which I came to view the official Covid narrative 50 years later. (Thank-you, Dad)  

Very few kids growing up today have such an opportunity to work directly with their parents. And many lack the opportunity or motivation to discuss and debate the lessons of parents’ and grandparents’ life experiences. A once common means of transferring the insights or wisdom of one generation to the next may have now become a relative rarity. So, how well are day care providers, public schools, university educators and social media influencers doing the job? There’s a growing sense among Boomers that educational institutions and other key social influences have to varying degrees betrayed us, our children and our grandchildren. Rather than faithfully transfer the legacy values of Western culture to our children, these institutions have abandoned them. The idea that the current generation can reach new heights by figuratively standing on the shoulders of the previous generation is delusional.

The intergenerational disconnect 

The disconnect shows in the dismal drift of Gen Y’s and Z’s to woke politics and cultural Marxism. Many, perhaps a majority of those enthralled by leftist politics became true Covid believers and zealous promoters of lockdowns, regid compliance with unlawful government dictates and mandated toxic injections. And today many remain our critics and political oppressors. It’s ironic isn’t it? Parents and grandparents are engaged in a life and death struggle to recover cherished freedoms on behalf of a generation with an anemic commitment to them. 

Perhaps, as I suggested in last week’s commentary, well-intentioned Boomers and Gen X parents overprotected their children from unpleasant but essential truths. One of them is that democracy isn’t a spectator sport; eternal vigilance is required. Thus we’re facing the unintended consequences of our neglect. Woke universities turn out fragile, angst-ridden graduates convinced they must be protected from ideas that make them uncomfortable. Today, the intolerance of cancel culture and the insecurities of the hive mind prevail. And when the corporatocracy’s pandemic boogey man was inflated with MSM propaganda, the woke obediently lined up for their treatment. “Rugged individualism”, to the extent it ever defined Canadian ideals, has been replaced with dependent fragility and deference to (fake) authority figures.

The other facts of life 

Effective parenting requires that we wean our kids off socially-approved myths in timely fashion. There’s Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fair and the stork that deliver babies. To end the process there however, is to leave ever more debilitating myths intact. The list includes benevolent government and oligarchies, “free markets”, “ free speech”, independent mass media and, in our case, Canadian national sovereignty. Candidly, Canada is a captive nation. Postponing exposure to such hards truths (reality) isn’t an act of kindness as it actually delays spiritual, intellectual and emotional development and the acquisition of political smarts. There is a valuable offset to the loss of youthful innocence; it comes in the form of a growing understanding of the inner workings of the larger material and spiritual worlds. 

Parents tend to think of the “facts of life” in terms of sex and biology. But there’s another set of “facts of life”. This one is integral to their moral and political education and even more essential to the future health and well-being of our offspring. Yes, (son or daughter), there is Good and Evil in this world and its important to learn to discern between the two. Dark spiritual forces, masters of deception, assisted by their earthly servants seek to enslave us and destroy all that is good. Other, benevolent spiritual forces are also at work, collaborating with humans intent on bringing divine love and light to the world. Those in this camp aspire to live on a higher plane. The Creator gives us a choice. As Bob Dylan lyrically put it, “You’re gonna have to serve somebody. It might be the devil or it might be the Lord. But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

Why educate/engage kids and youth re the current struggle

Sure, we will want to avoid overwhelming our children with adult problems and the world’s deepest darkness and perversions. That said, the Covid Vaxx con has clearly demonstrated that perpetuating socially-approved myths and living in denial is dangerous. In fact, it can be deadly. So, let’s take a closer look at the “why” and “how” of constructively and instructively engaging our children and grandchildren in today’s struggle. I can think of six reasons for doing so.

To warn of possible dangers 

Today, it’s not just sexual “stranger danger” predators we must warn our children of an early age (luring with puppies and candy). The Covaxx Deception taught us we must also teach kids to avoid “health agency” perverts in white coats bent on injecting them with DNA-altering concoctions with promises of ice cream or trinkets.

To cultivate moral discernment 

Many in the freedom camp regard moral and spiritual discernment as the foundational element of a child’s education and development. Cultivating our children’s capacity in this regard is the equivalent of gifting the individual with a compass for navigating their life journey. Whether one falls for deceptions like the Great Scamdemic or not, can to a large degree be a matter of how well their moral compass works. The best of those compasses can turn the upside down world we now inhabit right side up.

To equip kid’s for their self-defense

Children of non-conforming parents would have quickly realized they are different because they were treated differently by those around them. To the shame of the public school system, many of these kids were blamed, ostracized, ridiculed, isolated, coerced and fed fashionable superstition and lies. This would have been painful, and depending upon their age and maturity, difficult to process. (Many adults have buckled under such pressure.) In light of this, caring parents, will be equipping their children with truthful explanations and factual information, thus shredding the official “Scare-demic”. This in turn will enable kids to process the truth, take ownership of their situation and when ready, engage in defence of their stand. They will inevitably surprise us. I’ve seen videos of nine or ten year old students challenging school boards as clearly and convincingly as any adult regarding the formers’ mask fetish. 

To counter psychological distress. Psychologists have told us that the best counter to prolonged psychological distress and its maladies is action. Again, this isn’t a spectator sport. Adults struggling to deal with Covid psy op anxiety are often best advised to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the cause of freedom. We immediately feel better about ourselves and more confidence when we begin to exercise agency over our lives. I’m sure the same is also true for our children and youth.

To counter efforts by our adversaries to recruit our children to their cause 

We should never underestimate the determination of our opponents. Covid profiteers have adopted a win-at-all-costs attitude, thus justifying their use of propaganda to win the hearts and minds of our kids and recruit them to the dark side. They have already exploited the popularity of Santa Claus, the Elmo Doll, Sesame Street characters and popular heroes in their campaign. Last week I reported on a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Pfizer designed to convince impressionable minds that the good guys are compliant vaxx recipients and promoters. 

To develop their talents and abilities and grow resilient truth warriors

The Covaxx con and globalist attempt to herd the masses into the Great Reset corral is history-making and world-changing. We can either drift passively amid these currents of change or exploit their energies to grow a generation of resilient truth warriors. 

Forward-looking educators will see grist for the education mill in the many related developments bombarding us today. Let’s use the heat of this crucible experience to draw out the interests and mould the talents of our children toward careers in re-inventing education, medicine, law, communication, governance and a plethora of other professions and institutions. 

The “how” of engagement  

While I haven’t researched it any formal sense, I sense that parents and perhaps home school educators are uncertain as to how and how much of today’s reality they dare introduce into kid’s lives. Thus they sometimes speak in whispers in the presence of their kids. While there’s clearly a need to consider a child’s stage of development and emotional and intellectual capacity, partitioning our reality at some point become counterproductive for the reasons discussed above. And when it comes to the How, creativity counts. 

1. Parental modelling. Kids instinctively imitate adults and learn by “diffusion.” Parents can silently model what being a responsible truth warrior and vigilant and caring community member means. Whether you are actively discussing such things aloud with them or not, rest assured they are observing and absorbing. Importantly, parents can be a calming force amid the craziness in this children’s lives.

2. Open family discussion and friendly debate. My parents never bought into the notion that kids in adult company should be “seen and not heard.” Consequently, some of my most important learnings occurred at the kitchen or dining table. Encourage your children to do their own research into the facts and invite their analysis. The news of the day provides lots of raw material for exploration. The development of life-long analytic and debating skills can begin at home. 

3. Participation in family activities. While there are no doubt some age considerations here, experiential learning is powerful and enduring. Confucius observed the power of participation: Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” 

Kids who join their parents in freedom rallies and other pro-freedom activities are learning, through participation, things that will otherwise never be fully grasped. Children contributed in a meaningful and poignant way to the “quality” and family tone of the 

Canadian truckers protest. Many of them experienced in a tangible way the encroachment on democratic freedoms and the struggle of courageous parents intent on upholding them. 

 Somewhere in my social media travels, I encountered the following example of a spontaneous family “protest” (judgment reserved). 

“We tried to take the kids to the beach in Michigan early in lockdown and they had a chain across the entrance with a sign, closed by order of the Department of Homeland Security, so we got a nice picture of the kids pissing on the sign…” 

 It may not be your style, but as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words regarding the evils of the Department of Homeland Security. Incidentally, I recently read that responsibility for the US vaxx plan was transferred at some point to DHS. 

Not all family educational activities are protest-oriented; some are focused on replacing the old with the new and better. Our food supply comes to mind. Engaging kids in growing and preserving garden produce in the family garden presents a lot of opportunities for channeling youthful energies while growing their knowledge and skills.

4. Formal education processes (k-12, college, university)

The opportunity for youth learning and engagement will vary depending upon the educational environment. Public schools and many post- secondary institutions have been colonized by cultural Marxists (making them indoctrination centres). 

Private schools and home schooling models on the other hand, can offer myriad opportunities for learning and engagement in the truth-freedom-justice struggle. As a former educator I can imagine, in the right educational settings, the learning possibilities associated with coursework and assignments in many pertinent subject areas. I’m thinking of: Media, PR and propaganda, Citizen journalism, Democracy and dissentCorporatocacy, Transhumanism, Awake versus woke politics, Technocracy and tyranny in the Brave New WorldPromise and perils of A.I-driven Globalism, History’s top10 world-changing false flags, The injustice of social justice, and Utopian illusions.

5.  Edutainment: The worlds of youth-oriented TV, movies, magazine and book publications and electronic games are too vast to overlook. In a politicized world, much of the content falls into the “edutainment” category, a hybrid of entertainment and education. Our adversaries in the current information war are systematically exploiting this realm with their predictive programming and various other forms of “soft”  propaganda. The dark side is prepared to weaponize almost everything and anything in support of its cause.

We will either learn to exploit forms of edutainment to draw youth into our struggle or leave the field to the regime. The goal is is to inform and inspire a next generation regarding the good versus evil drama we’re living. Are we ready to seriously invest in it’s cartoonists, authors, artists, screen play writers and documentary film producers within the ranks of the freedom movement. 

The children’s book, How the Prime Minister stole freedom is illustrative of one sub category of edutainment. I’ve been inspired for a life time by the young hero featured in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Alt economist, Brandon Smith, is launching a comic book (see his ad for an artist here: Comedians, satirists, playwrights and musicians has been given a big canvas in the post-truth era. Many of the Baby Boomers’ favourite musicians like Bob Dylan and bands like Buffalo Springfield, and Credence Clearwater Revival rose to prominence in the anti-war protest movement of the sixties. Van Morrison and Eric Clapton kicked off musical freedom protest in the current era with their collaborations, Stand and Deliver and Where have all the rebels gone? Indeed, where are they? 

Final thoughts 

I wonder how many tragedies have arisen from unnecessary and self-imposed ignorance in the last three years. How many young children have been forced to endure the indignities of “pandemania” and yet remain ignorant of the reasons for their parents’ stand and incapable of explaining it even to themselves. How many teens, shielded from the critical truths regarding the Great Vaxx deception by well-meaning parents, have succumbed to the propaganda campaign and became enthusiastic spreaders of its lies. 

There are no guarantees as to the outcome of course, even if you do openly discuss the central issues of this era with your children. But an important audience for freedom-minded educators and parents may be right in front of them. It’s a longer term strategy, but engaging children and youth in our, and ultimately their struggle, could yield a crop of passionate defenders of our freedoms in the future. Perhaps it’s time to initiate the conversation about the other facts of life with the kid sitting across the kitchen table from you. Or, perhaps it’s time you finally wrote that kids’ book.


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