Savouring Those Uplifting Breaths of Fresh Air

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Savouring those uplifting breaths of fresh air

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C October 6, 2022 (c) All rights reserved

God knows harried resistors like you and I get weary. We have been subjected to what’s likely the most intense and lengthiest propaganda campaign and psy op in human history. A friend with a deep grasp of global politics has reminded me that we’re playing against “the pros” not the farm team. He’s right of course. The propagandists waging the information war truly are professionals with specializations in PR and perception management, behavioural psychology, linguistic programming and esoteric features of fourth generation warfare. And their infusion of the diabolical, the Luciferian twist, adds a powerful “X“ factor to their brew.

The inversion of truth and reality has immersed us in an upside down world —an Orwellian-Huxleyian surreality, and navigating its many deceptions is exhausting. The terrorizing, hypnotizing and gaslighting by the Powers-That-Be has taken a toll on all of us to some degree and likely the unsuspecting in particular. Like someone crossing a parched and sweltering desert, I welcome a watering at any oasis and a breath of fresh air. Unexpected encounters with like-minded compatriots in this desert can be just that, providing an uplift of one’s spirit like nothing else can. I’ve recently enjoyed several of these to the point that I’m almost feeling guilty.

A couple weeks ago, I had tea with a young woman who was working toward her certification as a paralegal in a TO law firm. (I will refer to her as “K”.) I carefully ventured into the realm of how the Covid campaign had divided families and communities, including mine. K identified immediately and was unapologetic regarding her rejection of the official narrative. I inquired as to where she acquired her habit of questioning. She told me her mom was insistent throughout her upbringing that her four daughters think for themselves and question everything. And that included the the Covid-vaxx pitch. Robust family debate and banter were a norm in her home life and family interactions. (another point of identification for me.)

In 2021, despite the fact that a relative, a high ranking MD in the US medical establishment called and urged her family members to hurry and get vaxxed, K’s mom had demurred. Her response was something to the effect: “Let’s just slow it down. We’re going to think this through and check it out, before making our decision”. The origin of K’s independent streak ran deeper. It seems that her mom’s learning toward free thought came in turn from her parents. At this point in our conversation, I’m sure that my “God- bless-the-rebels” grin was apparent.

My more recent breath of fresh air came in the form of an extended weekend trip to a small village in rural Ontario where free spirits were rallying together to nurture the growth of an “intentional community.” The host, along with some of her neighbourhood guests, was a committed freedom seeker. Other invited guests were exploringthe possibilities. Some guests had been callously displaced by the state-sponsored purge of employees who opt for natural immunity. Ready or not, these folks were forced to reach down deep, say goodbye to well-paying jobs and comfy urban lifestyles and venture into the unknown. A musician joined us outdoors Sunday afternoon in the sunshine. It was moving to watch a tranquil spirit of unity encompass the gathering as he played his soulful selections including Ben E. King’s Stand By Me.

My travel companion and I took up a lady who I will call “J” on her offer to put us up at her home overnight on Monday. “J” retired from her career in the health sector under vax coercion and pursued a freer, more independent lifestyle in the country. Yes, there was a matter of making do with less, and there had been frustrations with features of her home that needed attention. But she was improvising and quickly learning new skills. She had surrendered her urban life and in return, acquired her own piece of the Canadian Shield with an abundance of lakes, trees, and wildlife out her backdoor. She had become a part of this Great Outdoors and it a part of her. And her friendships and her community were more meaningful than ever before.

On the morning of our departure, I stood outside J’s home intoxicated by the fresh morning air, the sunshine and the landscape. How could I take it all in? How could I take with me the stunning panorama of red, yellow and orange-leafed deciduous trees and towering spruce and pines backdropping her home? I tried to inhale as much of the scene as I could. It was a heaven-sent moment of awe — a breath of fresh air that I couldn’t afford to squander.

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