The Politician, the Elephant and the Covid “Plandemic” as a Political Proving Ground

The Politician, the Elephant and the Covid Plandemic as a Political Proving Ground

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C © April 22, 2022

I’ve responded on occasion to some of those politicians’ emails seeking my support in the upcoming provincial election and the contest for leadership of the Conservative Party. Most of these are “nice” people and theoretically should be on my side as a conservative. But sometimes the pitch is less than inspiring. But before we get to that, I invite Ontario candidates to tell me why they expect the ruling dictatorship to call a time out in order to conduct an honest, democratic election. That aside, let’s consider an oldie-goldie. One politician vaguely suggested that he would pursue better health outcomes for citizens by injecting more money into a particular health care category. I responded to his pitch to the effect he was striking at the branches versus the roots of the metaphoric health care tree. But had I had more time I might have said what I really thought. 

“Let’s be serious. We have just experienced the most diabolical anti-human health campaign in human history. It was delivered by the very medical system that you are proposing be rewarded with more funding. The denial of informed consent and coercive vaxx campaign has been described by critics as “biowarfare” and by legal experts as likely “crimes against humanity.”  The Covid pandemic operation was a wrecking ball that terrorized, injured and killed. Over the course of the last two years, “the system” denied access to those with serious health conditions access, and it denied those with corona virus infections access to timely treatment with suitable non-intrusive therapies. Medical malfeasance, systemic corruption and far-reaching conflicts of interest throughout the system are suspected. As it stands, public trust has been crushed along with the reputations of administrators, doctors and nurses serving the system under the management of the WEF, Big Pharma and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.”  Why give transfusions to a corpse?

The point is that any politician who first fails to confront the “elephant” and second, fails to integrate the lessons of two years of (medical) tyranny into his or her thinking and proposals isn’t ready to lead. It’s time to investigate a (predatory) failed medical model and health care system. It’s criminality must be exposed and those responsible held accountable. Out of a public investigation of the current system, we might reconsider what “human health” really means in holistic terms and the essential contributors to it. The insidious nature and advance of transhumanist technocracy must be understood and transformed into a human-centric impulse. There is zero chance that a new vision informed by the foregoing will align with the Big Pharma-dominated Rockefeller disease management model. This kind of big picture assessment and visioning is likely beyond the capacity of politicos mired in “BC” (before Covid) thinking or guided by a narrow “issues” view of the world. The Covid Plandemic is the proving ground for a new generation of politicians. 

Physician, heal thyself: When I read that 1 out of 10 surveyed practicing US physicians consider the injections dangerous, I am reminded of the expression, “Physician, heal thyself. It’s an exhortation to medical practitioners (individuals in the biblical context), to first attend to their own infirmities (or sins) before addressing those of others. If the survey has any credence, it seems a lot of US MD’s suffer from the debilitating condition I call “Elephant Blindness” — an inability to see the elephant staring them in the face. Physicians who don’t quickly awaken to what VAERS data is telling them and the rest of the world won’t have much credence in the next chapter of human medicine and health care. Those suffering from elephant blindness need not apply.

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