11 Tactics for Staying Healthy and Whole while Living under Political Oppression

Eleven Tactics for Staying Healthy and Whole While Living Under Political Oppression (Originally drafted in 2019 with some post-covid coup tweaking)

Calvin Mulligan, Futursescapes21C, November 2022 rev. ©

1. Shut off the state propaganda; only allow the voices (media influences) into your space that uplift and strengthen you with truth (rather than deluge you with fear porn) 

2. Protect your soul and nurture your spirit with prayer and meditation, gratitude journaling and so forth, daily.

3. Inhale the wonders of nature deeply — its spectacles, its miracles and its mysteries. You have a free pass to the greatest show on earth.

4. Nurture your creative capacity; You were designed by a creative God to imagine, invent and create.

5. Savour fresh air, daily exercise and good meals for health and well-being. 

6. Connect regularly with friends and family and form alliances of like-minded people. 

7. Increase the amount of beauty in your life (music, art etc) 

8. Set goals and maintain daily routines – they bring order, focus and direction to your life and thinking. 

9. Cultivate humour and laughter (political satire can be especially rewarding in such times and we’re seeing some of the best ever now) 

10. Ponder your life purpose in this crazy “crucible” moment, and while doing so, inspire and lift up others who may be feeling oppressed. Consider the distinct possibility that you were born for such a time as this.

11. Engage in daily acts of defiance countering the tyranny of the powers-that-be (Extra bonus points)

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