Storm Preparation

Storm Preparation

November 14, 2017, rev. Nov. 20, 2017, Dec 6, 2017
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You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. (Matthew 16:3)

Growing up on a farm, you learn to read the signs of coming storms. And when you have had a succession of hot dry July days and you see dark clouds building in the West, you hurry to prepare for the fury of wind and hail. You hustle from the field, park equipment inside sheds, ensure livestock have access to shelter and secure anything that could be blown away. Those who were good at reading the signs of what nature had in store and adapted accordingly were less likely to suffer crippling losses and ultimately better farmers. My guess is that the same could be said of those people capable of anticipating and adapting to social-political storms. Preparation and readiness count in farming, ranching and in life. Looking back, I wonder if it was those childhood lessons regarding the importance of readiness that inspired my career in foresight.

US President, Donald Trump recently made a sly reference to “the calm before the storm” that’s has triggered a great deal of speculation.1 No one is entirely certain what he was alluding to at this point. But it could be a hint that something big is coming and if so, some preparation may be in order.  Some suspect it points to war. But the meaning of the comment is opaque. 

A disruptive event of some kind could well be coming. The American Empire is in a dire state. Social and political divisions abound.  America’s political leaders are corrupt, compromised and controlled by foreign and corporate interests. Big Brother is terrorizing citizens with false flags psy ops. And America’s foreign policy has made it the world’s foremost threat to peace. It all points to the need for a revolution. So the suggestion that a storm is on the horizon isn’t surprising. And it would be entirely consistent with my analysis that 2017 was to be a year of Deception and Disclosure.

This isn’t mainstream research or mainstream news. The controlled corporate media is, just that — controlled and indicative of a need for a revolution. It’s a bit different story in the independent alternative media. And while it has also been thoroughly corrupted and infiltrated, truth sometimes trickles through. Some sources in the alternative media and conspiracy research community have been describing a long running covert struggle between forces loyal to the US Republic ( “the Alliance”) and the ruling powers that (“Illuminati, Deep State, Cabal”). They believe that the struggle is approaching a tipping pint, and the Alliance now has the upper hand. Based in part upon anonymous insider leaks, these sources point to a recent series of events as indicators that the tide of the battle has turned.

They include:

  • recent filings of an inordinate number of sealed indictments in US federal courts (said to be in the thousands as of Dec 10-17);
  • the alleged criminality of the Podesta Brothers and announcement the PD lobby group was shutting down;
  • Donna Brazilie’s book exposing Hillary’s dirty election campaign dealings;
  • the resignations of three top leaders at the Federal Reserve;
  • the arrests of dozens of princes, billionaires and officials and seizure of 100’s of bank accounts in Saudi Arabia;
  • the call for an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s “Uranium One” deal;
  • seizure and analysis of the contents of Anthony Weiner’s lap top;
  • the exposure of Hollywood’s pedophilia problem; and
  • the release of the JFK files.

Other’s give no credence to the notion of a corp of “White Hats and a benevolent global Alliance of patriotic forces. It’s hard to say what is real and what is disinformation regarding the so called “coup-counter coup” narrative, but some kind of struggle seems to be playing out. In any case, there certainly is a sufficient real world bases for a storm of incriminating revelations and criminal charges. Whether this will follow isn’t clear. Sometimes in nature, the wind redirects the storm clouds and they blow over, leaving us unscathed. You can’t bank on that however. Preparation, even if it amounts to no more than practice, is a good thing.

But what constitutes preparation? One alternative media source suggests followers “prepare, pray and stay out of the way.” I’ve also encountered a couple of sources that recommend that folks stock up with some additional food and water and have some cash on hand in the event things get tense in the US.  It is difficult to predict how an already anxious and divided US citizenry might react to a series of arrests involving key public figures, for example. Would there be widespread civil unrest and riots in the US? It’s hard to say how harried US citizens would react to political disruptions of this nature. The fact that trust in politicians and the government is at a low ebb wouldn’t help. And the maladaptive responses of Hillary Clinton supporters to her election loss tells me that there are good reasons to be concerned.

In a way, her followers were set up. The corporate media conditioned Hillary supporters to expect a win. It was Hillary’s turn after all. By the time the final week of the campaign rolled around, it was time for Hillary to measure the drapes before her ascendency to the Oval office.2 And then, suddenly, it wasn’t. She lost and the cognitive dissonance was acute and tangible. The weeping and wailing continued for days and weeks. In fact, one year after the event, I read that resisters were encouraged to meet outdoors on the anniversary of the election to howl their displeasure at the skies. So it’s clear that many partisans haven’t yet come to terms with their reality. It seems that the coping skills of these folks, some perhaps social justice warriors needing colouring books, puppies campus safe spaces, aren’t good. The shock an abrupt  change of storm proportions could be significantly greater, however. And once again the mainstream media (MSM) has set folks up for a shock.

This potential shock factor associated with a major unanticipated development of the kind discussed above could register a 6 or 7 on the figurative human Rector scale. If the speculations are correct and crimes such as treason, child trafficking and corruption were involved, a takedown of the criminals would infect a large swath of US members of Congress on both sides of the isle. Because such crimes are international in scope, the reverberations would be world-wide, (see Israel, Saudi Arabia and beyond). The aftershocks could continue for years. Beyond this, rogue elements of the FBI and CIA are likely to be implicated in such crimes. The controlled corporate media may have misdirected the citizenry again. Trump’s enemies allied with the Cabal expect that Mueller’s investigation will incriminate Trump and impeachment will follow. At this point, however, it isn’t clear that Mueller has Trump in his sights. 

The geopolitical order has been shaken and likely will continue to be. My sense however is the public is ill-prepared for world-shaking political storms. One doesn’t sit down and reconstruct their worldview in a day, even when presented with new realities. Disruptions can unleash a powerful combination of emotions: anger, fear, disappointment, surprise, and embarrassment. It can be psychologically overwhelming. I recall that within days of Hillary’s defeat, an author who diagnosed himself as suffering from “Post Trump Stress Disorder,” died.3

I was fortunate. Growing up on a farm teaches you that disruptive, even catastrophic events, whether it’s weather-related like a hail storm or it’s a prairie fire, can destroy crops and possessions in minutes. In time, you either learn resilience or your are beaten into submission and defeat. And my Dad didn’t candy coat his world view either. He alerted me to the fact that the world wasn’t necessarily what it appeared to be. The powers-that-be running the Big Show didn’t have the best interests of humanity in mind. We talked at length about the Illuminati, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and the latter’s control over the world’s banking systems and thus entire nations. He alerted me to the fact that the Federal Reserve, unlike its name, was not a US government institution, but a private entity. I guess you could call it a different version of the facts of life. 

I’ve explained in an earlier commentary how the observations of U.S. Colonel Andrew Bacevich opened my eyes to the hard truth regarding America’s tyrannical foreign policy.4 Once the surface of the popular perceived reality is scratched and you get past the initial shock, it gets easier. You can grab hold of its edges and pull it back as you would remove a layer of worn  linoleum covering an oak floor. In the process, you discover that a faux reality sometimes hides a hard reality beneath it. At that point, one can engage in denial and replace the linoleum, but it won’t erase what has already been seen. So for those unprepared for disruptive storms, whatever their nature, here are a few protective measures I have adopted for my personal well-being in The Age of Deception (c). If even one helps, this commentary will have served its purpose.

Put your faith in God, not people. Even if admired leaders are given god-like status in government, business, entertainment, religious institutions, or on the international stage, the simple truth is their feet are made of clay. Flaws are a given.

Place the highest value on the truth versus material things. Is there anything that matters more in life than The Truth?

Empower yourself with a mandate for bringing light to darkness and telling the truth “in love” in a way you never have before.

Grant trust carefully, exercising discernment. The con artists, imposters and fake messiahs abound and they specialize in telling people what they want to hear. It depends on what is at stake of course, but when it comes to granting trust to people, it’s a bit like that hand-written sign that was hung next the cash register in rural businesses. Anticipating customer requests for credit, it read: “In God we trust; everyone else pays cash.”

Remember that not everyone has conspired against the truth and well-being of humanity. There are millions of honest men and women working in compartmentalized roles for corrupt institutions for the leaders of the Cabal without any idea what goes on at the top. They only become complicit if they choose to ignore the evidence.

Accept the reality of Evil. There comes a point when the crimes occurring in the dark can only be explained by the fact that Evil is a part of our reality. Satan hasn’t retired. He and his devotees are very busy.

Ally yourself with other truth seekers and truth tellers. Seek out wise people who aren’t influenced by mainstream media narratives or flavour of the week distractions. These are wise people who have their priorities in order and feet firmly on the ground.

Guard your heart and mind. There’s an intense battle raging for hearts and minds. Guard yours keeping in mind that ultimately, as Dylan said, “you gotta serve somebody.” It’s a question of whom you wish to serve.

Resist the propagandizing and mass mind control. Some observers have compared our current political environment and the endless propagandizing to that portrayed in Orwell’s classic, 1984. You can resist the mind-warping effect of relentless propaganda and disinformation by hitting the “off” button and developing new information sources.

Educate yourself as to the ways of the shadow government and the deep state. This means learning the history of Gladio and how psy ops and false flag are used to instil fear and shape the will of the population. 

Forgive yourself. Let’s face it; we have all been fooled. The powers that be are masters in the art and science of perception management, and they have a lot of tools in their tool kit. It’s the Illuminati that are the manipulative criminals.

Cultivate a healthy skepticism when leaders or the media imply we need to just trust them. Cultivate courage, critical thinking, intuition and discernment regarding the truth.

Reaffirm to yourself and your family what it is that really matters. It’s probably not the next episode of The View, the next football game or the irritating employee at work. You can become purposeful and powerful. It’s been said that the most powerful people in the world are those who want nothing.

Avoid the snakes. The Cabal’s servants are constantly seeking new recruits to join their ranks promising as “Hollowood” does, fame and fortune. No thanks.

Expect casualties. Sadly, some folks will be psychologically and spiritually overwhelmed by the tide of change and the inversion of a reality they became attached to.

Be patient in the sense-making process. In time, the truth will become known.

Transcend the false dichotomy of traditional, partisan left-right politics.

Spend time outdoors celebrating the endless beauty and wonder of creation. It can be powerful therapy.

Brace for cognitive dissonance. Coming to terms with the collision between two versions of reality, while knowing only one is authentic, can be painful. I recall the account of feminist author, Naomi Wolf, who told an audience about her shock at first learning that her own US government was staging (false flag) attacks and terrorizing US citizens with “theatre.” Wolf had to go for a walk and have a good cry. In effect she was grieving the passing of a cherished illusion – that of a benevolent government. 

A social-political storm may be about to erupt. If it does, as many in the  conspiracy research or “truther” community expect, the reverberations will be far reaching. Among other things, it could demand a lot of rethinking of what we thought we knew. Some some mental preparation (“stress testing”?) for the impact and aftershocks of such a storm could be worthwhile. Right now, the skies are overcast. But it’s likely to get darker. I wish you peace amid any coming storms, irrespective of their nature. 

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