Conversations with a Dangerous Man

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British author, George Orwell informs us that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. It gives me no joy to say it, but we live in such a time. There’s a corresponding urgent need for truth tellers and truth-telling, which in some quarters in the West, has in some respects and forums been prohibited. To enforce the ban, the corporate media and Big Info powers resort to silence, half truths, smearing targets as “fake news”, and demonetizing the websites of independent journalists. It’s something I never expected to see in my lifetime.

I can’t say however, that I wasn’t warned or I was completely surprised by the war on truth and corresponding decline in our democratic freedoms. My dad, a man with an instinct for free thinking and an insatiable need to know, read widely. The boundaries of his reading and thinking often exceeded the range of the politically correct or the approved truths du jour of the mainstream.  It  was this habit on his part that led to some very interesting conversations in my youth which today, more than 50 year later, seem more timely than ever.

Dad had no illusions as to whom big government really served, the motivations of international bankers or the allegiance of the multinational powers that be.  Yes, he was a skeptic, and yet his skepticism didn’t consume him.  Dad remained the kind of parent, friend and neighbour that the best of us aspires to be.  

In a sense Dad’s time has come. Anyone who reads and listens beyond the mainstream is likely to sense that we are in the throes of an all out information war with tangible real world impacts. While much of it is being fought covertly, it’s becoming ever more visible and playing out with historic consequences. I am most grateful for a father who in many respects anticipated its coming.

Conversations with a dangerous man
March 10-17, rev Aug 1-17 Posted December 27, 2017

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you…” (Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn)  
I marvel to this day that my dad, a man with a partial grade eight education, had the foresight to have “the talk” with me. I’m not referring to a talk about the “birds and the bees”, but rather a series of conversations regarding our fabricated reality and the shadowy “powers that be” (PTB) behind it. It was the kind of stuff that would certainly then, and possibly even now in some quarters, have gotten him branded a “conspiracy theorist.” More than fifty years on, however, the inconvenient truth is that these so-called conspiracy theories are no longer theories; they are facts of our existence.
It was, for me a unique education. Imagine a day on the farm in the Canadian Prairies. The rays of a warming sun are streaming in the south bay window of the living room of our farmhouse. The morning chores are done, and Dad has some time before Mom calls him to the kitchen for lunch. Dad, wearing his stripped coveralls, plaid shirt and worn leather slippers has retreated to his favourite spot. It’s the one strategically located at the end of the chesterfield. Not only does it put him in the warmth of the sunshine, it places him directly across from our TV set for his analysis of the evening news.

And there, conveniently located to his left on the end table beside the chesterfield, is the latest book he is consuming. Comfortably ensconced, he opens it where he left off and continues his reading. A few minutes in he might pause, peer over his glasses and share the latest insight. I can hear him saying: “Not many people realize this because of its name, but the Federal Reserve Board isn’t a department of the US government, it’s a private institution.” And so our conversations regarding the PTB and covert geopolitics would begin.
It’s unlikely that many high school or university students living in rural Manitoba in the late sixties experienced such an education. It was a tumultuous period of course, and revolution the theme of the decade. Parents and their children had lots of other subjects to discuss and debate. In my case, however, the list of topics included systems of government, national monetary systems, and national and international politics. Some of the more memorable discussions concerned the Powers that Be (PTB) or Illuminati and the dark ambitions of its members like the Rockefellers and Rothschild families.1
The Rothschild family’s control of international finance was a central topic. Of particular significance was their profiteering from global conflicts by financing both sides. And equally or more troubling was the elite’s (the Illuminati’s) plan to create a single world government.2 Fifty years later, these subjects and these two families in particular are the subjects of daily speculation and intrigue in on-line “alternative” media communities. Neither Dad nor I could have imagined then what we are now witnessing in terms of the urgency for awakened citizens to free themselves from the tyrannical rule of these “bloodline” families.
I smile when I think of the seeming contradictions in my dad’s persona. On the one hand, he was an immensely practical man, a livestock producer, and an environmentally-conscientious farmer long before it was fashionable. He was also a devout Christian and a man who loved big ideas, far-ranging conversations and passionate debates. He had no doubt heard numerous references in church to the importance of loyalty to country, “rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,…”3and prayerfully supporting government leaders. And yet, he remained defiant, refusing to be herded unquestioning into the corral of consensus when it came to small or big “P” politics.
Dad’s appreciation for what it meant to live and think free ran deeply. To this day, I can’t say what it was in his background that honed his sense of true North on his internal compass to such a degree. He never said. But it seems that U.S President, John Adams captured one of Dad’s operating principles beautifully. 
“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.”4

And let us dare to question. It was almost as if Einstein had personally whispered his famous exhortation to not stop questioning directly into Dad’s ear. So question he did. Often, these political questions provided the substance of our family conversations around the dinner or supper table. Those conversations weren’t restricted to family and friends. Occasionally, an unsuspecting sales rep that happened to be in the yard when Mom announced lunch was welcomed, ready or not, into our forum.
Ultimately, Dad likely saw no contradiction in his private rebellion. He may have simply seen his quest for a deeper understanding of politics and the motives and methods of the puppeteers behind the curtain as the mandate of every good Christian. Scripture makes clear the centrality of truth- seeking for all Christians. And it’s also pretty clear about the nature of our struggle against the dark powers that be.
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12 NIV)5
Looking back, I’m surprised by the fact we found time for such, some would say, “esoteric” conversations, given the many demands on my parents’ time. At times, there was a herd of up to 200 or so beef cattle and close to a section (640 acres) of grain and hay land to manage. There were five kids to drive to school, hockey, baseball games, 4H club meetings and Sunday School and church on Sundays. Dad also drove a school bus route on the side. Mom raised chickens, miked cows managed the household, led 4H and tended a large garden.  
If that wasn’t demanding enough, the familiar routines of farm life were frequently punctuated by la crise de l’année. It could be a spring flood, a crop pest infestation, an early fall frost, unexpected livestock deaths or other pressures. The fact that my parents managed it all while serving as contributing members of our rural community was a testament to their faith, work ethic and resilience.
I can think of a couple reasons why Dad may have selected me as his sounding board. First, I was the eldest of five, the kid branded “a thinker” by his grade three teacher and one with an apparent appetite for learning. Conversely, it was unlikely his peers down at the local curling rink, cafe or grain elevator would have taken much interest in the machinations of the Illuminati. Just how would that compete with the post-mortem on the latest Habs versus Leafs hockey game?   
There’s a good chance that the conversations regarding covert geopolitics were a subconscious expression of Dad’s concern for us and our futures. We were  farmers, outsiders in some respects, trying to make our way in a sometimes inhospitable world. I base this conclusion in part on Dad’s use of a particular term for naive individuals ripe for exploitation. He called them “babes in the woods.” Conclusion: Dad didn’t want to raise any babes likely to fall prey to figurative wolves.  What parent can’t identify with this sentiment? Who wants their kids to grow up to become complacent members of a “sheeple-ocracy”? Don’t most aspire to raise children capable of something more — of greatness even? I did. Who would want their children’s future confined to what amounts of a “Truman Show” 6 fake reality?
Fully awakened to the real nature of this world, who knows what this generation might achieve? Might they not, like Howard Beale in the movie, Network (1976),7 rise up and in a righteous rage issue their personal declaration of independence? Could they not serve notice to the PTB that it’s over… that they have had enough of the lies, the deception and the dictates from on high, and they aren’t going to take it anymore?
This is a central question of our time. Today, Dad, the lonely rebel, would find himself in good company. It’s fragmented, but there is a growing “Patriot/Truther” movement afoot dedicated to awakening the masses to the reality of the illusion. Depending upon their particular background and political and religious leaning, its members may identify themselves as “sovereigntists,” “patriots” or “truthers.” The movement encompasses both religious and secular adherents and motivations. Like any movement, it has its share of fakirs, false prophets and infiltrators of course, so discernment is always required.  
 Many of the members of the movement are independent journalists and bloggers. Some are former members of the military, security agencies or politicians who have become whistleblowers. Typically, these folks share a commitment to truthful reporting and analysis of world events as a counterforce to a sold out, scripted mainstream media (MSM). Some of its members are committed to investigating the covert activities and crimes of politicians and their controllers. Its fair to say however, that even beyond such groups, increasing numbers of the West’s masses are uneasy. They sense that something is profoundly wrong and they suspect their leaders are lying to them. 
It’s not simply that trust in corporate media and political leaders has declined dramatically, it’s the sense that the Western world has been turned upside down, gone insane or both. I don’t say that glibly. Was there ever a time in history when so much energy was dedicated to presenting evil as virtue, trivia as substance, delusion as wisdom and mental dysfunction as a new “normal” worthy of imitation? Central to this, is our society’s acquired distain for truth. Journalist, Jon Rappoport captures it succinctly in an explanation he recalls coming from a well-known reporter: “We don’t call it lying. We call it editing.”8
Some sources in the edges of in the alternative media sector describe other levels of conflict including battles on physical, inter-dimensional and spiritual levels. A number of “edge” sources describe a covert global conflict occurring beyond the range of sight of the citizenry. According to these sources, a coalition called “The Alliance” is engaged in an historic battle to end the long, tyrannical reign of “The Cabal” or the Illuminati over humanity. The Cabal consists of those representing and allied with 13 historic bloodline families that have ruled the world for millennia (including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers). It also includes the Jesuits and the Pope, the global “banksters” and a global network of Freemasons. At least one covert geopolitical researcher suggests that the Alliance is a coalition of Gnostic freemasons supported by patriotic members of the military, police and security agencies. His thesis is that this group is attempting to overturn the rule of the Cabal sometimes described as New World Order Globalists9
Suffice to say, all of this contributes to my current dilemma. On the one hand I feel a powerful obligation to share such information with my family just as my dad shared with me his understanding of our faux reality. At the same time, however, my kids are adults with careers, busy lives and interests of their own. And candidly, I haven’t detected much of an appetite on their part for a look behind the curtain. In fact, my attempts to expose the edges of our faux reality over the past two or three years has been met with skepticism and largely rejected as “conspiracy theories.” The fact that they use a term weaponzied by the CIA in order to discourage scrutiny of the JFK assassination is telling in itself.  
Here are a few of my those observations which have been summarily rejected as “conspiracy theories.”
Mainstream corporate media is deeply corrupted and widely used by the CIA for propaganda purposes. Similarly, Hollywood is an important vehicle for CIA propaganda.10 11 12
It’s now legal for the United States government to engage in targeting propaganda at its own citizens, something that it is doing with a vengeance.13
A number of reported shootings and so-called terrorist attacks in the US and abroad have the markings of false flags orchestrated by government security agencies. (These are typically staged in order to keep the public fearful and looking to government for solutions to problems that are often of the government’s making.)14 15
The United States and its allies have been funding, arming and training various terrorist groups allied with Al Qaeda and ISIS in their efforts to achieve regime change in Syria.1617

US elections are typically Deep State-orchestrated events designed to create the appearance of choice and maintain the delusion that U.S. citizens have participated in a democratic exercise.18 19
I could go on, but this gives you a sense of the problem. Logically, there is no escaping from something that one doesn’t acknowledge exists. Beyond that, one also needs some motive, a “good reason” for attempting to escape the matrix. If any of my disbelieving friends or family asked, I would suggest that there are at least three good reasons for leaving and joining the truth revolution.  
The first is to free the mind and soul, enabling us to fulfill our life’s potential and mission. One feature of the tyranny of the Cabal is that it is oppressive. Psychologically and spiritually it is soul -crushing. The author of “What happens when you rebel against the herd?” observes people all around him that he describes as suppressed and psychologically suffering under the pressures of conformity. He contends that in order to experience a life of freedom, contentment and peace, a shift in consciousness is required.
… and a good first step to achieve this is to escape the herd mentality that surrounds us and rebel against anything that is imprisoning our minds and filling our souls with toxic energy.
When you gather the courage to say a big NO to conformity and break free from the mental shackles that were imposed on you since the very day you were born, great things will start happening that may turn your life upside down
The psychological breakdown may be more widespread than he envisions. There are many signs of its seriousness in the addiction problems and mental health issues of mainstream society. But, there are also new signs of distress emerging at the edges. One is the retreat of Millennial university students to “safe spaces” equipped with colouring books, cookies, blankets and bubbles within the cloistered halls of their universities.21 A development perhaps illustrative of the times is the opening of an adult day care in “Chicago. It’s a facility where adults can engage in toddler activities while wearing diapers.22 Infantilism, it seems, is on the rise. Other observers like feminist, Camille Paglia sees signs of cultural collapse in the rise of transgender mania.23  
A second compelling reason for exiting the matrix is in order to restore integrity and meaning to one’s work and profession. Today’s “knowledge workers” are increasingly trapped within the confines of corrupted research, professional no-go zones, false assumptions, and false, albeit convenient political narratives. I am thinking in particular of those working in government policy and in corporate communication. It’s no wonder that governments continue to promulgate outdated policies and thinking long after their best-before-date. Somehow they become oblivious to the fact that they are victims of their own self-imposed delusions. (Russia doesn’t appear to be about to invade the West, so we should be bringing the NATO troops perched on its border home and go about forging more constructive international relationships.)
The credibility of professionals operating within the false parameters of the matrix is quickly declining. I laughed when I read about nutritionists contracted by Coca Cola to convince consumers that a mini can of Coke was part of a healthy snack.24 I cringed when I saw the readiness with which major PR firms are prepared to abandon their ethics and engage in the manufacturing of the most obscene and duplicitous war propaganda.25 And, it was borderline nausea-inducing to discover that when it came to the Syrian conflict, mainstream Canadian and American journalists uniformly parroted the talking points of the hawks in Obama’s State Department. Was this the high calling to which they aspired – serving as an echo chamber for Washington’s warmongers?
The decline doesn’t end there. Sound medical practice is being crushed under the wheels of Big Pharma’s profit-driven, total dominance strategy. Zealous agriculture professionals unquestioningly defend the Monsanto GMO crop-glyphosate paradigm despite a growing number of concerns. And each year, Big Bank economists dutifully hype imaginary annual GDP growth rates based on imaginary economic recoveries, and then move the goal posts back after mid-year. (This has been standard practice since at least the start of the great Recession in 2008.)
Sadly, the Cabal’s corporatocracy is reducing growing numbers of professionals to pitiful pedlars of nonsensical blather, and their reputations and those of their professions are suffering accordingly. Critics in independent media now refer to journalists and news anchors serving mainstream corporate media (MSM) as media “whores” and “presstitutes”.26 Surprisingly, many employed the MSM seem blissfully ignorant of their situation. They would all be-well advised to read some history concerning Operation Mockingbird.27  
A third reason is for the very survival of humanity. The Cabal isn’t content to simply hold the world captive in perpetual servitude. Its mission is more ambitious. Endless war is a central feature of its plan as it is both good for business, a source of enormous profits for the military industrial complex and a means of population control. The prospects for WWIII are real. Many of those who have seriously considered the brutal machinations of the ruling Cabal have come to a stark conclusion. It is simply that that the world is run by psychopaths. What is their end game? Social psychologist Preston James concludes it is “hell on earth”, which includes the destruction of the “family, sex roles and basic right and wrong morality.“28 If there is the slightest chance this is true, we have no choice but to resist.
I was recently pondering the fact that many of my family and friends had not yet awakened to truths known to my dad more than fifty years ago. Then I had a small ahaa moment. Twenty years earlier, in a similar frame of mind, I wondered how I might help my children, in grade school at the time, prepare for an increasingly turbulent workplace and uncertain career futures. My solution was to produce a workbook on the emerging world of work, complete with stories, exercises and strategies. It gave me the space I needed to articulate coming trends and developments and suggest how they might prepare for them. It was at the same time a digestible and non-threatening way for my children to consider the possibilities when they were so inclined. In our career-related conversations in the intervening years, there have been occasional opportunities to reference the career principles I articulated years earlier.
So, now I must begin a new conversation about the essential nature of our socio-political reality and a quest for freedom. It will take us far beyond the boundaries of the known world and the figurative dragons that guard its borders. I undertake this journey with any who care to join me in a spirit of profound gratitude to a father who took time for some very important discussions. Among other things, he taught me to reserve my reverence for God not governments or their leaders, and to carefully sift the received wisdom of the day. American journalist, H.L. Mencken once said: “The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself…Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.
I didn’t know it at the time, but now I do; my dad was a dangerous man.

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