Mining the Great Deception: Extracting the Lessons Learned, Seizing the Teachable Moment and Equipping Kids for the Future

Mining the Great Deception — Extracting the lessons, seizing the teachable moment and equipping kids for the future

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C, July 17, 2022 (c)

There’s an old saying to the effect that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them. Having experienced the horrors associated with the medical fascism of the past two and a half years, I shudder to think that future generations should have to repeat any moment of it. If there can be any good extracted from the Great Pandemic Deception, it will be lessons learned and internalized so deeply that humanity acquires life time immunity against political “infections” of this nature. If there is a legacy that we can leave to our successors, perhaps it can be lessons well learned. 

Part A — Looking back 

Some personal history 

I was forewarned and mentally prepared to some degree for this dark chapter of deception and revelation by a curious, establishment- wary father. This was a man with a partial grade eight education who dared to question and probe the shiny veneer of the status quo. He first called my attention to the governing Powers that Be and cautioned me regarding their deceptive ways and long term intentions for humanity in the late sixties. It was his influence that subsequently led me in mid-career to shift my career into the realm of strategic foresight. And as much as futurists like to envision the future, they also understand, to quote one sage, that the seeds of the future lie buried in the past. Herein lies the hope of serious educators and loving parents — that central to a healthy upbringing and provision of a robust education is planting seeds for a better future for generations to come. 

2020 brought a future we didn’t expect and certainly didn’t want — full blown (medicalized) corporate fascism. So it behooves us to ask what brought us here? Why didn’t we see the dark influences being cultivated and rip them out like intrusive weeds before they reached maturity and infested our entire society? Why were so many so easily deceived? One hopes these questions will ultimately be pondered by our nation and the world. But in the meantime, I’ve been reflecting on them at a personal level. How could I not? All three of my adult children drank deeply of the Deep State Kool Aid and submitted to the vax. If there’s one question that the parent in me asks, it’s: “What was it that I failed to teach my children that seemingly left them so vulnerable to the con of the century?” I realize that as adults, they are responsible for making their own choices of course. But I still wonder how they could not have heard the warnings or recognized the danger and said “no thanks.” It’s prompted me to quietly retrace my steps back to my days of parenting to discover what seeds planted in their young lives failed to germinate and which fell on stony ground or were choked out by weeds as in the biblical parable. 

Parenting revisited — a trip back in the time machine

I think that like a lot of Boomer parents in our circle, my wife and I believed that in order to raise healthy children, our job was attending to their spiritual, mental and physical growth and development. For us, that began with steeping them in the precepts of our Christian faith. It also implied we would make a strong commitment to their formal education and round it out with a smorgasbord of extra-curricular activities. As parents, our goal was to grow independent individuals, responsible citizens and resourceful adults capable of making a contribution to their community. Convinced of the importance of the school-teacher-parent partnership and our involvement, we were vigilant in monitoring our kids performance in school and attending school-parent meetings. I happily served on the parent advisory committee at one point during my son’s elementary school years. Their band concerts during their high school years were a highlight — never to be missed. Encouraged and celebrated our kids successes — big and small was easy and there were a lot of them. 

We assumed that what they didn’t learn in the classroom could be acquired their their participation in church youth group activities, summer camps and lessons in dance, band, choir, drama, martial arts and swimming. And depending upon their interests, there were opportunities for participating in baseball, soccer, skating, racket ball and hockey. This was never a chore. Being part of their progress in any realm — whether it was learning to ride a two wheeler, playing a musical instrument or acquiring a next badge in swimming was very rewarding, bringing me some of the happiest moments of my entire life. I can honestly say that the childish optimism of my kids inspired me. I recall my my son asking as we drove to hockey practice which professional hockey team I would like him to play for: the Calgary Flames or the Edmonton Oilers. “Oh, I’d be happy with either of those, son,” I replied. I was determined that our kids possess that extra something that would lead to productive lives and rewarding careers. It seemed to me that people who articulated clear goals were often more productive and accomplished. So, for a number of years, we paused shortly into the at new year for a family visioning and goal setting exercise. Each family member would identify a list of achievements or milestones he or she planned to focus attention on in the upcoming year. 

Our parental “education” program had its pragmatic side too. Since early work experiences were often cited by many who enjoyed successful careers, we nudged the kids into cutting grass, baby sitting and part time jobs like life guarding in order to begin moving them toward financial independence. I say “nudged” because kids aren’t necessarily as enthusiastic as parents about giving things a try. Yes, I know you don’t like those caps the staff at McDonalds wear, but you’ll be getting good work experience; I’ll take you to drop off your resume this afternoon.” I smile when I recall our son’s response to his weekly piano lesson as a six or seven year old. Hoping to inspire as I dropped him off at his teacher’s house one afternoon, I asked, “So who would you most like to play the piano like some day, Billy Joel, Burton Cummings or Barry Manilow?” “None of them!” he angrily replied as he stormed out the passenger side of the car and trudged up the sidewalk to Mrs. Schwartz’s house. Okay, I guess that’s settled…glad I’m not Mrs. Schwartz. 

In the late 90’s, following the wind-up of a agricultural lending program operated by the provincial government, I found myself unemployed. It wasn’t the first time. It seemed like an opportune window to pause and distill the learnings from a career with its share of ups and downs. Perhaps an analysis of my career experiences could in turn assist my kids ride the disruptive waves of change that would inevitably sweep through the workplace in the future. So, I wrote and self-published a workbook complete with written exercises on the subject outlining 12 strategies for thriving in a changing work place. I can’t say it was eagerly awaited and devoured by my kids.  Nonetheless, my wife and I continued our career coaching where we were allowed, directing ads the way of a job seeker whenever we we spotted a potential fit. It was a very happy day when my son called me from Ottawa and informed me he had landed his first job as a junior policy analyst. We considered financial literacy important too. So, along with way we discussed things like the importance of distinguishing between wants and needs and avoiding an accumulation of consumer debt. 

All three children attended university, and with the exception of one masters degree project, acquired multiple degrees. All three acquired sound jobs and financial independence (from us at least). By the time we retired, we were the proud parents of productive employees, responsible citizens and people you’d be happy to meet and get to know. It was time for us to sit back and relax. We had finally graduated…or had we? In retrospect, our celebration was premature. The big exam — a final “end times” exam was yet to come. Unannounced, the Great Covid Plandemic exam was administered in 2020-21. And my adult children and spouses, along with most of the population of Canada and the Western world failed the exam. 

Recent history — the Covid coup

I was skeptical from the outset of the so-called “Pandemic”. My wife and adult children weren’t. As the Deep State’s mighty whirling propaganda machine cranked up to speed, I felt a chill. The tip- off or “tell” for me was the over the top marketing hype — something that would trump all tenets of sound pandemic management. Yale University had been commissioned to evaluate a dozen or so key marketing messages for effectiveness in selling the vaxx. And an army of on-line influencers and volunteers were to be recruited for the Big Sell. The overkill was obvious leaving me just shy of nauseous in my stomach. We were witnessing the launch of a political steamroller. Forget the cautionary principle. Forget the Hippocratic oath. Forget the requirement that recipients of medical treatments exercise informed consent. This was Get vaxxed or do not pass go intimidation. By mid-summer, I heard some disc jockey — presumably with an IQ about double our warmest July temperature (C) babbling on the car radio about the importance of “getting needles into arms” as quickly as possible. Are you kidding me … for an infection with a 99.97% recovery rate for the majority of the population? It was confirmation that the throttle on the Deep State’s propaganda machine was running wide open. 

In about mid 2020, with a roll out date for the vaxx targeted for December, it occurred to me my adult kids, busy with their children and their work, may not have the time to do their due diligence on the vaxx. I was retired and free to dig deep on every aspect of the campaign and eagerly did so. I quickly began drafting two papers outlining the findings from my extensive investigation of the official narrative. The main draft paper laid out my findings regarding the various control measures including the vaxx. It described 11 concerns related to the manufacturers and their injections. The criminal history of Pfizer and some of its competitors didn’t go unnoticed. One author described them as “serial felons.” A second paper explained how the fraud was foisted on humanity and the powerful impact of the psy op. I published the two draft papers on my website in December 3020 and January 2021 respectively and anxiously shared them with my adult children.

Concerned that my warnings might be dismissed as casualty as my earlier cautions regarding face masks and the PCR test had been dismissed, I offered a $200 prize for a brief paper from any family member who refuted any of the findings. There were no takers. What I did encounter was push back and distancing — my cautions weren’t welcome. Occasionally, they elicited some inappropriate comparison likening wearing a face mask to wearing a seat belt. I encouraged one daughter completing her latest degree to apply her recent coursework to investigating the official Covid narrative. I exhorted her to exercise her grandfathers’ propensity for skepticism. The responses were chilly —  hostile in fact. Apparently, I was being arrogant. 

By the spring of 2021, at least two of my kids informed me that I needed to get mental health counselling. My wife exited our marriage that February declaring that my plan to share my research findings with others so they too could exercise their right to informed consent, the proverbial “last straw.” She recommended that I find a divorce lawyer and get some mental health counselling. Around the 21st of July of 2021, she informed me that three adult children and the two spouses were vaxxed up. I was stunned. How was this possible? Who was in a better position than my family members to asses the risks of an experimental injection? They might have been busy, but I’d given them a draft research paper with three to four times the number of references cited in the average paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine. What family doctor was doing that? Who was in a better position to be forewarned and thus forearmed than my kids? I was sad, disappointed and angry all at the same time. 

Reflections — the hangover

I was familiar with the proverb that “He who sires children gives hostages to fortune.” But now I could feel the weight of it throughout my entire being. My kids were hostages to Big Pharma and the diabolical plans of the UN and the WEF. Sadly, in at least one instance, there was even some pride in their compliance. They were captives trapped within the matrix of lies. It was surreal. I jokingly referenced an episode of the Simpson’s in which a giant glass dome descended the population of the town. I urged them to come to the wall of dome and try to read my lips through the glass. The dark humour aside, I was left with a single recurring thought. “You taught them how to cross the street safely (look twice both ways) how to ride a bike, how to drive a car, how to get a job and a good deal more. Why didn’t I teach them more about how to recognize the seductive power of propaganda?” 

I’m not interested in laying blame. Let’s face it, the world has been subjected to the most sophisticated psy op and most intense propaganda campaign in human history. But I am asking myself a lot of questions about why we/they and many others were so easily overwhelmed. Could we have prepared our families for days of bombardment by the MSM-fuelled propaganda machine? What aspects of their upbringing or formal education were deficient? What skills should have been honed in anticipation of the Big Deception? What habits of the heart and mind could have made the critical difference? What convictions were insufficiently rooted in their conscious minds? 

In response, I’ve identified what I’m calling “21 Antidotes” to the Great Deception.” Could some formulation of them constitute the “vaccine” whereby we inoculate a next generation against world-shaping deception?

Part B: Looking ahead 

21 Antidotes to the Great Deception (draft)

1. Almighty God is our Chief Benefactor, giver of life and bestower of our inalienable rights, including the right of bodily sovereignty. It’s inappropriate to beg on bended knee to government to give us back rights that remain ours and must be claimed. 

2. Satan’s best trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Evil incarnate is the Supreme Predator with zero interest in peaceful co-existence with the forces of light and relentlessly seeks our enslavement. 

3. Confronting lies, darkness and injustice, including the injustices heaped upon the non-conforming population is a matter of Christian duty. Averting your eyes and going silent, or worse yet, turning on those who exercise their right to bodily sovereignty  is nothing less than complicity in what’s been described as crimes against humanity.

4. Learning to discern between dark and light, evil and goodness and lies and truth is fundamental to living a healthy, secure life. It’s a  a survival skill. Unless you become aware of the many tactics used daily to deceive, defeat and deny you the truth, you are easy pickings — canon fodder. The rhetorical tricks and tactics employed in the war of words range from Smearing and Shaming and Blaming to Imposing false dichotomies, Appealing to false authority, Demonizing and Claiming moral high ground. These tricks were used to invert the moral horizon. 

5. How much do you love the raw, unprocessed truth? Or is your interest in truth selective, a matter of personal preference or convenience? 

6. Practising default skepticism regarding mainstream media messages and official government control narratives is essential. Have you learned the related skills? “The skills of skepticism that I’m not sure the reading public, the watching public….possess, are crucial now because nothing can be believed. ..We must be skeptical of absolutely everything. – Aussie journalist, John PIlger

7. There’s no substitute for courage of conviction based on an understanding of which of the figurative “hills” one is prepared to die on in defence of sacred ground. If you haven’t thought this through, you’re not ready for engagement. 

8. Do you know where the boundaries of the sacred ground you purport to defend, lie. This concerns the proverbial lines in the sand. If you don’t know what or where they are, how will you ever decide when those lines have been crossed by aggressive “ideologically possessed” adversaries bent on conquest? 

9. Is your grasp of world history sufficient that you know that the promises of the political“isms” of the past (Marxism, communism, fascism) were false promises leading to death and enslavement. If so, the facile claims of cultural Marxism or technological totalitarianism will have precisely zero appeal. 

10. Are you aware that Presidents and PM’s don’t occupy the top rung of the power pyramid, but are merely servants of powerful Luciferian families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds assigned to run the big show on behalf of their overlords? if so, you will treat the  self-interested scripted directives of your puppet leaders accordingly. 

11. Have you learned to manage your fears and anxieties? Fear, as Henry Menchen describes it, is “the great mind-killer.” That is, fear shuts down your mental capacities and ability to reason. This in turn leaves one vulnerable to propagandistic manipulation by those who seek to control you. This is precisely why the Great Pandemic Deception led so many to get vaxxed. When minds are captured, bodies follow. 

12. Humans are an essential component of the biosphere occupying an essential place in creation. Those who understand this, reject  the Malthusian lie of overpopulation and the villianizing of human beings as superfluous,”useless eaters” and a threat to the future of the planet. (Have any of the believers ever seen the immensity of Saskatchewan?) Beyond the matter of available space, we haven’t yet begun to unleash the potential productivity and abundance of planet earth.  

13. Have you pondered what it means to stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us? Have you plumbed the depths of the accumulated wisdom within your family line and its connections? When confronted with the Covid pitch, did you consider cross-checking the claims against the wisdom of your elders or the sages from an earlier generation? Or did you immediately turn to your peers. (Since my son tells me not one of his friends said “ no” to the vaxx, I wouldn’t be surprised if the major influence for a majority of Millennials regarding the vaxx was their peers.) Absent intergenerational memory and knowledge, younger generations are in effect, adrift and predisposed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Thus, they may be predisposed to latch on to the next new thing.

14. Were you curious enough to look to see what’s behind the figurative curtain relative to the so called Pandemic and other matters? When I peeked, I saw corrupt and conflict of interest-riddled vaxx manufacturers “pharming” the population. It was a version of the Truman Show, the 1998 move starring Jim Carrey. All the world’s a stage and many of those smiling, milling about and telling us what to do are merely actors playing a role. 

15. Do you have the capacity for elephant hunting (as in figurative “elephant in the room”)? Elephant hunters are bold and don’t practice avoidance. They can manage their cognitive dissonance, having developed the discipline and spiritual strength to think the unthinkable and see the unseen. Their vision isn’t tethered to a paycheque. Thus they see that they are paid not to see. (Upton Sinclair reference) They may be able to see in “the dark” or alternatively see the dark. 

16. Do you have a sense of where we are in time in terms of the trajectory of history and what part you are assigned to play? Context matters. The Post Truth era has exposed an age of deception, followed by a period of apocalyptic disclosure. Knowing what time it is historically is a key to understanding why you are here. Some have found their divine purpose amid this disturbing and tumultuous time. 

17. Have you cultivated a sufficiently flexible mind that you are able to hone in on a single issue, and then elevate your view to the 30,000 foot level where you can consider the shape of the big puzzle and the missing pieces? Have your practiced the skills of analysis and synthesis? 

18. Are you able to look beyond the issue du jour and take a long term view? Can you place events in a larger context or continuum or is your attention fixed on the all-important “here and now” with your headlights stuck on low beam? 

19. Are you sufficiently detached from the establishment and political partisans to be comfortable saying “no” or “wait a minute” in the face of fevered political group think? Does the hive mind intimidate you? Are you a fan of a particular party or politicians? Can you stand upright in the vortex? Are you naturally wary of consensus thinking? Were you prepared to call out the naked emperor being lauded for his new clothes?” See Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperors New Clothes.

20. Do you have a sufficient knowledge of the law to know when your governments and their minions are acting unethically and unlawfully and encroaching on human rights and freedoms? Is your moral compass in good working order? 

21. Do you possess sufficient knowledge of biology and the workings of nature and natural systems to recognize that transhumanist claims of improving on nature are often simplistic, vain, ill-conceived and likely to hold grave risks for humanity? Are you ready to challenge their hyped proposals from both a long term technical and ethical points of view? (Presumably some of them see vax-altered GMO humans as an improvement on Humanity 1.0) 

Parting thoughts

The events of the past two and half years should prompt us to revisit our notion of what sets good teachers, good schools, good parents, good learners and a good education apart. I say this because if the dark plan launched against humanity had been fully implemented, it may have been terminal or, at best led to permanent enslavement. We know now, more clearly than ever before, that good teachers do not mindlessly repeat the admonitions of deep state-ruled politicians. They do not eagerly parrot the political ideology du jour. They don’t seek to shape uniformly compliant minds and unquestioning, obedient spirits. 

When it comes to my parenting and its failures and omission, I clearly can’t go back and redo it. I can’t undo what my adult children have authorized of their own free will regarding their submission to the vaxx. And at this point, I can’r even discuss or debate the matter further with them as it’s a sensitive subject. So I have been learning — struggling to “let go” as so many in the freedom movement tell me we must do where adults are concerned. It’s the toughest emotional assignment I have ever had. There’s some consolation in the fact that I proactively shared the best cautionary information I could unearth at the time in a spirit of love and concern for my family members (and shared it more widely after that). I can pray daily for their well-being and their awakening to our “valley of the shadow of death” reality. I can cherish our memories together and the moments we can yet share. And I can invest in the education of their children. 

If we step back a bit, we can, as observant teacher-parents, articulate the historic context and “crucible”-like significance of The Great Deception. We can mine this experience, extract its lessons and integrate them into today’s educational curriculum. Can you see the strategic and transformative potential in this mission? It can be fulfilled in growing a crop of the most spiritually alive, politically aware, insightful and wise-beyond-their-years students and future leaders. Parent-teacher-educators can make an enduring contribution to this revolution we call The Great Awakening. 

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