Fighting the Information War: Defeating the Power of Propaganda Means Disarming Weaponized Words

Fighting the Info War: Defeating the power of propaganda means disarming weaponized words( c)

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Casualties of propaganda

It’s taken some people a long time to accept that the masses are managed and manipulated by string-pulling Powers-That-Be, and it’s been the case for centuries. I get it. We’d prefer to think of ourselves as independent thinkers and sovereign individuals — boldly charting our individual and collective futures. Going a step further and acknowledging that these same PTB are engaged in all out war against humanity and seeking our permanent enslavement is even harder. But denial isn’t a strategy. It really amounts to complicity. 

Becoming an effective truth warrior begins with a realistic assessment of one’s circumstances — warts and all. Realistically, we are a captured  people. How else does one explain why large swaths of our communities consumed the official fake pandemic narrative and lined up for the jab? How else can I explain the fact that prior to the big con, members of the compliant left eagerly absorbed and parroted the latest political pronouncement or class condemnation coming from the “woke” progressives intelligentsia. (I believe it was Matt Taibbi who descriptively labelled Robin D’Anglo’s white fragility babble as intellectual drool.) And how else could i explain the solemn pledge of a young white couple to raise their newborn son aware of his “white privilege”? These are images of brain-washed people, the casualties of a propaganda war, warranting our compassion.

There’s something liberating to be had in an honest look at one’s circumstances. My moment of clarity came in 2016. By then, it was no longer possible to deny the fact that the elite had launched an all out war against the West. It was also abundantly clear that it was a matter of either standing up and fighting for our future existence or saying goodbye forever to all those things Westerners cherished. From that point, I began to consider the real nature of the war and my role as a member of the resistance. My assessment of the situation in May of 2017 was sobering. In a May 1, 2017 essay entitled: “Ten Disciplines of a Freedom Fighter (Part A),” I contrasted the strengths and weaponry of our adversaries with that of our rag tag resistance movement. The importance of propaganda as the central means of human management was inescapable. 

The special power of the establishment Powers-that-Be is propaganda

Here’s my candid analysis from that essay. 

The PTB have more than simply the power and assets conferred by their incumbency. They also possess an impressive array of weapons. Additionally, their skills in waging information warfare have been honed over centuries. Chief among these is their mastery of propaganda or more generally the art and science of perception management.1 Today, the PTB largely have the tools and propagandizing ability to cause the masses to perceive black as white and up as down, 

The resistance movement on the other hand is fragmented, lacks a unified strategy and skills, and relies to a large degree on untrained volunteers. It also seriously underestimate both the deviousness and the strategic capabilities of its adversaries. In fact, when it comes to waging info warfare, it looks like a case of “no contest.” This means there’s a lot of work to do in equipping today’s freedom fighter for battle. It can begin with something as basic as understanding the means whereby they are being manipulated and controlled. 

The father of modern PR, Edward Bernays, described how the PTB control the masses in a modern democracy. The public mind is controlled by an invisible government that manipulates us at will by their string or “wire” pulling as Bernays put it.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”2  

It seemed at the time that given the PTB mastery of propaganda, it was a case of no contest.Propaganda provided our adversaries with the power tools they needed to invert our reality, And while those tools of persuasion are even more powerful than I realized at the time, I can also say that our prospects as a counter force look significantly brighter — for several good reasons. It’s no longer a case of “no contest.” 

Know thy adversary is the first rule of warfare, and that means knowing its tactics

It’s not simply that a much larger segment of the population has awakened to the current political and spiritual reality. Several other things are also clearer, now in 2022, including the identity of our adversary. Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” documents the history of the Khazarian Empire in considerable detail. 

The Khazarians didn’t go away when their kingdom fell. Their descendents dispersed across eastern Europe and migrated Westward  assuming influential roles in government and finance and banking around the world, They are derisively described today as the  “Khazarian Mafia”, (KM) a tribe who historically adopted Judaism as a matter of political convenience. The KM isn’t just fighting the Russians in the UA, they have been waging a culture war against the West for decades. And again, their weapon of choice remains propaganda.  

We’re being bombarded with propaganda in both the large and small developments of our lives continuously. It’s all about shaping the way we think — shaping the mass mind. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute explains that the propagandist’s campaign to change how we think, begins with changing the words or the vocabulary we use. Propaganda shapes perception, not just of  of the war in the Ukraine but also how we think about sex, gender and other aspects of our humanity and our biology. Central to word wars is the use of inverted definitions and distorted word meanings. Thus actual racism directed at white people is presented as “anti-racism” and Fascistic-like Brown shirt-like street intimidation is presented as “AntiFascism” by Antifa. And legitimate criticism of Zionism is branded “anti-semitism.” 

Queering the language is an age old tactic; thankfully conservatives are learning to counter it

Linguist, Clif High, offers his perspective on the use of weaponized language. In High’s terms, the KM have been “queering” not just language but, science and history for ages. Queering the language has provided the KM with a means of obscuring true history to it’s advantage. Queering has the disorienting effect of plunging us all into a kind of semantic swamp where the ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting and uncertain. This is turn leaves us vulnerable to KM manipulation. In High’s analysis however, KM overreach in the realm of woke progressivism has exposed its abuses of language to heightened scrutiny. Until we awaken to the constant queering however, we are likely to remain perpetual victims of its destabilizing assaults.

On the other hand, the more aware we become regarding word war tactics, the less vulnerable we are to KM word spells and trickery. The members of the resistance have become increasingly adept at countering weaponized word attacks. Conservative resisters have become skillful meme-makers. And they have learned to turn the rhetorical assaults back on our adversaries. When American Conservatives adopted Hilary Clinton’s “Deplorables” insult as a badge of honour, it’s was rhetorical jiu jitsu at its best. Canadians dissidents seized the Trudeau “fringe” smear of the trucker convoy with similar zest.

Info war soldiers learn to disarm and redirect word “bombs

Some reading this article may aspire to become effective soldiers in the information war. They can learn a lot from recent history of the resistance and its leaders. Some have become skillful at developing powerful new memes like Covid-1984. “Munitions” specialists in the current information war become expert at detecting and defusing word bombs. They become proficient at disarming pejorative projectiles directed our way like “antivaxxers,” and “conspiracy theorists.” And they turn those projectiles back on our adversaries. It’s rhetorical jiu jitsu. Let’s consider an example of a word bomb — “vaxx hesitancy.” The implication is negative, right? Let’s defuse that improvised explosive device (IED) and re-arm it. How about: “Covid vaxx hesitancy saves lives.” Hmmm, the stats are bearing it out. Fire at will. 


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