The Art of War Revisited: Unleashing a “right brain” strategy to breach the matrix

The Art of War Revisited: Unleashing a “right brain” strategy to breach the matrix 

Calvin Mulligan, September 2, 2023 all rights reserved (c) 2023

“We cannot confront bigots with nukes and battleships. But our talents, our muses, and our hearts are here, with us, ready to join the battle.”  (Andre Vltchek) 

Matrix: “a term describing  a controlled environment aor situation in which people act or behave in ways that conform to roles pre-determined by a powerful person(s) who decides how the world is supposed to function.”  (Urban  Dictionary)

Confronting the formidable power of the propaganda machine

As the whine of the engines propelling the Big Propaganda Machine grows louder once again, we’re taken back to the perplexing question of how to awaken an entranced segment of the population captivated by its illusions. It’s not a trivial question. I suspect most members of the freedom community aren’t prepared to surrender more territory nor newly-awakened friends, family and acquaintances to the control of globalist Powers that Be (PTC). Propaganda is the latter’s specialty, weapon of choice an means of control, so the matter of how to overcome its mind-altering influence over humans is central to the question of who will prevail in the current information war.

Few of us have pondered the enormous influence of propaganda over the lives ordinary citizens. Russia-born American, Andre Vltchek, philosopher, investigative journalist and film maker (1963-2020) did and considered it an existential threat to humanity. Based on his observations as a globe-travelling investigative journalist, Vletchek felt that much of the confusion and chaos he witnessed could be attributed to the fact that the world is inundated with Western propaganda. The passage of time has only served to confirm his analysis. The propaganda-driven vaxx frenzy is convincing proof. One source estimates the toll from Vaxxageddon at 20 million deaths and more 2.2 billion vaxx-related injuries worldwide. The fact that this depopulation campaign continues to this moment is a perverse tribute to the power of propaganda. It also underlines the urgency attached to the mission of finding an improved approach  to breaching the matrix and awakening the propagandized. Clearly, the above numbers are more than enough to warrant labelling propaganda a“weapon of mass destruction” of the first order. 

The frustrating limitations of a “facts and figures” counter strategy

Pausing to periodically assess the success of our counter insurgency and our war strategy is essential. The thrust of our approach for the past three to four years has consisted of researching, documenting and publishing a litany of lies, human rights abuses, and criminal activities attributable to the PTB. We fully expected that the hard evidence revealing that the SARS Cov 2 pandemic is a diabolical global conspiracy would be persuasive enough to figuratively awaken the dead or at least the sleeping. It wasn’t. By way of illustration, I shared two substantive research papers containing the findings from my personal investigation into the Pandemic-Vaxx narrative with more than 225 contacts. This included family, friends, acquaintances and former colleagues, many of whom are professionals in the fields of dentistry, family medicine, pharmacy, finance, education, the clergy and law. As of this date, I’m hard pressed to recall more than one or two who have responded along the lines of “Thanks for the alert, I’m now seeing what you reported.” I wasn’t seeking anyone’s agreement with my findings per se, but what did surprise me was the decision by some “professionals” to not even peruse the papers, let alone discuss the findings. A pastor working on a masters degree and a nurse assigned a role in rolling out the vax, both responded to the effect that they wouldn’t be reading my research paper. It appears that following the science actually means submitting to the propaganda. 

No doubt many other concerned freedom seekers urgently shared independent red pill analysis of the manufactured pandemic and vaxx campaign with family members and friends up until the point that the latter, like me, were told to stop. It’s been both discouraging and perplexing to say the least. So, given the limits of a factual or evidential approach, I was intrigued by an article by Vletchek entitled “How to fight Western Propaganda.” Perhaps he had the antidote. Vletchek frames our challenge this way:

“When the most powerful and the most destructive force on earth employs all its persuasive might, utilizing everything from the mainstream media to educational facilities, in order to justify its crimes, when it spreads its poisonous propaganda and lies in order to oppress the world and suppress hope, do we step back and begin endless and detailed work on precise and objective narratives? 

My simple application to the Covid-vaxx narrative is that bringing Covid-fixated family members, friends and acquaintances face to face with reality will require more than presenting them with hard facts and figures. Yes, we probably have enough evidence of medical malfeasance and monstrous daily Cabal wrongdoing to fill libraries and keep lawyers busy for decades. And it’s growing by the day. But seemingly it’s not the stuff that appeals to the propagandized masses living in a (fabricated) reality somewhat detached from ours. To borrow a well-worn rural Saskatchewan response to lost travellers seeking directions to their destination, “You can’t get there from here.” It’s increasingly clear that those trapped in the Matrix cannot or do not process facts and logic. This may in part be a matter of the way humans are wired. Cognitive scientist, Roger Schank says: “Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.” This is completely consistent with Vletchek’s call for a more emotive strategy employing powerful narratives to reach the entranced. 

Obviously, there’s a need to prioritize our targets. Many, if not most Vaxx Zealots may be beyond reach — by  humans anyway. Realistically then, it’s a question of how to more effectively engage those who still possess eyes capable of seeing and ears capable of hearing, The qualification here is that we’ve learned that the eye can only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend. And the individual’s mind sets boundaries concerning what it’s prepared to comprehend. Unsurprisingly, it retreats when presented with uncomfortable truths presenting a threat to their worldview. The retreat is triggered by at the cognitive dissonance headache or shock that results when paradigms clash. I compare it to the way livestock retreat or avoid contact with an electrically-charged pasture fence. They don’t like to get zapped. 

The call for a “right brain”- powered counter strategy 

Daniel H. Pink’s book, “A Whole New Mind” (2005) explains humans are literally “of two minds” in that our brains are divided into left and right hemispheres. While we use both hemispheres to do things, they have different capabilities. The left hemisphere is “sequential, logical and analytical.” Engineers, software programmers and data analysts draw heavily upon its capabilities. The right hemisphere is “non-linear, intuitive and holistic.” The right with its capacity for inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness and meaning is what is most relied upon by “artists, inventors, designers, story tellers, caregivers, consolers and big picture thinkers.”  

It’s not surprising then that Vletchek, a film maker, investigative journalist and philosopher would call for what amounts to a more “right brain”-powered strategy to overcome the propaganda-induced spells of the PTB. 

Or do we confront lies and propaganda with our own narrative, supported by our intuition, passion and dreams for a better world?” 

“To win over billions of people, we have to inspire them, to fire them up. We have to outrage them, embrace them, shame them, make them laugh and make them cry. We have to make sure that they get goose bumps when they see our films, read our books and essays, listen to our speeches.” 

Rather than trying to persuade the skeptical with logic, Vletchek’s approach would seek to connect via feelings at an emotional or spiritual level. We don’t try to reason with people who are drowning or under an hypnotic spell. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect to reason with those subjected to what is perhaps the most intense and sophisticated psy op in human history. 

While Vletchek wasn’t speaking to events of the last four years in particular, he saw the propagandized as poisoned or anesthetized. He advises: “We have to detox them, make them feel again, wake up natural instincts in them.”  

There may be some value then in thinking differently about those who reject our claims. Would our response be more effective if we viewed opposing Covidians as in a similar state to those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, indoctrinated by a religious cult or experiencing a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Are they comparable in some sense to wounded prisoners of war (POWs)? Viewing truth-defying Covid believers differently naturally prompts a reframing of our mission. Rather than it being one of persuasion via discussion and debate, it then become one of reviving and resuscitating people suffering from prolonged exposure to mind-altering toxins. 

Clearly, some segments of the population are more resistant to propaganda-based warfare and more resilient when it comes to recovering from its adverse effects than others. (I believe about 25-30% of Americans either rejected the vaxx outright or quit at two; the Canadian number may be a bit lower.) Vletchek’s call to wake up the “natural instincts” of the propagandized seems appropriate. In a different context, it brings to mind the contrasting behaviour of two categories of mothers. On the one hand, the protective “mamma bear” confronts educators regarding the sexualizing and indoctrinating of her children. And, on the other, the cultural Marxist-indoctinated mother voluntarily wheels her children into the public library for a tranny grooming session. (Chances are her porch is decorated with a blue and yellow UA flag.) And some, apparently suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, eagerly bathe in the reflected public attention her child’s gender transitioning saga gets on her social media accounts. The futility of trying to reason with the deeply propagandized in the latter category seems as obvious as the impairment of their natural maternal instincts. 

Unleashing our moral imagination 

For each of us, finding the courage to speak out publicly was Step One. Shaping powerful narratives that meaningfully convey truth to captives of the Covid illusion takes something more. It requires the kind of moral imagination Andre Vletchek calls for. It’s the kind of right brain-fuelled creative output that inspires, outrages, embraces, shames, ignites laughter, and induces tears. The intended outcome is the same whether the medium is books, films, essays or speeches; it’s to revive spirits, revitalize the senses and foster spiritual healing. 

We’ve already glimpsed how powerful the awakened moral imagination can be. Our meme-writers have been skewering our unscientific, delusional controllers for some time — often brilliantly. Satirists like JP Sears and Babylon Bee entertain while reducing our tormentors to the size of laughable Lilliputians. New films are awakening audiences to the nature of the Deep State’s propaganda-built matrix. In 2020, Mike Smith released his “Out of Shadows” documentary, “an expose on how Hollywood and MSM manipulate the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.” In August of this year, Smith followed up with Into the Light, “a movie made to bring to surface that psychological operations are present and active in today’s society.” The appetite for docu-films like this and films like Call of Freedom is likely to bring other players into the alternative movie field. Last week, a high profile individual in the liberty movement mentioned in passing that he’ had recently attended meetings with other like-minded individuals to discuss the kind of film projects a re-invented Hollywood might undertake as the old one decays. 

There’s immense room for creative media production capable of “inoculating” our kids and grandkids against the predatory grasp of demonic forces. Liberty-minded blogger, Brandon Smith, convinced of the need to engage youth, has committed to “producing conservative/liberty movement entertainment content to compete with woke Hollywood.” The teaser for his “coming soon” graphic novel, “Mountain Hollow”, looks like it would intrigue the kid in me.  

A fellow truther recently informed me about the Brave Books venture. The website tells us that Trent Talbot (founder and CEO) “saw the inappropriate content being pushed upon children and realized the need for a wholesome alternative. He left his career as a practicing ophthalmologist to found Brave Books and the rest is history.” As a first time author of a kids’ book myself, I share Talbot’s conviction regarding the need to provide children with wholesome alternative content. 

Breaching the walls of the Matrix 

Klaus Schwab of the WEF may brag that his organization has penetrated the cabinets of client governments, Canada’s included. 

I take heart in the idea that the walls of the PTB’s Matrix aren’t built of concrete and steel. Rather I think of them as composed of a densely-woven thatch of lies and false narratives in a continuous state of decay. Thus, they are even more penetrable. And as the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem” suggest, nothing can block the infiltration of “the light”. 

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.

No state narrative comprised of lies and deception, no matter how often it is recited, can withstand a steady, well-aimed barrage of truth over the long term. The PTB propagandists know that, and that’s the reason they’re working so frantically to find new ways to censor, cancel and de-platform. To paraphrase the Jack Nicholson movie line: They can’t handle the truth.

It’s a long term struggle, but the Resistance appears to be breaching the barricades and reaching expanding audiences. Some media productions like Smith’s films are exposing the operation of the Propaganda Machine itself. Success is more than a matter of audience numbers. Sometimes the victory is simply in bringing a once-hidden subject like child trafficking to the fore and into the public conscious. In that process, a predatory criminal activity once deemed undiscussable in polite company becomes visible and discussable. And each time one of the PTB’s dark, dirty secrets is exposed to sunlight, the enemy get weaker and its position less defensible. (As we’re discovering, that’s not the PTB’s only similarity with vampires!)

The uptake and reach of Smith’s Out of Shadows is noteworthy and suggestive of a growing appetite for truth. Smith reports that it had “over 100 million views” in the first year and was translated into 24 languages, something he describes as “a God thing.” It makes the Great Awakening seem like less of a dream and more of a possible reality in our life time. Moving forward, the freedom camp’s call to arms is part invocation and part exhortation. It’s a call for heavenly help mobilizing an army of inspired creative writers, artists, producers, actors and entertainers. And it’s a call for talented artisans to infuse the truth-to-freedom message into a wide array of media content, publications and public presentations. To these folks we say, give us your most moving and entertaining plays, musicals, movies; your most informative documentaries; your most gripping kids’s tales and graphic novels; your most hilarious stand-up routines and sharpest satire; and your most poignant stories and powerful speeches. 

Andre Vletchek has passed, but he leaves us with this rousing reminder of what we must bring to the struggle against oppression. 

“But before we win our final battles against imperialism, nihilism, fascism, exceptionalism, selfishness and greed, we have to fully and effectively utilize our most powerful weapons: our visions of a better world, our love for humanity, our passion for justice. 

Thank-you, Andre. Well said. 

Note: An article by VN Alexander published in the OffGuardian on September 10, 2023 make the case for essentially the same approach — using art to reach the brainwashed or propagandized.

See: How do we reach the brainwashed?


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