The Covaxx Test — The Gift That Keeps on Giving?

The Covaxx “test” — the gift that keeps on giving?

Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C (c) December 8, 2022. All rights reserved

“The last two years have not been a medical emergency, but a test of critical thinking skills and the ability to discern between liars, thieves, money whores, and the forces of evil versus truth tellers and those committed to freedom, liberty, and the forces of good.”  — Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn (cited above) sees the last two (plus) years as a test of our ability to think and discern. I think of the tumultuous experience as providing us with a novel kind of litmus test — one that indicates to all the world who is complicit in globalists’ dark plans for humanity and who, in contrast, stands for truth and freedom. Ultimately, it’s probably a human challenge, a character shaper, a useful revelatory “tool” for those with the eyes to see and more. 

Readers will recall that in the July, I took them on an imaginary visit to the annual weekend conference of the fictitious World Liars Association. The conference culminated in an evening banquet where the coveted Liar of the Year award was bestowed on a deserving recipient. The award went to Justin Trudeau. His fallacious testimony at the Emergencies Act Inquiry has since confirmed his status as a smear artist and gas lighter of the most malicious kind. His deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland has demonstrated a similar talent. Their joint  “sh*t-smear of the trucker convoy as a security threat is right out of the Cabal-Deep State handbook. Mercifully, the Great Covaxx litmus test has exposed them for what they are. 

In contrast, courageous truthers shine

The Covaxx test appears to be be equally effective in revealing truth, truth tellers and authentic leadership. It appears to signal who among us possess a functional moral compass and genuine compassion for humanity. Some of those who surfaced on my radar this week aren’t well-known, and that in itself should encourage us. We can repel the darkness every time we act honourably and choose integrity, truth and transparency over criminality, lies and secrecy. And in the process we will shed some light — light that will inevitably draw those who were once entranced by the propaganda machine and have become disillusioned. Here are some folks who have been providing some of that good light. (I don’t know them personally and am relying on the accuracy of the alt media reports on their activities.)  

Nathan M. Wiley: (a former Phd. student at Western University at the Centre for study of theory and criticism.) 

I use the adjective “former” because Mr. Wiley was so outraged at the criminal conduct of the institution that he withdrew. His December 1, 2022 letter of withdrawal begins: 

“A pedagogy of shadows for muzzled students will only produce masters and doctors of superstition” 

Wiley’s letter further reads…

 “Never before have I witnessed such proud unthinking and cultlike compliance with irrational and demonstrably pseudoscientific diktats as at the Theory Centre. Without exception, every faculty member at the Theory Centre with whom I interacted during my tenure as a graduate student has expressed irrational bigotry toward those who have wisely refused mRNA injections. Without exception, they have declined to examine arguments that undermine their psychological and scholarly investments in the myth of a “deadly pandemic,” final salvation from which, they piously if not zealously believe, can only be accomplished through the continuous and indiscriminate – and if need be, coercive – injection of much of the human population…”  

….Without exception, Theory Centre faculty have refused to engage in critical questioning, analysis, and discussion concerning Western University’s segregationist policies and murderous mRNA injection mandates…”

Wiley concludes:

“There is nothing further for me to learn from such a faculty. I have spent much of my time as a Western student informing my peer and professors of the realities behind these institutionalized superstitions. I have done so to the utmost of my ability, as my conscience has required.

I have entered a request for voluntary withdrawal from the university via the student online portal. As of today, I no longer regard myself as having any affiliation with Western University other than as an outspoke witness, from September 2021 to the present, of its Crimes against Humanity.” 

I’m giving Mr. Wiley an A+ for his stand because:

  • he has applied his ability to reason and his research and analytic skills to assess the official Covid narrative and found it deficient. 
  • he has acted on his values and conscience and presumably, out of concern for their health and safety, informed his colleagues and professors of his findings, despite what is likely enormous pressure. 
  • he’s subordinated the “sunk costs” associated with his educational investment, the value of his Phd scholarship and any other penalties Western or other Universities may attach to his decision to act on principle. His withdrawal letter uncompromisingly tells truth to power and confirms his role as a witness to Western University’s crimes against humanity. 

In the heat of the Covid test, Mr. Wiley has revealed who he really is. 

A Mom-Son interview:

Jennifer Sey: (former Chief Marketing Officer and brand president, Levi Strauss and Co.): 

Jennifer Sey and her husband did their homework and knew that the 2020 Covid data coming out of Italy was skewed as the median age of death was over 80 years. They also knew that school lockdowns were damaging for children. So Ms. Sey pushed back against the public school closures. In September of 2020, she was warned her resistance would be considered “speaking on behalf of the company,” implying she was potentially risking reputational harm to Levi’s. (Does one’s personal life end at some point when they work for a large corporation?) 

Remarkably, it turned out that colleagues that were being critical of Sey had taken their children out of public school and enrolled them in private in-person schools. (Smelled like hypocrisy.) Yet, around the new year in 2022, Sey was told there was no longer a place for her in the executive suite. She resigned in February of 2020 after almost 23 years of service with Levis.

Sey subsequently turned down the $1million severance package offered to her. She rejected the offer because it contained a non-disclosure agreement preventing her from discussing the terms of her departure, something she found unacceptable. Sey isn’t just courageous, she’s an articulate critic of “woke” culture.

“This pose of wokeness, it’s a cloak they wrap themselves in to signal virtue … to hide greed, corruption, keeping all the good stuff for themselves,” she said.  

Well said, Ms. Sey!

Some others also shone in the relative darkness of the Covaxx era.

Naomi Wolf (author, entrepreneur)Wolf recently took a stand on behalf of Yale University students. In defence of their right to non-coercive vaxx -free education, she declares: “I cannot believe I’m standing outside these walls saying, ‘Don’t coerce minors and young adults into damaging their lives and submitting to an illegal injection that violates the Geneva Conventions, that violates the Nuremberg Code, that violates the Hippocratic oath, that violates basic human rights — so these kids can pick up their education.’ Don’t do it.”

Gerard Rennick (Senator for Qeensland, Australia) In a 10 minute speech, Senator Rennick confronts cynical fellow Queensland senators with the number of excess deaths, and vaxx injuries, the “safe and effective” lie, the human costs and the repugnant nature of vaxx coercion.

In conclusion

Nathan Wiley, Jennifer Sey, Naomi Wolf and Gerard Rennick are a few among a growing number of bold truthers who recently caught my attention. We might never have known of these folks or been inspired by them were it not the Covaxx conspiracy saga. They caught my attention not because of their name, education, physical appearance or politics, but because of their commitment to restore the truth in the midst of a desert of lies. And they have earned our attention because of their willingness to pay the price for their dissent. It’s true. The last two plus years haven’t been about a medical emergency at all. 

Beyond the incalculable pain they have inflicted, the criminal engineers behind the Covid conspiracy have unknowingly gifted us with something very powerful. The experience has tested our critical thinking, discernment skills and character in what can best be described as a crucible moment. Over time, more people have developed the eyes to see the actors and minds to grasp the big picture contest. Each week it seems that more naked emperors are exposed while hidden truths are revealed. No man-made lie detector or other tech gadgetry could ever approach such effectiveness or output. As Christmas approaches, I wonder if the figurative “Covaxx test” will prove to be the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. 

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