Exposing the Empire of Lies (Part B)



Exposing the Empire of Lies (Part B)
Calvin Mulligan, Futurescapes21C

original written June 3, 2017,  first posted January 23, 2018, All rights reserved
In the previous essay (Part A), I offered seven internal signs or symptoms of a decaying America. This essay, (Part B) provides further evidence of its deteriorating state. You may be thinking ahh, but you are missing so much good in America. Yes, of course, there is much good in America. But, unfortunately the good is captive of the dark forces. The point isn’t that there is yet some residue of decency and goodness remaining in America. It’s that the virtuous is being systematically destroyed by devious powers that be (PTB) holding the country captive.
There’s absolutely nothing to be gained then in continuing the pretense of “America the Beautiful,” or any variant of such veneer a minute longer. The illusion has already prevailed for far too long. And it has only served the purposes of the PTB. With each passing decade, the deceptions and atrocities have only become more outrageous. So let’s be clear. My intent is to expose the parasitic forces consuming America from the inside out. I suspect that when we turn the light of day on these entities, they will, like shadows projected on the wall of Plato’s cave, quickly shrivel and lose their power over us. 
Frankenstein security agencies
The United States has more than 17 security agencies. There are 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies working for the federal government on issues of domestic and international intelligence in 10,000 locations with over 854,000 people holding top-secret clearances.1 So, the average American could be forgiven for assuming that this vast complex would be sufficient to protect the country and fellow citizens from all varieties of foreign and domestic threats.
This vast intelligence apparatus is reason enough for any thinking individual to question the official 9/11 narrative. And if that in itself doesn’t invite a rethink of the narrative, then the failure of this vast network to bring the perpetrators to justice for the crime of the century should be more than enough. The failure of the PTB to provide America and the world with a truthful version of events and those behind it is the real conspiracy.2
The betrayal of US citizens at the hands of “their” own security agencies presumably guarding the nation challenges the imagination. I described earlier some of the predatory surveillance activities of the National Security Agency (NSA). In this essay, I will focus on the two best known of the “alphabet” security agencies, the CIA and the FBI. In short, these are deeply corrupted organizations. And while monetary corruption is a key feature of their operation, I’m really talking about corruption of their intended purpose, guiding principles and management. Both are characterized by divided loyalties and rife with competing interests.  Each operates  to a large degree, as a law unto itself.
The citizens of the Empire of Lies are also victims of their own naïveté. It’s as if they take the  vanilla textbook depictions or the “good guy” movie portrayals of their institutions at face value. Consider this rather benign Wikipedia description of the CIA.
The CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet.
It sounds nice in theory; but the reality is something far different. The central issues are transparency and accountability. So while the above description says the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), it simply means that the DHI is charged with oversight of the CIA. It doesn’t mean that the DHI controls the CIA. The Anonymous Patriots, writing in The Millennial Report, contend that the CIA has positioned itself to be a higher authority than Congress, the president or the citizens of the United States and act in secrecy in all its affairs.3
As to its nefarious roles, I have already described the long-standing role of the CIA in infiltrating corporate media (Project Mockingbird) and engaging in the propagandizing of American citizens. I have also alluded to its lengthy history in orchestrating conflict and regime change around the world.  And, we have referenced the CIA’s obsessive spying on ordinary citizens as revealed in The Vault 7 leak. While we have grown accustomed to seeing the CIA meddle in the affairs of other countries, the public is now seeing more clearly than ever before, signs of its meddling in the political process in America.
Patrick Lawrence, writing in The Nation in February of this year, wonders in an article of the same title: if America is witnessing a coup operation against the Trump Whitehouse? He is struck, in particular by the succession of treasonous activities that the Trump Whitehouse has been convicted of by CIA-controlled media including The Times. He cites the description of the agency given by Tom Wicker, a former Times reporter. In Wicker’s analysis it is a “Frankenstein monster no one can fully control.”4 In light of what is transpiring in America and abroad under its influence, it’s an apt description.
Gordon Duff, the controversial senior editor of Veterans Today, would likely agree with the “Frankenstein” label. He describes another realm of CIA activity that is less discussed than its propaganda and regime change activities; specifically, its dealings in drugs.
As CIA director, in 1977 George Walker Bush sent his son Jeb to Venezuela to take over banking relationships between that nation and Colombia. George H.W. and son Jeb were key players in the creation of the drug cartels in Colombia and played a critical role in establishing the CIA connection. The Colombia connection was all about controlling the world’s cocaine.
Simultaneously, the CIA under Bush established strong connections with the narco-tribes of Northern Afghanistan. The CIA built a narcotics empire there based on heroin. It took 9/11 to give George W. Bush a chance to exploit it. The CIA subsequently took over world heroin production as well.
Duff offers more nauseating details regarding the Bush connection to Afghanistan war and its opium production.
The family that brought crack cocaine to America’s school children now delivers Afghani heroin at even lower prices. When the farce of 9/11 led to two invasions, to Afghanistan to put the drug lords of the Northern Alliance in position to kick out the anti-opium Taliban and to loot Iraq’s oil resources, there was no independent CIA left.5
CIA history is replete with other examples of its anti-human behaviour. Middle East analyst, Vladimir Platov writes that we used to think that conducting cruel and inhuman experiments on human beings was something restricted to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Increasingly, we’re learning that such experiments are conducted in by US intelligence agencies on what are often unsuspecting citizens. Platov chronicles some of the ill-conceived, reckless and illegal research activities carried out by the CIA during the 20th and the 21st century.

  • The study of syphilis in African Americans in Tuskegee Alabama (1932 to 1972). The availability of antibiotics was hid from patients.
  • Nuclear tests conducted at Bikini Atoll in 1954, exposed people of the Marshall Islands to radiation resulting in a doubling of their rates of miscarriages and stillbirths and increased cancer rates.
  • A variety of biological and chemical weapons experiments in the 50s and 60s were conducted using American citizens of guinea pigs.
  • Thousands of individuals were subjected to the abuses of the CIA’s secret MK Ultra mind control program experiments that led to serious mental disorders in some cases.
  • CIA Director, George Tenet, authorized employees to conduct illegal research on humans in prison from 1997-2004. 
  • The CIA conducted experiments on the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan 2004-2009.6
  • During the George W. Bush era “war on terror”, Iraqi prisoners were subjected to such enhanced-interrogation methods as “waterboarding, “rectal rehydration,” weeks or months of nakedness in total darkness and isolation, and other techniques.”7

The fact that no high level official has been held accountable for such abuses confirms that the rogue CIA has a host of enablers and collaborators within the Deep State justice system shielding it from public accountability.
The FBI it seems, has similarly found justification in the war on terror for shifting its focus and expanding its repertoire. Trevor Aaronson’s book, The Terror Factory (2013)8 exposes FBI involvement in manufacturing terrorism. His investigative work reveals that not only is the majority of terrorism, “false flag,” but that creating and curing the “disease of terrorism,” has become one of the biggest rackets in the world.
According to Aaronson, the FBI has recruited more than 45,000 counter-terrorist informants with most of them not “on the books,” and unaccountable. He reports that many are criminals, “cooperating with authorities to avoid prison or to be allowed to continue their criminal enterprises, some unfettered by law enforcement, many in full partnership.”
Aaronson describes the devious methodology used by the FBI to “prevent” terrorist attacks.
Informants report to their handlers on people who have, say, made statements sympathizing with terrorists. Those names are then cross-referenced with existing intelligence data, such as immigration and criminal records. FBI agents may then assign an undercover operative to approach the target by posing as a radical. Sometimes the operative will propose a plot, provide explosives, even lead the target in a fake oath to Al Qaeda. Once enough incriminating information has been gathered, there’s an arrest-and a press conference announcing another foiled plot.
Such sting operations have been employed in many cases that made headlines, including: the Washington Metro bomber, the New York subway plot, the plot to blow up the Sears Tower, the plot to bomb a Portland Christmas tree lighting. According to Aaronson, each of those plots, and dozens more, was managed by “an FBI asset.”
Many such terror strikes or supposedly disrupted attacks have something else in common. The individuals targeted are the “mentally ill, feeble minded, the homeless and easily influenced individuals.” (See the Nuttall case in British Columbia, Canada.)
Since 9/11, hundreds of arrests of terrorist suspects and 158 prosecutions were reported in the US. The punch line is that of all the reported “major terror plots,” only three could not be tied to terror suspects who were directly recruited, trained and supplied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Gordon Duff adds that there are doubts about those three exceptions.
Aaronson offers his assessment of what’s been transpiring and the devious role of the FBI. He concludes were witnessing COINTELPRO operations, “the long discredited program that ran for nearly 50 years organizing church and synagogue burnings, lynchings, bombings and assassinations through infiltration of ‘radical groups,’ often anti-war or civil rights organizations, have not only continued but expanded to the point they are, in fact, the primary function of the FBI.”
Seemingly, there’s no business like the booming terror business. Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security has its own program. In one of them, Operation Fast and Furious, the DHS supplied “thousands of military weapons to criminal groups operating throughout Mexico and the US.”9 Aaronson’s TED talk on the subject of how the FBI is creating US-based terrorists can be found YouTube.10 So much for helping make America and its citizens more secure.
Aaronson isn’t alone in his finding that the vast majority of false flag terrorist strikes in the US were government orchestrated. Former Marine Corps intelligence officer, Robert David Steele contends that in the United States, “every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.”11 He adds that situations have now arisen where citizens are taking out restraining orders against FBI informants trying to incite terrorism.
Steele may be one of those former employees of the security complex who has had enough and has turned to exposing its deceptions. Those who visit his website will find among other things, an article entitled: Draft List of 63 Orlando false flag anomalies.12
It’s important to keep in mind that this section on Frankensteinian security agencies offers a mere sample of the madness being orchestrated by America’s leading so-called “security” agencies. The sad irony is that they have become agencies of insecurity, deception and death. So, instead of helping bring peace and security to the citizens of the Empire, they bring confusion, chaos and suffering.
Let me state the obvious. Elements of America’s foremost security agencies have gone rogue. They are to some extent at war with American citizens. They have, as feared by JFK, turned on their host. The reality is that the foremost of America’s security agencies with a mandate for protecting the country are actually contributing to Americans’ insecurity. And the ultimate terrorists are those posing as our protectors. It doesn’t get much more diabolical than that.
It’s not surprising that we’re hearing critics call for a wholesale scaling back and in some instances, a disbanding respectively of the FBI and the CIA. The foremost of America’s security agencies are no longer accountable to the elected government. They are traitors. 
Government-orchestrated terrorism and fake terrorists
To understand the devious role of the FBI in the so-called “war on terror” it’s important to consider the role “the boogeyman.” A “boogeyman is simply defined in the on-line free dictionary as “a terrifying specter.” Honest politicians have long acknowledged the significance of the boogeyman in politics. You could say it’s the secret ingredient in their political sauce. And when politicians didn’t acknowledge it, honest journalists (rare these days) pointed it out.
In a 2006 article, Blake Fleetwood, a former reported for the New York Times provided this somewhat satirical analysis of the prospects of George Bush securing a second term.
For Republicans to have any chance at winning the mid-term elections, Bush needs a boogeyman with a “Big Bomb” to scare the bejesus out of the electorate.
The term that Fleetwood uses to describe the relationship between politicians and boogeymen is “symbiosis.” He concludes: “they need each other.”13 Today, the boogey man of choice is the terrorist. And historically, it has some well-known advocates as pointed out in a Washington Blog post.  
Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”. – Adolph Hitler
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country. – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.
“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamour for such laws if their personal security is threatened.” – Josef Stalin
Terrorism is commonly packaged and presented to the unsuspecting public in the form of false flag theatre. Despite the fact that the term is just entering the mainstream, the false flag has a lengthy history in the West. The Washington Blog article lists 42 admitted false flags carried out between 1931 and the present day.14
Wikipedia’s defines of false flag as follows:
False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy’s strategy of tension.15
It’s as Machiavellian as you can get, but Hitler, Goering and Stalin were right about the effectiveness of false flag terrorism. When it comes to government use of false flags, state-managed terrorism has the multi-purpose utility of a Swiss Army knife. Among other things, it keeps the members of the public confused and psychologically dependent. British author, George Orwell understood this tactic stating that the minds of confused people are malleable and thus inclined to submit to the will of Big Brother. Orwell states, “When a public is stressed and confused, a big lie told repeatedly and unchallenged can become accepted truth.”16
A false flag also provides a handy pretext for foreign intervention and a rationale for attacking “them” before they attack “us.” And, a terrorist threat provides the military industrial complex with a justification for demanding ever-larger budget allocations. A third motive can be to provide a pretext to “enact draconian laws in the name of national security” as pointed out the Washington Blog article.
Finally, one can make better political sense of state sponsored false flags when you put them in the context of the initial step in the cycle of actionreactionsolution approach of the PTB. When, there’s an attack, the public becomes scared and angry, and then the Deep State can introduce “the solution” that it had planned from the outset. This may be a military invasion, a bombing campaign or new laws restricting some aspect of human activity such as gun ownership. Suffice to say, the state finds fake terror to be a very useful political management tool.
Researcher, Dr. Richard Dolan, explains that false flags really came into common use after World War I to the point where today, staging them is a sophisticated science. He adds that if an Olympics of false flags were held, Britain would win bronze, Israel silver, and the USA would win gold. (Cue chant: “We’re number one, we’re number one!”) Dolan describes false flags as the “ultimate tool in the propaganda tool kit.”17
In 2013, Canada’s RCMP, in me-too fashion, attempted to imitate its American cousins in at least one well-known instance. Thankfully, however, a judge saw it for what it was and intervened. B.C. Supreme Court judge, Catherine Bruce concluded the Mounties entrapped two Surrey BC drug users (The Nuttals) into plotting a terrorist attack they were incapable of carrying out on their own. As a result, their convictions for conspiring to commit murder and possessing explosives were overturned in 2016.18
I cited earlier (Frankenstein Security Agencies) the insights of former Marine Corps Intelligence officer, Robert David Steele regarding the orchestration of terrorism. False flag analysts in the alternative media are getting quite good at discerning a false flag. Their list of suspected false flag attacks includes: the Orlando nightclub, Charlie Hebdo (France), Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and the Boston Marathon bombing, the Paris attack, and it continues.
Within hours of its occurrence, false flag analyst, Dr. Kevin Barrett had exposed the suspicious aspects of the Manchester bombing (May 22, 2017), highlighting a number of the now standard features of false flag. Here are a few of them:

  • Illuminati style numerology (Man 22, kills 22 on May 22.);
  • The perpetrator’s ID conveniently located on the scene;
  • strategic timing politically (in this case favouring the election of Theresa May over Jeremy Corbyn);
  • suspension of security procedures — pat downs at entrance prior to the attack;
  • the convenient death of the perpetrator (not one to question);
  • a presumed terrorist said to be known to the authorities; and
  • the prior staging of a practice terror drill in the vicinity.

Barrett goes on to point out that false flag expert Ole Dammegard, predicted the Manchester bombing which just happened to fall “on the fourth anniversary of the fake beheading of Lee Rigby”.19
Let’s look more closely at the subject of fake or “manufactured” terrorists. In an RT interview, FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, describes how government propagandists, as a matter of effective marketing, periodically update their terrorist narrative in order to keep the public engaged.
“…the ISIS is what is the U.S. media and the propaganda creators behind the media decided to create. I mean, tomorrow or 3 months from now we will start hearing another name that we’ve never heard of, and within a month they can make that the world’s greatest or the most dangerous threat.
And, again, that is the main concept here, and I know the Western media… they have been playing it as such, but they did exactly the same thing with Al-Qaeda. I mean, Al-Qaeda was hundred people, or 100,000 people, or ten million people… Another interesting perspective in this is that I referred to the brand-change, and sometimes you have to switch the brand for the marketing purposes…”20
Edmonds analysis should resonate with anyone paying attention to the parade of super villains that have been featured in our news over the last 16 or so years. The Empire’s boogeyman hall of fame includes: the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Assad, Al Nusra. Yes, the terrorism marketing division is alive and well. At Edmonds suggests, it’s not difficult to see the mindset of marketing specialists behind the parade and the tales of their villainy.
Periodically, however, someone spills the bean. Back in 2005, former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook revealed the Al Qaeda and ISIS fabrication. Cook was reported to have died at age 59 while hill climbing in Scotland the same year. Perhaps he was too honest for the system as he had the integrity to resign from Cabinet on the eve of the Iraq war. 
“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.”21 
More recently, Canadian economist, Dr. Michael Chossudovsky, offered this explanation for the rise of Islamic terrorism.
“We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level . . . and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington . . . The global war on terrorism is a US undertaking, which is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf.
. . . They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are Made in America. They’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear to everyone on this floor. . . . The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.”21
It seems that plans for the introduction of fake enemies, or a succession of them, has been in place for some time. Aaron Russo, told of how he was invited by Nick Rockefeller to join the NWO. Russo declined, but learned from Rockefeller that the elite had planned false flag attacks, a terrorist boogeyman and a global war on terror long before 9/11 occurred. Dr. Carol Rosin, former Corporate Manager at Fairchild Industries, (aerospace) tells of conversations with Nazi/NATO insider Werner von Braun. Braun told her that the long game plan included a series of fabricated threats to humanity — fake communism, fake terrorism, fake third world country “crazies,” fake asteroids and the last card to be played, an extraterrestrial invasion.22
You have been warned – when the enemy du jour, the human terrorist, is no longer spooky enough to give the citizenry goose bumps, brace for the next new one. It’s likely to could be from outer space.
Machiavellian foreign policy 
Mark Taliano describes the fakery in the US-NATO led invasions and wars justified as “humanitarian” interventions. Taliano explains that the latest example of a coercive strategy is that employed against the Syrian Arab Republic. The strategy features the following elements. 

  • Destroying hospitals and infrastructure
  • Starvation
  • Disinformation campaigns/erasing “history”
  • Balkanization/partitioning
  • Bombing civilian populations

He warns that the end game is “to de-populate and to destroy target countries and to subjugate the remaining population.” So, if we just take the time to scrape the veneer off the Empire’s cynical pretense of humanity, we discover colonial greed and selfish geopolitical ambitions.23
Novelist, philosopher and investigative journalist, Andre Vitchek explains how the Western powers crush nations under the cover of a fake morality and pretense of goodness.
All conquests, all genocides, all plunders have been eternally rationalized, painstakingly justified. Grand bogus concepts of charity, of ‘altruism’ have been erected. Subjugated nations have always been ruined in the name of some higher principles, in order to save them from themselves. For centuries, the West has portrayed itself as a sacrificial lamb, as a hand chosen by some divine power, as the greatest civilization that is continuously and altruistically liberating the world.24
Nowhere is that bogus concept of self-sacrificing altruism more apparent than in the justifications for NATO presence on foreign soil.  NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was formed in 1949 as a system of mutual, collective defence against attacks by an external party (Wiki). With the collapse of the Soviet Union, came calls for its dissolution, since there was no major threat to defend its members from. Those calls were ignored, and NATO has grown into an ugly regime change monster dubbed the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization by its critics. Its intervention in Libya was justified on the basis of its so-called “responsibility to protect” (R2P).
R2P was intended to allow for international intervention in a foreign country where its own government was deemed incapable of protecting its citizens against, genocide, war crimes and human rights abuses. The United States and NATO perverted that moral justification to serve their own imperialistic goals. Today, Libya is a mess, thanks to the R2P intervention.25
Policy analyst, David Rieff comments:
“For those of us who feared that R2P was just a warrant for war, our fears have been vindicated,” said Rieff to the Economist at the time of the NATO intervention in Libya.”26
Western foreign policy, deceptively coated in the morality of humanitarian interventions, is highly selective. Obama threatened Syria’s Assad regularly for defending his country against US-backed foreign invaders while conveniently ignoring Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in its war with Yemen. Thus, US foreign policy conveniently packages the US’s enormous sins of both commission and omission into a single virtue. It could not secure the permission of the citizenry, of course, without the services of the MSM in manufacturing public consent.27  
CIA-corrupted media peddling propaganda
In George Orwell’s 1984 (1949) Big Brother government cultivates fear and war hysteria in the population of Oceana using manufactured boogey men and pervasive war propaganda. One day, the two central characters, Winston and Julia, get into an argument about which country theirs was at war with four years ago. Was it Eurasia or Eastasia? Finally, in exasperation, Julia responds: ‘Who cares?’ It’s always one bloody war after another, and one knows the news is all lies anyway.’ 28
Julia, a character created in 1949, could have just as easily been commenting on the real world situation in 2017. War is a constant enabled in large measure by the fabricated justifications served up by the MSM. We have grown up believing that a free and independent media, the fourth estate, is a vital pillar of a healthy democracy. As this pillar has crumbled, it’s left the entire democratic construct teetering on a failing foundation.
Six major corporations control about 90% of the media in America. This degree of consolidation confers unprecedented ability upon this oligarchy to shape the thinking, if not the reality, of the citizens of Empire. We have known about the warped role of corporate media for some time. Noam Chomsky and co-author, Edward Herman characterized the role of the mass media in their revealing book, Manufacturing Consent: The political economy of the mass media, in 1988.”2
Recently the release of 12 million declassified CIA documents has shed new light on what Shawn Helton describes as “the symbiotic relationship between the CIA and American media.” This relationship dates back more than half a century. Shelton notes that the CIA to ran a program in the fifties called Operation Mockingbird. The mission was to propagandize the American public through the news media and various student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.30
So, when it comes to the recent “fake news” uproar, it should be clear which side in the battle (the MSM versus independent media) that’s the more reliable source for those seeking the truth. The alternative media has also been infiltrated by those engaged in disinformation,  so discernment is always required. Author and attorney, John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, states that one of the biggest propagators of fake news is the US government.

In the midst of the media’s sudden headline-blaring apoplexy over fake news, you won’t hear much about the government’s role in producing, planting and peddling propaganda-driven fake news–often with the help of the corporate news media—because that’s not how the game works.31
Jonathan Cook has analyzed how the US government, collaborated with the MSM to secure public support for the invasion of Iraq. It was achieved based on the lie advanced by an individual the CIA knick-named “Curveball.” Curveball provided the convenient lie that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, the justification for invasion.
Cook explains how the illusions of a naive public on the one hand, intersect with those perpetuated by transnational elites. These illusions are fused together into a narrative or worldview. Three illusions from Cook’s list of examples are:
“… we, in particular (consumers), and the global workforce in general are the chief beneficiaries of the corporations’ wealth creation.”
“… the corporations and the ideology that underpins them, global capitalism, are the only hope for freedom.”
“… there are groups, called terrorists, who want to destroy this benevolent system of wealth creation and personal improvement.”
The complicity of the media is defined is relation to the worldview knit from these illusions.
The job of sanctifying these assumptions — and ensuring they are not scrutinised — falls to our mainstream media. Western corporations own the media, and their advertising makes the industry profitable. In this sense, the media cannot fulfil the function of watchdog of power, because in fact it is power. It is the power of the globalised elite to control and limit the ideological and imaginative horizons of the media’s readers and viewers. It does so to ensure that imperial interests, which are synonymous with those of the corporations, are not threatened.32
This then is the role of the Empire’s media magicians — ensuring these assumptions are not scrutinized. And there’s no end of distractions at their disposal. Some Hollywood trivia can always be readily inflated or some identity politics conflict easily ignited. Should awakened individuals “go off the reservation,” the corporate media has techniques for neutralizing them. A favourite tactic is to discredit the source by smearing their reputation or otherwise undermining their credibility (digital assassination). And the MSM can always deploy counter narratives provided by reliable puppets like “war hero” John McCain. All one has to do is question the wisdom of some humanitarian intervention (regime change) and you are immediately smeared as a tool of the enemy du jour, a role assigned to Russia at the moment.
The hypocrisy of the MSM knows no bounds. Even as example after example of its fake news output was exposed in 2016, it distracted and deflected the puck. In late 2016, in a display of unmatched chutzpa, the MSM attempted a ju jitsu move against its alternative media opponents. It presented the members of the MSM as the faithful guardians of the truth and pointed an accusing finger at independent media as untrustworthy purveyors of fake news. Beyond this, it has blacklisted specific independent media sources and proposed various schemes to vet fake news stories on behalf of the public.  George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth is alive and well.
The trend toward censorship is unmistakable. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter announced plans in December of 2016 to launch an Internet censorship database in 2017. The intent is to scrub anything labelled “extremist content.” This should set off alarms for free speech advocates. Governments have long censored political information that has nothing to do with extremist content. And it wasn’t that long ago that Japan, for example, banned news regarding its Fukushima earthquake. The EU and US governments have pushed for separate legislation to crack down on what the establishment calls “fake news.” The EU takes the suppression of political information farther threatening to take “non-legislative” action (punitive fines) if Facebook, Twitter and YouTube do not censor what it considers to be “illegal” online content within 24 hours.33
Awakened individuals in the US at least will have noticed that the level of propaganda has intensified significantly in recent years. There’s a reason why this is the case. The average citizen might have assumed that their government reserved propaganda campaigns for external military enemies. It’s not the case, however. On July 2, 2013, lawmakers amended the National Defense Authorization Act removing the protection that the Smith-Mundt Act provided American citizens from propagandization.34
The power of propaganda shouldn’t be underestimated. It has, and it continues to change the course of history. Usually, it’s not for the better. John Whitehead illustrates the danger in terms of how a false flag (with the aid of the media) was used to trigger the Viet Nam war.
… in August 1964, the nation’s leading newspapers—including the Washington Post and New York Times—echoed Lyndon Johnson’s claim that North Vietnam had launched a second round of attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. No such attacks had taken place, and yet the damage was done. As Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon report for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, “By reporting official claims as absolute truths, American journalism opened the floodgates for the bloody Vietnam War.”31
Increasingly with the assistance of public relations, advertising and political operatives and actors, theatre and fiction is overtaking reality. As Chris Hedges explains, pseudo-events and richly orchestrated productions have the capability to appear real even though we know they are staged. And fictional events can become accepted as truth. Ominously, Hedges observes, “Truth is irrelevant.”
Reporters, especially those on television, no longer ask whether the message is true but rather whether the pseudo-event worked or did not work as political theater. Pseudo-events are judged on how effectively we have been manipulated by illusion. Those events that appear real are relished and lauded. Those that fail to create a believable illusion are deemed failures (Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, 2009.)35
And where is the resistance? Where is the outrage? There was a notable instance during Obama’s term in office when the MSM objected. Since then, it appears that the media has succumbed to fulfilling the role of echo chamber for the State Department.36
Author and political analyst, Paul Craig Roberts cites the May 2017 issues of Newsweek and Time as examples of “presstitutes” serving the National Security State with propaganda designed to fuel conflict. The front cover of Newsweek features a picture of Putin and the headline, The Plot Against America: Inside Putin’s Campaign to Destroy Democracy in the US.  Roberts responds by saying that US democracy was destroyed by special interest groups, and by a phony war on terror that destroyed the US Constitution. The image on the Time cover implies with a splash of red brush strokes that Trump is converting the White House into the base for the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s cathedral. Roberts laments that this “extraordinary propaganda” seems to be accepted by the majority of Westerners.3
There’s an old maxim that you (can expect to) reap what you sow. A recent statistics suggests that if you seed sufficient lies and deceptions, you will in time reap the distrust of those you propagandize. According to the findings of a May 2017 Harvard-Harris poll, two thirds of Americans believe that “there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.” The breakdown on this statistic is 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats. Eighty-four percent of voters said it is hard to know what news to believe online.
The troubling conclusion reached by Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn is that much of the media is now “…just another part of the partisan divide in the country…Every major institution from the presidency to the courts is now seen as operating in a partisan fashion in one direction or the other.”38
Clearly, the propagandizing of US citizens has earned the MSM the well-deserved distrust of is audiences. There’s a larger tragedy here too. It’s the tragedy of a once united nation fragmenting into the divided peoples of America. And If Hedges is correct in his assessment that falsity has triumphed over truth, then a corollary must also be considered. It’s the liklihood that the Magician has triumphed over the Truth Teller. 
Fake heroes
Not surprisingly, the Magicians of the Post-Truth era have given the citizens of the Empire fake heroes. The latest has arisen amidst the Syria conflict and the accompanying blitzkrieg of war propaganda served up to gullible citiizens. It’s the Nobel Prize nominees and Netflix movie heroes, the White Helmets. Awakened patriots might well ask how a UK and US-funded PR agency managed to turn associates of Al Qaeda in Syria into folk heroes.
The campaign will go down in history as a demonstration of the power of PR over factual reality. In 2016, I received an email from one of Canada’s opposition parties encouraging my support for the nomination of the White Helmets for a Nobel Prize. It was bad enough that the US and Canadian governments were resolutely insisting that Saudi Arabia, the global epicenter of jihadist ideology was a friend and an ally. But, now A Canadian opposition party was encouraging support for the associates of Al Qaeda. The circle of delusion in government was complete. I bit my lip and politely suggested to the latest groupies of the White Helmets that these pretend humanitarians weren’t worthy of the adoration.   
The White Helmets were trained by British ex-military officer, James Le Mesurier who would like us to believe that they are group of ordinary citizens – taxi drivers, bakers and teachers moved to serve their countrymen. The Ron Paul Institute describes these ordinary citizens differently.39
We have demonstrated that the White Helmets are an integral part of the propaganda vanguard that ensures obscurantism of fact and propagation of Human Rights fiction that elicits the well-intentioned and self righteous response from a very cleverly duped public. A priority for these NGOs is to keep pushing the No Fly Zone scenario which has already been seen to have disastrous implications for innocent civilians in Libya, for example. 39
Independent journalist, Vanessa Beeley, who has regularly reported from Syria throughout the conflict, describes them this way.
Like many other ‘NGOs’, the White Helmets have been deployed by the west to derail the Syrian state, first by undermining existing civic structures and by disseminating staged PR to facilitate regime change propaganda, through western and Gulf state media outlets. Despite the fact that they were started, and are still generously funded by NATO members states, particularly from the US and UK, the White Helmets’ official statement still claims categorically that they are somehow “fiercely independent” and “have accepted no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict“. This is both farcical and deeply misleading.
So, the White Helmets, lauded by the West, are terrorist-promoting imposters. Beeley points out that the real Syria Civil Defence was founded in 1953, “some 63 years before the White Helmets were a glimmer in the eyes of CIA and MI6 operatives.” The real Syria Civil Defence is a group of 150 volunteers who live and serve under constant threat of being targeted by an assortment of up to 22 terrorist brigades. This threat includes the phoney White Helmets supported and celebrated by the West. A member of the real Syria Defence describes the White Helmets this way:
They are terrorists, not rescuers.  They stole our ambulances and three of our fire engines. They don’t do any rescue work.  They drive round with guns in the back of their car like any other terrorist.  Some are from East Aleppo, some are from Syria but not from Aleppo and some are even coming in from abroad.40
So which is it? Are our government leaders just extremely naïve, profoundly ignorant or deviously complicit in such deceptions? Think about it. National governments use tax payer funded offices and assets to propagandize the very citizens that they are supposed to serve. It’s every bit as devious and nausea-inducing as the daily goings on in the fictitious Oceana of George Orwell’s creation.  
Think tanks that can’t think
Washington’s policies, particularly its foreign policy, are often birthed and developed by the country’s so-called think tanks and universities. The problem is many can’t think straight to begin with, because they are beholden to their founders, donors and/or clients. In other words, while they may have the outward appearance of disinterested, independent third parties offering unbiased analysis and policy proposals, they are no such thing. They are often intended to serve a narrower set of private interests and must carefully colour between established lines. In short, they are compromised.
There’s nothing like hearing it straight from the figurative horses mouth. New Yorker correspondent Connie Bruck reported that Haim Saban, “a hawkish Israeli-American” billionaire speaking at a 2009 conference in Israel, described the “three ways to be influential in American politics” as donating to political parties, creating think tanks, and buying up influential media.41
Did you catch that? An Israel-focused American (by his own admission) informs us that one of the three best ways to influence American politics is by creating think tanks. It goes without saying that such think tanks are predisposed to advance a particular point of view. Their billionaire sponsors have such think tanks on a leash. Promote the right policy ideas or suddenly, your funds dry up. Think tanks know it’s unwise to bite the hand that feeds them. It’s hard to imagine for example, the Heartland Institute, a recipient of Koch Brothers money, recommending actions against climate change, something that could have economic consequences for their patrons.
It’s not just domestic interests that have created captive think tanks. Foreign players are getting into the think tank business. Writing in 2014 in the Observer, Nina Burleigh reports that some of the major think tanks are partially owned subsidiaries of the petro states. One think tank, The Center for Strategic Studies, accepted a million dollars to help build a new headquarters near the White House. And Brookings Institute was the recipient of a four year $14.8 million donation from Qatar.
Burleigh explains what happens when liberal institutions team up withwhat she calls “regressive rich petro states”. In short, something has to give. She reports that Saleem Ali, a former visiting fellow at Brookings, Doha, was informed during his job interview that he couldn’t take positions “critical of the Qatari government” in his papers. Ali commented that while a member of Congress using Brookings reports may not be getting a false story, but they will not be getting the full story.42
Put another way, this doesn’t sound like the a policy research group dedicated to go where the evidence takes them.  
Turkey, under an increasingly authoritarian Recep Erdogan, was awarded the title of  “the poster child when it comes to foreign lobbying opportunities for former members of both parties” by Politico in the fall of 2016. One of its many friends in Washington in the Atlantic Council, is a pro-NATO think tank. What lubricates that friendship? It’s reported that the Atlantic Council’s top financial supporters include “no fewer than five major Turkish government and business organizations, along with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other large military contractors”.43
Knowing that, it’s not hard to guess the flavour of the policy proposals likely to be advanced by the Atlantic Council is it? If you want to hear a case for bulking up on armaments to ward off imagined Russian aggression, you know where to go. When the New Republic examined the partnerships of the Atlantic Council, the two authors concluded that the Council, “…– like so many other Washington think tanks – has a definition of “intellectual independence” that differs from typical scholarly institutions.”44
I might add that some of those scholarly institutions, the universities have themselves been taken captive by the ideology du jour, including recently, cultural Marxism. Nor have they proven themselves particularly interested in the open, rigorous intellectual debate. Follow the money; they too have rich and powerful benefactors they don’t wish to alienate.
Compromised think tanks are part of the reason for the persistence of Washington group think. It’s group think that produces a chorus of voices calling for an arms build-up and more not less aggression. Washington think tanks are brains on a leash. A number have been born out of the same deceptive appearance and motives as “astro turf” non-profits with a political bent. Again they would like us to believe that they are independent thus conferring on them the authority of independent expertise. It’s one more reminder that a sign of a dying democracy is a campaign to reduce a nation’s capacity for divergent thinking in subordination to groupthink. Of course, politicians must excel in double speak in order to maintain the illusion that Big Brother encourages divergent thinking. 
Weaponized weather
You may not have realized it, but there are “military dolphins.” They are described as “oceanic dolphins trained to rescue lost naval swimmers or to locate underwater mines.”  Apparently a dolphin named K-Dog performed mine clearance work in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War.45 When I first learned that the American military had militarized dolphins, it occurred to me that the Empire demands the militarization of everything. Nothing is sacred. Nature, too must submit to the indignities of war-making. And true to form, the Empire has also militarized the weather.
Climate scientists, geo-engineering specialist and Rutgers University professor, Alan Robock explains the potential consequences of weaponizing weather.
Some countries might try to create clouds and send them toward an enemy, for example. Or there may be disputes over the “right” temperature, setting off what’s been dubbed “the Thermostat Wars” — if Indonesia wants cooling to avoid sea level rise and Russia wants warming to increase agricultural production, for instance.
Robock points out that the US already has a history of using weather in hostile ways, citing the seeding of clouds over Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam War “to make the major supply route for North Vietnamese foot soldiers too muddy to pass” as well as over Cuba “to make it rain and ruin the sugar harvest.”46
If past performance is the best predictor or future behaviour, we have every reason to suspect that weather warfare technology has advanced considerably beyond such small scale applications. The Air Force assessment of its potential is just too upbeat to think otherwise. The US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report reads in part, “Weather modification offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’ and, it says, they “extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes.”   
The forward looking language of the report leaves little doubt as to the importance weather modification will play in the future of military conflict.
Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force)47
Western governments have been discussing the military applications of weather modification capabilities for some time. On 5 February 1998, the EU’s Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament held a hearing the subject, which included it’s the US’s HAARP operations in Fairbanks Alaska. The project and its military capabilities were described as follows:
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is run jointly by the US Air Force and Navy, in conjunction with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Similar experiments are also being conducted in Norway, probably in the Antarctic, as well as in the former Soviet Union.(22) HAARP is a research project using a ground-based apparatus, an array of antennae each powered by its own transmitter, to heat up portions of ionosphere with powerful radio beams. The energy generated heats up parts of the ionosphere; this results in holes in the ionosphere and produces artificial ‘lenses’.
The report had more to say about the military application of HAARP.
HAARP can be used for many purposes. Enormous quantities of energy can be controlled by manipulating the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere. If used as a military weapon this can have a devastating impact on an enemy. HAARP can deliver millions of times more energy to a given area than any other conventional transmitter. The energy can also be aimed at a moving target which should constitute a potential anti-missile system.48
As far back as 2010, some observers were citing evidence that the US has already used its HAARP microwave technology as an “earthquake weapon.” They cite two earthquakes in particular as the result of the military use of HAARP technology, the Fukushimo earthquake and tsunami and possibly the 2008 Chile earthquake (a 7.8). It’s also speculated that the Haiti Hurricane was the result of a test gone wrong with devastating consequences. The Chinese and Russians may also possess some capabilities in the realm of weather weapons.49
Geo-engineering researcher, Dane Wigington, speculated in his blog in December 2014, that “weather warfare assaults” might have been made on several countries that had incurred the wrath of the Empire. He cites a devastating ice storm in Slovenia (Feb, 2014); record flooding in Pakistan (2010); a devastating flood in Thailand (2011); an ice storm in Hungary (2014) and a record strength typhoon in the Philippines (2013). Japan’s Fukushimo tsunami (2011) and Haiti’s quake (2011) also made the list. It’s a fascinating analysis in that in each case, Wigington describes specific interests or tension between the target country and the US in play at the time.50

It isn’t just the military applications of weather modification that concern Wigington. He has stated that the number one threat facing humanity is “extreme weather modification to cool the planet.” The method being used is climate geo-engineering, and critics in the alternative media have long stated that the most obvious evidence of this is chemtrails in the sky. Another symptom of ill-advised geo-engineering is what Wigington calls “weather whiplash.” He cites an example when New York weather went from record-breaking high to snow in less than 24 hours.
So why aren’t national governments putting this subject on the table for discussion with their citizens? Why isn’t this subject being discussed in association with climate change discussions and national strategies? And why aren’t any existing international agreements among nations, being disclosed? It’s not as if we all don’t have a shared interest in the future of our atmosphere and its importance to the health of earth’s ecosystems. The agriculture and agrifood industry alone has a vital interest in the risks which weather modification in all its forms could present. It’s just one more case where the silence on the part of our leaders is deafening.
Let’s sum up what we’ve learned about the state of the Empire in Parts A and B of Exposing the Empire of Lies. This investigation has revealed the following:  
Part A

  • An imaginary democracy;
  • An unelected Deep State government;
  • Treasonous, war criminal presidents;
  • Compromised puppet politicians;
  • Police state variety policing;
  • Extreme surveillance; and
  • Rigged elections.

Part B

  • Frankenstein security agencies;
  • Government-orchestrated terrorism and fake terrorists;
  • Machiavellian foreign policy;
  • CIA- infiltrated media peddling propaganda;
  • Fake heroes;
  • Think tanks that can’t think; and
  • Weaponized weather.

I could go on. My files contain a great deal more evidence of even more fakery and fabrication. It’s not necessary, however, as I have shed light on the decaying state of the American Empire via 14 different evidential windows. Collectively they reveal an America that is compromisedcorruptcaptive and controlled. Beneath the many layers of veneer we have found corrupt institutions infested with treasonous leaders and parasitic domestic and foreign interests. Collectively, they are killing the host.  

The parasites have invaded the brain of their host and turned it into a dangerous, out-of-control monster that’s bringing death and destruction throughout the world in its wake. This  monster endangers us all.   

We also find enslaved and deluded citizens. The trusting and distracted citizens of the Empire have provided plausible explanations for the implausible, glossed over the anomalies and lies, ignored their gut and given the benefit of the doubt where it wasn’t warranted. Thus, they are complicit in constructing and maintaining the walls of their own prison.
But when will the tyranny end? It will end when an awakened populace rejects the Empire’s hypnotic illusions. It will end when we, like the young boy on the edge of crowd in the Hans Christian Anderson tale, dare to call out the claims of our delusional Emperors. When we dare to tell the truth, the teetering Empire of Lies, Humpty-Dumpty-like, will all come crashing down. 
Now, it’s time for another long walk.

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