10 Disciplines of a Freedom Fighter (Part B)



Ten disciplines of a freedom fighter —  Part B
Written May 5, 2017 
Posted February 20, 2018
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This chapter outlines five additional disciplines or practices for freedom fighters or members of the resistance in the war against truth. Forgive the repetition, but let me again say that the value of these practices is found in their doing. To restate the Bruce Lee dictum, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.1
Disciplines 6-10
6.0 Turn off the propaganda coming from the Orwellian Ministry of Truth via mainstream media (MSM) and tune out the propagandists 
The American Empire’s Ministry of Truth broadcasts its propaganda non-stop worldwide, but citizens aren’t compelled to listen. And small acts of resistance are essential. One of them is turning off the mainstream media (MSM) version of “the news.” I also intentionally avoid day time talk show babble and CIA-propaganda movies like Zero Dark Thirty. The exceptions are those occasions when I wish to track the propaganda of the day.
I gave only occasional, glancing attention to MSM reporting during the course of the US presidential election campaign cycle relying instead on alternative sources. By largely ignoring the messaging from the MSM, I deduced that Trump had been selected by the Powers the Be (PTB) to assume the presidency. Those who relied on MSM as their primary news source were long assured that Hillary was going to be the next president; consequently her loss came as a shock.2 Hard core skeptics believe believe the Trump election was a charade scripted years ago. Thus, an old episode of the Simpsons had no difficulty “predicting” a Trump presidency.
During this writing, I deliberately monitored the analyses of the Syria conflict offered by our mainstream media. I discovered that for the most part our MSM functions as an echo chamber for the US State Department. Its collective faithfulness to the government’s talking points is remarkable. MSM analysts echo the political memes of the day (like “Russia did it,” “Assad must go” and “Iran” is an existential threat”) on cue. What can you say about the willingness of Canadian taxpayers to finance their own brainwashing via the CBC. The same can be said of course regarding our response to a complicit federal government. Filtering out Big Brother’s propaganda can be every bit as essential in that we are simultaneously bombarded with government propaganda from a battery of departments and agencies on a daily basis. Tune out Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth. 
7. Adopt an “open source” approach to gathering information and intelligence 
The MSM has been outed as the faithful servant of the Deep State.3 It’s essential, therefore, that resisters develop alternative news sources. I prefer a form of open-source intelligence gathering that draws on legacy, Internet/digital and trusted private/personal sources with preference given to academic and independent sources wherever they are available. Since the CIA has infiltrated social media and has created and funded fake independent news websites as part of its disinformation strategy, it can be difficult to know with certainty which sources are trustworthy. There’s also the matter of the punks who exploit the accessibility of social media by publishing fake news stories for fun and profit. For these reasons, I look for convergence or triangulation across multiple sources when seeking to establish the authenticity of a story or source. Clearly, no one can ever declare him or herself “fool proof”  as we’re living in a post-truth era.4

Some in the “truther” community contend that the majority of established high profile on-line sources in the “alternative media content” are engaged in disinformation. My son sent me a New Yorker cartoon last year that played on the fact that propaganda in a feature of everyone’s daily life in the West. As I recall the content, it was thanksgiving, and a man was seated in front of his computer in his living room. He is looking up at his wife and says something to the effect, I guess we can all be grateful that we live in a society where there’s no shortage of disinformation. Black humour is the preferred genre for truthers in the Age of Deception. 
8. Develop your circle of trusted allies and a following among truth seekers 
It’s easy to get tired and discouraged if you come to believe you’re alone in your struggle. Sometimes, you  wonder, Am I alone in my frustration with the lies coming from the Western governments? Am I alone in my frustration with the US stance as the world’s policeman? Am I the only one angry at the presence of the US in the Middle East and interfering in the affairs of Syria?”5 And, “Isn’t Saudi Arabia, assisted by Turkey and Israel from time to time, the biggest source of terrorism in the Middle East?”6 The answer of course, is “no,” you’re not alone, and “yes,” it’s true. and “yes” that’s the case.
To defeat the “loneliness” or isolation factor, it is helpful to cultivate a circle of trusted allies. One of my friends is part of a skeptics circle that has been meeting regularly for over twenty years to discern what really going on.  Your circle serves several purposes. Potential it can serve as: 

  • an intellectual and emotion refuge from the propaganda blitzkrieg;
  • a forum for discussing world events and debating and discerning the truth; and
  • a forum for testing theories and forging strategies if your group has an action orientation.  

If you’re a blogger or writer, your goals is developing  a following.  Your following can be:

  • a conduit for sharing and spreading your insights to a wider audience;
  • a critic keeping you “honest” by challenging analysis and objectivity; 
  • a potential market in the event you have commercial offerings (e.g. books, speaking) 
  • a source of intel; and
  • a potentially potent force for influencing change in the larger social-political context.  the 

An example from the world of food activism comes to mind regarding the last bullet. Vani Hari, an activist food blogger known as, “Food Babe”, started researching the ingredients in Subway’s bread in 2012, and became concerned about its use of a bleaching ingredient in its flower called azodiacarbonamide. When the company ignored her requests for its removal, Hari mobilized 57,000 petition signatures. In 2014, Subway agreed to remove the ingredient.7
Ultimately, however, defeating the Cabal or the PTB won’t be solely a matter of numbers. Every revolutionary or activist should find encouragement in the observation of anthropologist, Margaret Meade who famously declared: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”8
9. Speak up. Resist intimidation and encroachments upon your freedoms and refute the BS 
 In the two years of intense research leading up to this writing, I was struck by the fact that the attacks on our basic freedoms are a daily occurrence. The other surprise is the deafening silence, particularly on the part of political leaders presumably responsible for the protection of our freedoms. Citizens, for their part are slowly awakening, but the vast majority remains unaware, unconcerned or asleep.
Yes, we’re all busy with jobs, families and various community obligations. But, standing and loudly singing “O Canada” or “The Star Spangled Banner” at professional hockey games does nothing to advance the cause of freedom. And even as we sing, our freedoms are being stolen. Nor will recalling the horrors of previous wars every Remembrance Day or Patriots Day. Those wars were orchestrated by the PTB pursuing a larger agenda. The inconvenient truth Westerners must face today is that freedom’s ramparts are largely undefended.
There’s the problem of sleepy indifference, and there’s the challenge of subtle social conditioning. Many of us were raised to trust those in positions of authority. Unfortunately, our assumption regarding the trustworthiness of authorities isn’t helping our cause; it’s contributing to our enslavement. Now is the time to speak up. It’s time to stop being over-awed by state-anointed or self-proclaimed experts, and over respectful of our so-called leaders. Now is the time to suppress the knee jerk impulses to clap for vacuous political speeches, “salute the troops,” and defer to the pretenders squandering our hard won freedoms. It’s time to rebel against the invasive rule and daily intrusions of Big Brother into every facets of our lives. It’s time to expose the double-talk and the lies. It’s time to declare you won’t go without a fight.
The Empire tirelessly promotes the gospel of militarism. The apparent goal is the militarization of every facet of culture and society. It’s citizen-friendly PR gestures look innocent on the surface, but the goal should be clear. Yes, come on down, bring the whole family for an afternoon of hot dogs, face painting, balloons, a band and family fun playing with military hardware down at the mall. The kids will love it. The unspoken rationale is that the kids may be sufficiently fascinated to sign on after high school or join the cadets or JROTC in the mean time.
Professional sport is a favourite vehicle for advancing the cause of militarism. The public has demonstrated just how vulnerable it is to emotion-laden “support the troops” appeals to patriotism. Thankfully, my adult children don’t reflexively rise from their seats at football games to salute soldiers as jets zoom overhead. They care deeply about their country and equally so for soldiers brainwashed regarding the virtues of muscular militarism. But, that doesn’t translate into a compulsion to march to the drum beat of the military industrial complex into another war. We can speak up by remaining seated. If we can somehow collectively deny the Deep State warmongers WWIII, it will spare humanity more death and destruction than any of us can imagine.   
Resistance can take any number of forms. One freedom fighter described his technique for jamming the gears of the Cabal. His strategy is a kind of preventive defence wherein he plays the role of the magician’s heckler. He uses his insider intelligence to subtly alert the public to what could be the next false flag attack staged by the PTB. His logic is that if he, as the heckler in the crowd, publicly reveals the magician’s next trick before it is performed, the magician will likely forgo it.9
Challenging the deception of the day can be a creative undertaking. And, you are likely to win more people to the cause if your approach is humorous or creative. Satire is powerful. Consider for example, that the propagandists have sold the Western public on the supposedly virtuous role of the White Helmets in the Syria conflict. In reality, independent journalists on the ground in Syria have exposed the group as a US-UK funded propaganda asset working along side Al Qaeda in Syria. The West was quick to blame latest White Helmet false flag gas attack on Syria’s President, Bashsar Assad. When their deceit was exposed recently, I responded with a tweet:  
“And the Oscar nominees for best actor in a regime change propaganda drama are…” (with link to article citing the White Helmets complicity in the attack)
Again, your sense of humour is an important asset. Nurture yours daily.
10. Think and act strategically 
I have encountered two common deficiencies in the strategies that I have seen over the course of my consulting career. They are primarily: a) failure to adequately take less visible influences in the external environment, or “big picture”, into account, and b) a lack of upstream forward thinking or foresight. For these reasons, organizational strategies are often too shallow or too  short-sighted to achieve the desired result.
As Luke Miller, points out in an article in The Event Chronicle: “Sometimes it can be hard to see what is happening with the constant distractions from media, advertising and constant disinformation put out by the propaganda machine.” As a strategy consultant, I would say that too often we get fixated on the trees when we really need a look at the changing shape of the forest.
I routinely take clients “up” to a 30,000 foot “helicopter” view of the proverbial forest before they get drawn into the swirling vortex of details plaguing annual planning exercises. Miller says his work allows him to see the world from a different vantage point and he sees signs of a mass awakening on a local and global scale. He adds that there are small, mid scale and high scale rebellions underway.10
The high level, big picture view is likely to suggest how the resistance can be more strategic. In some cases, too much effort may be focused on exposing minor players rather than the puppet masters making them dance. At what point, for example does the resistance shift its focus from exposing compromised members of the US Congress, to exposing the higher level  puppet masters pulling their strings?  We sometimes forget that the controllers at the top of the pyramid of power control both sides of the dialectic. E.g. Democrats and Republicans; Conservatives and Liberals.
A look at the big picture may also reveal if and where the resistance has lapsed into fighting rear guard actions – essentially yesterday’s battles. Are there opportunities to figuratively move upstream and launch preemptive strikes from higher ground? Some resisters, for example, are attempting to forecast where and when the next major false flag potentially the scale of 9/11 is likely to be launched.
I recommend that freedom fighters take “strategic pauses” to reflect on progress, renew their vision and recalibrate their efforts accordingly. The strategic pause is also your opportunity to confirm your “why” or purpose. Frederick Nietzsche famously declared: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”11 This undoubtedly applies to those who are part of this movement. What is your calling? The exercise at the end of the chapter invites you to articulate your why. Perhaps it was the dream of a future where your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren could think and live freely on a more peaceful and greener planet.
Let’s review. Over the course of the last two chapters, I have outlined 10 disciplines or practices that can be considered a part of the training and development of a freedom fighter. Here’s the entire list.

  1. Know your adversary;
  2. Learn the methods and tactics of info warfare;
  3. Protect and renew the inner you; 
  4. Cultivate discernment (including a BS-nonsense detector);
  5. Develop your political literacy and political savvy;
  6. Turn off the propaganda and tune out the propagandists;
  7. Adopt an open source approach to information gathering;
  8. Develop your circle of trusted allies of and following;
  9. Speak up. Resist intimidation and encroachments; and 

   10. Think and act strategically.
Two perennial risks confront any resistance movement. One is the risk of underestimating one’s adversaries and the other is overestimating the capabilities of the resistance. Failure to take the incumbent’s advantage into account is a serious miscalculation. The incumbent has multiple advantages — the unquestioning loyalty of its minions, familiarity with the terrain, control of the machinery of governance, and ready access to the Empire’s resources. The battle to dislodge incumbents from power, in turn then, is inherently an unequal contest fought on an uphill plane.
Applying the ten disciplines of a freedom fighter can help put you on a more even footing with those seeking to control you. The ten can be applied immediately. The minute you shine the light of truth on a deception, you have taken action toward making a positive difference. When you point out the ventriloquists in the corporate media mouthing their scripted lines, you’re making a difference. When you expose the magician’s sleight of hand, you make a difference. When you call attention to the emperors prancing naked on the public stage, you make a difference.  
We can draw inspiration from a gallery of resisters that includes: Jesus, JFK, MLK, Gandhi, Bonheoffer and many others. You may even find inspiring examples of resisters and freedom fighters within your family tree. I will conclude this chapter with the bold call to arms issued by some courageous freedom fighters of Hitler’s day. The group of friends who formed the White Rose Society made it their mission to awaken the German people to the monstrous evil growing in their midst. I doubt that I could express the urgency of our cause in the 21st century any more passionately than they did theirs.
“But our present “state” is the dictatorship of evil. “Oh, we’ve known that for a long time,” I hear you object, “and it isn’t necessary to bring that to our attention again.” But, I ask you, if you know that, why do you not bestir yourselves, why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanized state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right – or rather, your moral duty – to eliminate this system? 

But if a man no longer can summon the strength to demand his right, then it is absolutely certain that he will perish. We would deserve to be dispersed through the earth like dust before the wind if we do not muster our powers at this late hour and finally find the courage that up to now we have lacked. Do not hide your cowardice behind a cloak of expediency, for with every new day that you hesitate, failing to oppose this offspring of Hell, your guilt, as in a parabolic curve, grows higher and higher.”12 
I can only hope the courage of the members of the White Rose Society is capable of infecting us two generations later.
Defining purpose and personal contribution to the freedom movement
“The reality is that when you finally find your life purpose and feed energy into that so as to develop the skills to carry it out – nothing else matters. When you have found your passion and what you do is filled with inspiration, all of your beingness is profoundly stimulated and satisfied simply be doing what you love to do.” (Justin Deschamps)
You will, by now have developed a better understanding of your adversary, its goals, strategy and methods, as well as the nature of the warfare continuing around us. You now have some basic tools for resisting the adversary’s onslaught. This places you in a better position to consider my call to arms. Take some time to work through the questions below in order to clarify your personal position and purpose. You may wish to do this in stages as you progress through the book.
1. Who am I? What defines my unique identity? What are the core beliefs and values that I cherish and that will sustain me in the future irrespective of what it may hold?
2. Why is the cause of freedom important to me? What is at stake? What compels me to challenge the Cabal’s rule? (Consider what is it about the Cabal’s rule that I find toxic, oppressive or debilitating?)
3. What is my vision or mental picture of the destination of the “truth” movement?
4. How would I describe my personal mission or contribution to the resistance or the freedom movement considering my particular talents and capabilities?
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